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  1. GETAFE 0-0 no obvious excuses CRYSTAL PALACE 2-2 DERBY 0-3 VERONA 0-2 MAN CITY 1-2 so far but the bets in Bets - 34 Wins - 19 Profit/loss to 10pt stake = +63.90pts
  2. I shall now try and explain what the screenshot 2 posts up is all about.... Basically i look at teams who have an above average goalscoring record and are playing sides who tend to let in more than they should . So the shot above shows the games a wanted to have a further look into with regards to finding some selections but i've been finding that following the selections blindly would be showing a decent profit . This maybe coincidence as it's only been a few weeks this has been up and running but even in the few weeks before starting i noticed there were certainly more wins than losses following it blindly . This weeks example lists the teams that caught the eye and came in were PALACE , NEWCASTLE , MAN CITY , DERBY , HULL , MIDDLESBORO , VERONA , VALENCIA , GUINGAMP and TWENTE ...so that would have been 10 wins with 2 still to come from 16 originally picked and with odds around the 2.00 mark . So what i propose from the next week is to list all the original selections and keep an eye on them as the season progesses.
  3. VERONA have scored in 4/7 aways [2+ in 3] with a s-p-g of 10.6 in those 7 aways , Spal have conceded in 6/7 homes [2+ in 3] Not eycatching tbh but Spal will be missing their regular defender Fillipe through suspension and according to the football Italia site his partner in the middle of defence , Salomon , is also unavailable through although other sites say he's ok . Bit of a longshot but i'm hoping the promise of the winner getting out of the relegation zone for the winner and with Spal's defence weakened with at least Filipe out it hink the odds on Verona netting twice are looking decent Odds - 3.5 MAN CITY have scored 2+ in all 7 aways , 2+ in 6 of those . S-p-g average away from home is 17.0 !! Man utd have conceded only once at Old Trafford this season but looking back at the h2h's in the corresponding fixture and Man city have scored in 7 of the last 8 with 2+ in 6. After a few lack-luster games against inferior opposition this should bring out the best in City , a few were rested in the mid-week defeat to Shakthar....they are well used to coming up against parked buses and should mangae a couple today. Odds - 2.05
  4. Sun - StandingsFRANCE: Ligue 1 09.12. Finished Guingamp 4 - 0 Dijon StandingsNETHERLANDS: Eredivisie 09.12. Finished Twente 2 - 3 Den Haag
  5. 2/3 this afternoon ..had a close look at the evening fixtures but nothing really stands out
  6. I appear to have had a wee brain-fart and didn't post 2 selections on here from Monday.. [it's an age thing ] Not too much damage as there was 1 win and 1 loss [Girona for a return of 8.30pts and Verona for a 10pt loss , -1.70 on the day] Bets - 29 Wins - 15 Profit/loss to 10pt stake = +16.400pts. Sat - GETAFE v eibar is a 12.00 kick-off over in La Liga Getafe have only failed to score once in 7 homes [2+ in 3] while Eibar have only kept one clean sheet in 7 aways [2+ in 5] Getafe have an average of 10.7 shots-per-game in all matches , 12.4 in home games. Team news - Getafe will miss defensive mid-fielder Arambarri [suspended] but have 2 back from suspension [left back and central defender] Eibar - top goalscorer Charles is out as well as Defender Junca through injury. Odds - 2.25 Despite their lowly league posItion CRYSTAL PALACE have scored 2+ in their last 4 home league games against Chelsea , Stoke , Everton and West Ham with a s-p-g average of 12.2 [all] , 14.9 [home] while Bournemouth have conceded in [5/7 aways] Team news - Hopefully both Cabaye and Mcarthur will pass fit for Palace Bournemouth will miss the defensive strength of regular Adam Smith due to suspension as well as fellow defender Mings Odds - 2.05 DERBY are away to Barnsley today and they have hit the net in 9 of 10 away games they have played [ 2+ in 4 ] with a s-p-g average of 9.4 in away league games . Derby have scored 2+ in 3 of their last 5 games and 4 were against top 10 teams [Fulham are in 15th ] while Barnsley have lost 4of their last 5 games [one other was a draw] and conceded 10 in those 5 . Odds - 2.15 Thats it so afr for the early kick-offs , will be back later with this evenings picks [busy day ahead]
