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  1. Great call yesterday Stevie, i am sad i didnt logged in since weekend, completely missed out on this round. Odds on Charlton really poked my eye. After i read some team news, i still dont understand and i expect as people start to bet more on Charlton odds will probably shift. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/key-sheffield-wednesday-team-news-emerges/ So basically, important players are playing through pain and list of injuries is even bigger actually. FFS, they didnt even scored at home this year LOL I mean, i like number games, that will probably change obviously, but Sh
  2. I grabbed Nott Forest at evens. I feel they are the only promotion fighter this week that actually offers some value. Really weird they lost against Charlton after Leeds game, but yeah, this is Championship, Fulham lost against Barnsley 3:0, like what the actual fcuk I really feel Forest and Fulham will play on Wembley in the end, if Leeds not decide to slip again
  3. I hope your bet is winning one, i have antepost of Tranmere going down so just cheering for their relegation opponents:D
  4. I dont have much time as i am on airport, but i find it hard to believe that BTTS on Cambridge - Bradford game is 2.00. Cambridge is in form team and 3 wins in a row since they sacked their manager (to be honest, i thought they will be into relegation struggle at some point) but new caretaker did excellent job and know they are sure as Stevenage continues to be dreadful. At the same time, Bradford brought back their legend as coach and it is sad they didnt do that before winter break as he would probably level squad probably better and not allowing calibre of Vaughan and Doyle to leave th
  5. Sorry guys, i forgot to post this, so i will be really quick. Ipswich - Accrington home win @ 2.30 Yeah, we have two teams with opossing forms, but if we had this match in october odds will be around 1.6 so i am glad to take this juicy odds as i dont see any value on Accrington side. Ipswich is going through rough patch and Accrington still owes most of their progress to home field so i feel situation will turn around at some point and Paul Lambert just got his long term contract so i think players still believe in him and they were pretty good against Wycombe so maybe they ca
  6. @StevieDay1983 I was on your boys against Brentford, i am really not understanding the odds bookies put on Brentford at home. I caught Huddersfield at crazy odds, i've missed Cardiff, but i will continue to do so untill they are giving me crazy away odds on teams that are with same ambitions like them. Yeah, i like Brentford, i like their style, but i think they dont have this grinding mentality and home form confirms it to be honest, they are better as away when they dont have pressure of being favourites. We can aggree that Fulham have one, if not the expensiest team in the league, the
  7. While i aggree that Mansfield is completely clueless this season and they have squad to compete for playoffs at least, i dont see much value in home win and after all, its league two, super unpredictable. So when i have odds below 2.00 on two teams i find even strength, but for various reasons one perform better, i just stay away. I like your over 2.5, i am sure Mansfield will score at least once, so lets hope Crewe will score at least two times so both of your bets win! BTW, Bradford is getting a lot of their players back from injuries and Reeves is also one of them, he already h
  8. How on earth we still have odds on Huddersfield around 7.00, it is beyond my understanding. Since Danny Cowley took over Terriers are unbeaten and while i hate Brentford being in form, i just cant look past odds like this. I've expected Brentford to be around evens given the current form of Huddersfield and how much things changed in last 6 weeks there, they are tougher, they score more and i think tomorrow will be a long afternoon for Brentford, one of those that can lead to a frustration and mistakes which could be costly. Visitors are still without Kongolo, but his absence didnt affected de
  9. There was so much talk about Mk Dons last week and i cant believe that odds are now below evens for Coventry away win, especially after they lost home against Tranmere and being trashed against Roterham so if there arent some team news out there that i didnt see, i see value on MK Dons side. I feel like we will see something like 1:1, so my tips would be MK Dons Double chance and both to score.
  10. Yeah, people like this Bastardian deserve special ring of hell. Just ignore them Darran, at the end of the day you know who you are and what you gave to this community.🍻
  11. Northampton is having small injury crisis and they could be without as many as 6-7 players which struggle to be fit for away match against Bradford. I am not impressed with Bradford altough i have them to promote in antepost bet, but i guess they are slowly adapting to new environment and hopefully they will start winning game like this. If this was in august, i think we would see odds around 1.8, so against incomplete Northampton i would take Bradford on 2.1.
  12. Kidderminster looks interesting against Blyth, odds are 2.00, but i dont know if they represent value on current conditions, Blyth looks awful definitely, would love to hear more from you Darran
  13. Happy birthday mister Sunday league football wizard
  14. Last week it was probably brave and stupid to put faith in Bolton youth This week i see goals over place in Leyton - Crawley game. Crawley was one of relegation candidates this year but i've spoken with their u23 coach who told me they could probably sneak in battle for playoffs, team chemistry is great and it seems they are compact as a unit. He was even more sure after last week in that scenario. Leyton had crazy game with Mansfield who is leaking goals everywhere but they definitely have power to hurt anyone in this division and i feel the same about Crawley, especially because teams tend
  15. Bolton youngsters have shown they can put up a fight by taking a point from Coventry side last weekend. It looks like takeover will finally get through soon and while we all understand that team is in huge turmoil, i still cant see why on earth odds on Tranmere can be so low as 1.28. They are one of biggest relegation candidates and if things werent so bad for Bolton and Bury, they would have even less chance of staying this season. I think some asian line present value for sure and maybe we would see few first teamers in squad this week as takeover deal is being finalized.
  16. Such a weird start of the season, results through all divisions are literally crazy
  17. Great to hear from you Darran, hopefully everything will be good with your son, just stay strong!
  18. Sorry for disturbing this topic, but couldnt find a better place to ask one question which is kinda antepost related So basically my friend recently asked me to put a bet for Salford City to play in Premier league in next 5 years. While i find that very hard in such a short period (they can slip just two times in next five years), it made me think actually which teams could pull a Huddersfield So, if you have any idea or even bets yourself, i would be very grateful to know why do you think those teams will progress in next few years. I mean, Salford definitely sound interesting, but own
  19. if you search for acca material, i think southport is great one.
  20. Darran, what are your thoughts about Torquay and Brackley being good combo material? You said your Gloucester is dire completely and Torquay seems just too good for this league Regarding Brackley, its just pick against Nuneaton ofcourse. Would love to hear more from you
  21. @StevieDay1983 Can you tell me which sites you use for team news and stuff like that, i am following england lower division really closely and i am making my bets pretty much by momentum in which teams are after the last game, i usually read bbc stuff and if i catch some of the shows, that is pretty much it. I would love to contribute with some analysis but this is not just a numbers game, so it would be nice to have team news on one place or something like that and maybe i can start being better contributor to the forum Cheers.
  22. Hi guys, i am regular lurker on this forum and it is really enjoyable to follow all of you guys. The reason why i am "out of the closet" is that i want to let you know that you have mertyr and dorchester with marathon and one more russian bookmaker called 1x. Altough i couldnt bet as much as i wanted on marathon, 1x didnt limited me at all. They are even getting odds higher on guests, i dont know why, are we missing something? Marathon was 1,64 on dorchester when i put my money, now they are 1,89? 1x are also over 1,80 for the guests...
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