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  1. 10 pts double Fleetwood @ 2.0 Coventry @ 2.0
  2. Blackburn @1.90 Mansfield @ 1.83 Everton @ 1.67 15 pts treble please
  3. Manager - Lyndon Burgan TeamName - Rapid Linkovici Forum Name - thecitygentuk
  4. Whilst he had a good year last year, I'm surprised by Vaughan's move to Sunderland given his injury record. Puts a bit more pressure on Beckford to perform now. That said they've signed Ajose this week who will always score goals in L1. Can't see past Blackburn and Wigan this year. Decent squads have been added to, especially by Blackburn. I cannot believe they've convinced Peter Whittingham to drop to this level. As for my own team Bradford City, I can honestly say I haven't a clue. We've lost the core of the team in McArdle, Meredith, Cullen and Marshall and brought in some young hungry players for not insubstantial fees. I do worry about our habit of turning wins into draws and still not totally convinced Charlie Wkye is the right man for L1. One last thing, put money on James Hanson leaving Sheff U at some point this season to return to L1, a Championship player he is not!
  5. Not sure buzzing is the word, more like bricking it! But thanks for the kind words hopefully see you next season
  6. Bradford City FC, because I live here!
  7. Great tipping
  8. I'd be very cautious with Rochdale. Whilst there always appears to be goals in their games, their last 4 away games resulted in 3-0, 2-0, 4-0 and 3-0 defeats. Southend look a decent bet to me, but alot will depend on the availability of Nile Ranger after his recent 'indiscretions'
  9. Manager - Lyndon Burgan Team - Norman Brightside XI Forum username - thecitygentuk Gl all and thanks Paul
  10. Re: Fantasy Football 2014/15 Payout Structure! Ty Aidy, any chance of ending the season now?
  11. Re: PuntersLounge Fantasy Football - £20 Entry - Pot Currently £1,080! Count me in Aidy
  12. Re: Fantasy Premier League - PuntersLounge £10 Entry League 2013/14 Typically, the season I decide NOT to enter any paid leagues, I start to do well :wall
  13. Re: Skype / Messenger Live ID It's a dreadful hash of a merge, reverted to having them seperately again
  14. Re: Fantasy Premier League - PuntersLounge £10 Entry League