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  1. Re: Ramsdens Challenge Cup > 27th - 28th July Based on the last seasons form, and the fact that this is the first "competitive" round of anything in the last couple of months, a Morton, Flakirk, QoS treble should do the work. Still, I find the odds on Pars unusual, Cowden were a good side last season, but with them you never know. Formartine looks interesting at those odds as well, I wouldnt say it is that har to beat the Shire in the first season's game
  2. Re: Scottish Football > Jan 2nd - Jan 3rd As I see no comments on this nice day, so I will add some, might be of some use. Morton-Dumbarton. The game is predicted as a home win, spot on. i do not like when a league game is so one sided, so this is the no1 to avoid today, Dumbartno did not have a busy period, meanwhile they managed to score 4 at Falkirk, so if there is a possibility to bet Dumbarton to score, this might be a frutiful bet. I also think that there are not many goals to be seen, so even an under could be the option, but still my choice is Dumbarton to score. Dunfermline-Ra
  3. Re: scotish 2nd division Had A friend that used to play 4-3 final score in Norway second div, 2 out of 9. Once it got in, and they never let him play it again
  4. Re: Chelsea v Bolton > Sat 25th Feb Just beware if AVB gets sacked tonight it may mess the things up, though I cant see anyone being able to put Chelsea back on track in three days
  5. Re: Scotland > Weekend > SPL > 17-18 September Another vote for Motherwell, they are a disciplined bunch of players, same as Saints, so in that case, I see an easy 2-0 for the hosts. Simply I cant see anyone on both sides getting out of their usual roles - so if it really does happen Motherwell will score, and Saints will not. I know that Saints staff knows this as good as I do, but they seem to lack any resources to prevent it tomorrow. If they try to improvise something it may end up even worse for them. Would like to hear some thoughts on Pars, they have had a solid start, but
  6. Re: Scotland > Weekend > Divs 1-3 > 17 September First Division - Morton look nice, I cant really see them reaching the Premier League, but they've started quite well, and following the Trend is your friend logic, i believe they can keep on winning. Or maybe its those odds that tempt me Second - Brechin at East Fife ? East Fife really look incapable to compete in this division this year, and I somehow expect Brechin to stabilize their game and start winning when they are the better team. which they definitely are on Saturday Third division - Odds on Elgin still underestimate them
  7. Re: Germany - Bundesliga - 19-21 August Gurv, you meant Wolfsburg loss to Munich, Gladbach have won there. When I am here, to comment on the outcome. Not really sure, I agree W'burg are favs, so these odds should be taken, still Gladbach have played a solid game last week drawing with Stuttgart, they seem to be better than what I expected some weeks ago
  8. Re: Scotland > Midweek > Ramsdens Challenge Cup > 9 August For me East Fife and Livi double should do the job. East Fife clearly better than Elgin, having unluckily lost the opener will probably do the job in the cup nobody cares for. Livi is simply too strong for a very thin Stirling Albion side, whatever team they field cant see Stirling being able, and willing, to resist. Do not think Stirling will pursue stretching their squad to this cup as well for more than this match. Of course, its midweek so all the weirs things can happen, but these two look a solid bet
  9. Re: 12.07 Icelandic Cup Was thinking along the same lines as you Zibbit, it is just a usual question - how seriously will KR and Stjaernan take the cup ? Though I believe that with another season going not too well KR will try to take whatever they can.
  10. Re: Iceland Premier League 25-31 May Three matches tonight, last placed Grindavik meet troubled Valur ( and their troubles cost me in previous rounds :@ ), in this situation I see no reason not to try a wee bet on Grindavik. Despite their position Valur are in much worse situation for they were seen to be title contenders, so Grindavik have a chance to put another nail in the coffin of that Valur title:ok. At those odds it is worth a try. Selfoss are worse team than Stjaernan, period. It is quite illogical to have those odds on the guests. As I find no news giving any reason to expect we
  11. Re: International Friendlies > 19th May - 26th May Concerning other todays games, it seems quite pessimistic for betting. Ukraine-Lithuania is a game where I see some value in away, Lithuania have not been bad recently, and the did manage to win once in Ukraine (1994 I think) so in an unimportant game it can happen again. Georgia - Cameroon, played in Austria I think, should be Cameroon win, what i dislike here is that Georgians play quite an entertaining football, with lot of scores on both sides, so it may be interesting to see how relatively defensive Cameroonians can cope with an ope
  12. Re: Norway Tippeliga 24-25 May A happy day it was Jens, nice to have you here ! Tomorrow two in form teams Lillestroem and Odd, that seem quite happy to keep scoring. It is interesting home side haven't won this fixture at home since 2003 ! some 6 or seven games ago. So I would not dare to bet on home win, overs seem quite likely, and both to score as well.
  13. Re: International Friendlies > 19th May - 26th May Concerning tomorrow, nice odds on Armenia, though those Uzbeqs seem to know how to keep the game down, they neither score nor concede, their lat two friendlies were 0-0. Under ?
  14. Re: International Friendlies > 19th May - 26th May Yes, friendlies need more thinking than regular games, thats why we like to avoid them. Hope Paul is still with us
  15. Re: International Friendlies > 19th May - 26th May Having seen both games between NZ and Bahrein, I cant believe there is this kind of talk about Aussies, NZ are by far the worst team to reach World Cup in decades. It should take a lot of disinterest for Aussies not to beat NZ with at least 2 goal margin. From what I read I suppose under is the best bet, for there is no way Aussies would not control the game. As of South Africa game, I have a feeling Bafana need some boost before the WC starts, so I would also not be surprised that Bulgaria was picked for that reason. Pretty weak and
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