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  1. Re: FA Cup > January 2nd - 5th What about Stoke ? Will they make big changes ? Class difference is pretty big, so maybe -2AH around 1.80 isnt bad bet?
  2. Re: Scottish Football > January 1st - 5th On paper, Arbroath looks like decent bet against out of form Montrose. Lichties put great performance against East FIfe. They were better team when teams played 11 on 11. When EF player was sent off it was easy for guests to win. Carreiro went back to Dundee but should have decent firepower. Montrose have only one win in last 15 games or so. Lost last match against bottom Elgin. Help from Scottish friends about this match is welcome.
  3. Re: Africa Cup of Nations Qualifications Cape Verde against Niger ? Niger are one of the worst traveling teams in Africa. Cape Verde have solid crew. Better than Niger for sure. My concern is they already qualified so is there any chance to take this light ?
  4. Re: August 4 - August 10 CzechPunter, what do you think about Serena Williams today? Can She cover handicap against Venus?
  5. Re: Wales > Premier League > 2013-14 Saints should win here. Only thing that bothers me is they must end this run at one point. Bala isnt that bad as position showes but as i said Saints should win this one.
  6. Re: Wales > Premier League > 2013-14 Reason for that is Afan started to get better results and Airbus had slump few weeks ago. Nothing about team news for now. IMO, Airbus will win with two or more as i still rate them as much better team here.
  7. Re: Scottish Football > Saturday December 14th Mates, what about Dundee against Cowdenbeath? Want to take take Dundee -1,5 AH as it looks like Cowdenbeath is in bad situation. Opinions are welcome.
  8. Re: FC Bayern München v Manchester City > Tuesday December 10th Nah, Bayern wont rotate. They will go full power. Not many tough matches for them, so reason to change anything. No one of the players want to miss this match and everybody should be ready. Lahm is back, Goetze got a knock but should be ready also.
  9. Re: William Hill Scottish Cup > November 29th - December 1st Mates, need help about one match. Can someone tell me how sure is St Johnstone win? They seems to have fine form ( results say so) and look good at home. Also hoem team have good results in cup matches. Also, does anyone know will they play with best team? Thinking to take -1AH.
  10. Re: Scottish Football > 14th & 15th September Thinking to take Rangers -2AH. Looks like they are to good for this league and should get players who couldnt play in first few rounds. Still. dont follow this league closely, so help is welcome.
  11. Re: Sky Bet League 1 - Saturday 31st August Mates, what do you think about Posh to score 2 or more? It seem they are on fire upfront, and Crawley dont defend great. This is good bet for me, but i dont follow this league, so help is welcome.
  12. Re: Norway > Tippeligaen > 2013 Aalesund-Start Very important match for both team. Aalesund want to hold third place and get involved in title race, while Start need to escape from relegation spot. Aalesund is in very good mood. They won last three matches. Scoring for fun whole season. Watched their last few matches and i can tell they dont create like earlier. They score and than wait from counters. Still, they are deadly upfront. Aafk have problems with injured players again, but continue to cope with that. Start have big problems. Defense is horrific, thats nothing new, but now they cant score enough to cover that. Still, create from time to time but that isnt enough. Watched them last match. Me and three guys from this forum can play same/better defense . Truth isnt far from that. These two teams played 2-2 this season with many missed chances. Have two bets to purpose. Aalesund to score 2 or more @ 1.40 (my local) and Aalesund to score 3 or more @ EVENS (my local). Cant see Start hold them. Its possible Start will score as Aafk defense isnt great either, but first bet should be banker (if there is such thing). Took that with big stake (along with Dortmund). Second one is very possible as Start have to go forward, so gap behind will be even bigger. If anything unpredictable dont happen, should be goal-fest here.
  13. Re: Norway > Tippeligaen > 2013 Alta-Tonsberg 3-1 FT Aalesund-Sarpsborg 08 3-1 FT Easy, easy win :D
  14. Re: Norway > Tippeligaen > 2013 Aalesund to score 2 or more + Alta to win, 1.50 in my local. Despite not the biggest odds, this should be cracking bet. Aalesund score for fun, at home especially. Play against Sarpsborg, team which have 5 defeats in row. Sarpsborg defense is tragic. They cant defend against junior team. Aalesund will create, and score IMO. Alta didnt won last round, and that was first game after 14 games. Odd 2 deserved draw, but had many players from first team. Now Alta will play Tonsberg, team from last spot. They arent that bad away, but Alta on their indoor pitch, will win this one.
  15. Re: Norway > Tippeligaen > 2013 3-3 FT :D Great match. Many chances for both sides.
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