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  1. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 21-22 January
  2. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 21-22 January I admit I haven't watched a single Liverpool game this season, but I couldn't have ever imagined that the best defense in Premier League can be so pathetic. G Johnson doing pathetic mistakes ... they're not even capable of clearing the ball out of danger ... wtf ... elementary stuff. I knew I shouldn't have put my money on them and I was afraid they could screw it, but to concede 3 goals from Bolton and to do such mistakes in defense ... VERY LOW
  3. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 21-22 January It irritates me(and I don't think I'm the only one) when people say that a team is good cause they have won against some crippled QPR side, or other reasonings like that. They miss players, they've been like crap recently, but someone says Newcastle +0.5 at Fulham for sure. IF YOU'RE GONNA SAY BET OF THE WEEK, COME UP WITH A SOLID CASE OR SHUT IT.
  4. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 21-22 January DUDE, REALLY, IS THIS A JOKE ? Is this all you could find this weekend ? :rollin There's a little chance for draw, I agree, but there's no freaking chance for away win. Newcastle are without important players and Fulham have their entire squad(- Dembele). Stop misleading people, mkay ? I doubt you even put a penny on that prediction, you're just after screwing people up. The odds for away win HAVE NO VALUE AT ALL. So just bet draw directly cause it hass odds higher than 3.3, instead of betting x2, when it's obvious that Newcastle won't get here what Arsenal couldn't, especially since Fulham kinda needs the points, cause they're in a more delicate position than Newcastle. I'll tell you what, bet on the draw and cover the home win ... and you maay make some profit. I go for the 1x directly cause I think Fulham can win, but they have another home match in hand and they could settle for a draw. AND BY THE WAY, QPR WERE WITHOUT MIDFIELDERS AND A COUPLE OF STRONG DEFENDERS. IF YOU DON'T WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT JUST SHUT IT. The fact that they only won 1-0 proves that they're quite weak.
  5. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 21-22 January Please, can somebody explain me why is everybody betting on Swansea ? They seem to me like no match for Sunderland and they are higher in the table so it's obvious where the determination stands. I'd like to know ... is there something more than just bettors acting stupid as usual ?
  6. Re: England > Weekend > Barclays Premier League > 21-22 January QPR to score odds 1.2 Fulham home or draw odds 1.26 (Liverpool to win 1.65) Palermo home or draw 1.26 Total odds: 3.15, at local bookie so at online bookies they should be bigger Sorry for putting Palermo in here but I thought I'd give a coupon and Palermo is another good choice for the weekend not to lose. You'll thank me later ... no need to throw to many reasonings to such a simple coupon because it's practically obvious why I chose every option of it. More simple: QPR to score, Fulham and Palermo 1x, odds around evens ... SURE THING As I said, you will thank me ;)
  7. Re: Italy - Serie A - 7-8 January Palermo to score the first goal, Palermo ah 0. New coach will play offensive.
  8. Re: Spain - La Liga - 7-8 January Getafe AH 0 Villareal +0.5 Gijon to score total odds over 5 I think, don't have the time now to study them, Getafe won at home against Barcelona, Atletico with 10 men only and they will have 3 away enocounters next so they need to get the 3 points here, but Bilbao aren't poor at all so they could geta draw. BOth teams could score and the score could be 2-1 exactly. Villareal with a new boss, they do have Cani, Senna and Nilmar and only missing Rossi so they could get at least a point ... very underrated considering the H2H. Gijon scored and played well to all teams that were not out of their league like Real Madrid.
  9. Re: Spain - La Liga - 7-8 January I'll take GIJON TO SCORE
  10. Re: Italy - Serie A - 7-8 January The bets were already made by the start of the game and the team was made of such nature as to lose the game. Also red card, penalties, what else do you want ? The points were just given away, now I know why odds for Siena to win dropped and odds for draw ... very little, cause things were certain. I know that in Romania for example if you want to give the points to a team you make a penalty or receive a red card if you also want to give them some goals difference. Now you can believe whatever you want ... others too ... I'm not in here to enlighten anyone, as I don't give a damn, but I have seen MAAANY weird matches in serie A. Recently there have been some in Premier League as well, I won't name them as it really doesn't matter, but I know that smart people already know what I am talking about. Serie A is a joke of a Championship and Italia is a joke of a country. DOn't get me wrong I don't mean to bring anyone down and I apologise if anyone feels that way. I live in ROmania and the level of corruption in this country is greater than the one in Italy. Football is a business, sport is a business, supporters and bettors are the suckers financing it, charimen are living well because of it. Anyway, as a conclusion, it is always recommendable to wait and see the lineups before betting on some matches, like this one. You said that previously in a post if I am not wrong ...:clap
  11. Re: Italy - Serie A - 7-8 January Never bet on Italians unless you're guessing a fixed game. Otherwise, on small odds you'll always get f*cked :lol:lol:lol :spank WORST.LEAGUE.FOR.BETTING.EVER
  12. Re: Italy - Serie A - 7-8 January Juve are not the most impressive team away from home and Lecce are definitely not horrible as they got a 3-4 defeat against Milan after leading 3-0 and a 2-3 defeat at homne against Lazio. These 2 teams are both better in away matches than Juve. I see this one as a 1-2, but I don't bet on it as I find the odds of 1.5 for Juve unacceptable. I do see some value however in Lecce scoring, odds around 1.6 and in Lecce +2.
  13. Re: Italy - Serie A - 7-8 January Sport Football (Italy) Event Atalanta - AC Milan Selection draw Strength 9/10 Date 07/01/2012 Bookmaker/Price Pinnacle Sports @ 3.60 Reasoning Atalanta is a strong team, especially at home. THey have no defeat in the home matches and only 2 defeats in the away ones. Milan have 4 victories, 2 draw ended games and 2 defeats in the away games they played this season. Atalanta has the greatest number of draw ended games in Serie A, 8 from a total of 16 games played. AC Milan has the habbit of getting a point from tough matches that's why I think they'll settle for a draw. Atalanta got a draw at home against Inter 1-1 and Napoli 1-1, teams that are comparable to Milan. Milan settled for a draw to FIorentina, lost to Juve and Napoli, so they're not so impressive away from home. I think a draw is the best option for this one and 3.6 are great odds for that.
  14. Re: Italy - Serie A - 7-8 January Sport Football (Italy) Event Siena - Lazio Selection Lazio 0 (Asian-handicap) Strength 10/10 Date 07/01/2012 Bookmaker/Price 10bet @ 1.84 Reasoning Lazio have an impressive away record of 5 won games 2 draw ended ones and no defeat. They are the best Serie A team in away matches and they score 2 goals / away match. It's been months since Siena has won a match and they don't have the most convenient opponent today. I think a draw is the most they can get out of this game, the only option left being a defeat for them. Peple seem to bet on them intensely, but in my humble opinion that's silly. You could bet on the draw, although I don't see it as the most probable outcome, but to bet on Lazio to lose their first away game to Siena, that's a silly thing to do, when Lazio haven't lost away to Napoli and won to Fiorentina.
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