  7. Mon - VERONA v GENOA - Only once from 7 home games this season have Verona scored 2+ but when you take a closer look at the opposition they have faced - 9th , 1st , 5th , 6th , 7th , 2nd in the current league table [Rock-bottom Benevento only let in one] ...GENOA are in 17th . Odds for VERONA to score 2+ = 3.00 GIRONA v ALAVES - The home side have scored in 5/7 homes , Barcelona and 5th placed Seville were the 2 they failed to net against...but , ironically the 2 they did score 2 in were against both Madrid sides!! . They have faced 5 of the current top 6 in La Liga at home this season Rock bottom Alaves have only kept one clean sheet in 7 aways and have 3 suspended [inc 1 defender and 1 defensive midfielder] as well as up to 5 injured or doubtful and are on their 3rd manager this season. Odds for GIRONA to score 2+ = 1.83
  8. Bets - 27 Wins - 14 Profit/loss to 10pt stake = +18.10pts
  9. So heres the scores from Sat/Sun .......with a wee bit of a post mortem on the losers... EVERTON - 2-0 FULHAM - 3-1 No doubt looking at the stats that the red card on the 53rd min cost Fulham the oppotunity of a 2nd , 9 shots on target in the first half with 6 shots turned into 2 shots , none on target in the 2nd half. RB LEIPZIG - 4-0 Both sides have midweek Euro fixtures and possibly affected Leipzig rather than the Hoff..!! LEVERKUSEN - 1-1 Yet another red card [41st min] and some impressive goalkeeping stats cost us . TORINO - 1-1 appears to have a tight game , no excuses. WOLFSBURG - 3-0 VALENCIA - 1-0 Red card for Getafe in the first half on top of 7 other yellows and possestion stats of 32%/68% suggest this was possibly a robust defensive display from the home side !!!!
  10. A day to forget esp when the wrong choice was made when it was a 50/50 split in a couple of games ... Trying a slightly different approach today. WOLFSBURG V M'GALDBACH - G'ladbach have kept only 1 clean sheet in 7 aways , they have added another couple of players to the injury list . Hermann [midfield] and Jantschke [defence]. WOLFSBURG have improved their shots/shot-on-target and conversion ratio since new manager Schmidt took charge 8 games ago....this has taken their goals per game average from 0.50 per game to 1.65 per game.. Since 1999 there has been 10 previous fixtures where Wolfsburg , at home , have scored 2+ [from 16 games in total] and only once have Wolfsburg failed to score in those 16. Odds - Wolfsburg to score 2+ = 2.10 GETAFE V VALENCIA - Valencia have scored 2+ in 5/6 aways this season while Getafe have conceded in 5/6 homes . Getafe will be missing 2 regular defenders today . Valencia have scored 16 goals away from home and have found the net in the 8 last previous corresponding fixtures [4 times netting 2+] Odds - Valencia to score 2+ = 1.95
  11. Just spent over an hour selecting todays selections ...went to post ... must have pressed the wrong button ...GONE !!! So in a very small nutshell here they are , with odds for 2+ goals - EVERTON - 2.00 FULHAM - 2.0 RB LEIPZIG - 1.83 LEVERKUSEN - 1.66 TORINO - 2.20
  12. Bets - 20 Wins - 12 Profit/loss to 10pt stake = +48.00pts
  13. Friday - NAPOLI - 2+ in 5/6 homes while Juventus have conceded 2+ in 4/6 aways . Juve will be missing regular defender Stephan Lichtsteiner . H2H - Napoli have scored at least once in this fixture [at home] in all 13 League [11] and Cup games [2] since 2006 ...2+ in 9 of those. Odds - 2.05 ZWOLLE - 2+ in 5/6 [odd one was a 0-1 defeat to league leaders PSV] Utrecht have conceded 2+ in 3/7 aways . Zwolle have a full squad to choose from . Odds - 2.00
  14. LEICESTER 2-1 WEST BROM 2-2 STOKE 0-3 Bets - 20 Wins - 12 Profit/loss to 10pt stake = +48.00pts
  15. Leicester and West Bromwich restore some pride ... for Stoke tomorrow..