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  1. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Missed out on any bets yesterday due to being preoccupied. BET 5 Wigan - Arsenal Lay 0-0 @ 12.50 Liability 69.46pts
  2. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! WINNER Profit: 4.91pts Bank: 69.55pts Banked: 100pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:33 Wins:32 SR:96.96% Staked: 3300pts Returns:3472.30pts P/L:+172.30pts Yield:5.22%
  3. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! BET 4 Grimsby - MK Dons Lay 0-0 @ 13.50 Liability 64.63pts
  4. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Another winner at a tasty price. WINNER Profit: 6.42pts Bank: 64.64pts Banked: 100pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:32 Wins:31 SR:96.88% Staked: 3200pts Returns:3364.70pts P/L:+164.70pts Yield:5.15%
  5. Re: You never know in trading... Ive done similiar once or twice but the other way round. Laying a team at really short odds while winning and then backing back when the other team scores. Not on any permenant basis, just one offs. Risky for sure but interested to see how you do.
  6. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! BET 3 Fiorentina - Everton Lay 0-0 @ 9.60 Liability 58.14pts
  7. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! WINNER Profit: 4.27pts Bank: 58.22pts Banked: 100pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:31 Wins:30 SR:96.77% Staked: 3100pts Returns:3253.65pts P/L:+153.65pts Yield:4.96%
  8. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Barring a 0-0, which wouldnt be an advised route to take, Chelsea must score to stand any chance of going through in this tie. BET 2 Chelsea- Olympiacos Lay 0-0 @ 13.00 Liability 53.88pts
  9. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Back on the wagon again with a winner. WINNER Profit: 3.95pts Bank: 53.95pts Banked: 100pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:30 Wins:29 SR:96.67% Staked: 3000pts Returns:3145.73pts P/L:+145.73pts Yield:4.86%
  10. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Right. Start of the 2nd run. Bets will be numbered back from 1 again although the level stakes record shall continue. Although Man Utd could qualify with a goalless draw, I cant see Feguson going into this tie happy with that and its sure they'll put up a fight and want to secure qualification through winning outright. BET 1 Man Utd - Lyon Lay 0-0 @ 13.00 Liability 49.92pts
  11. Re: PL Cheltenham Tipster Comp - SIGN UP HERE Count me in.
  12. Re: Pay off our loan! I usually follow the same rules and only back with a 2 goal cushion and with no more than about 20 mins left. Saying that, once got done backing under 2.5 goals when it was 1-0 with 10 mins to go. A goal in the 83rd and then one in injurytime put paid to that one!!
  13. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! I would have used this market before now but everytime Ive checked theres been a significant difference between that and the correct score one. Its good because it means for alot of games theres effectively 3 markets that can be used to back against 0-0. It'll come in handy if any of us ever get to the stage where stake size is a problem as you could spread it across the markets.
  14. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Attempt 1 is over. We had a good run though. Secured the 50pt stake and banked 100pts profit. The level stakes look good too, still holding a 137.81pts profit despite the loss. I will be retaking the 50pt stake that was secured and carrying on with a second quest. So the banked total (and profit) will now stand at 100pts. I will also continue the level stakes tracking.
  15. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! And the bank is left behind in Spain.:sad LOSER BANK:0.09pts BANKED: 150pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:29 Wins:28 SR:100% Staked: 2900pts Returns:3037.81pts P/L:+137.81pts Yield:4.75%
  16. Re: Pay off our loan! Correct score bets at the end of games arent bad either. Once backed Milan to win 3-0 @ 1.3 when they were leading in the 87th min.
  17. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Thanks munki. Right, the bank is off to Sunny Spain. Different market than usual but effectivily the same bet. This way though the bet will be settled as soon as a goal is scored, freeing up funds quicker. Price was same as correct score so might as well take this one. BET 29 Villarreal - Osasuna Lay No next goal @ 12.50 Liability 214.13pts
  18. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! LEVEL STAKES Bets:28 Wins:28 SR:100% Staked: 2800pts Returns:3037.81pts P/L:+237.81pts Yield:8.49% Very happy with the way these level stakes are looking so far.
  19. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! HAHA! I spit in the face of superstition! Cheers Guy Fawkes. I had to stay loyal to what got me here and after all, this is Glory Hunters. WINNER Profit: 34.54pts Bank: 314.22pts Banked: 50pts Im now going to bank 100pts and continue with the remainder. So we now stand: Bank: 214.22pts Banked: 150pts
  20. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Going to go out on the limb and risk the curse. I do intend on banking after this bet if it comes in. Saying that I feel I should really be playing a safe option ...BUT ... the price on this just looks too good. Two sides in trouble so game could be tight , both wanting to avoid dropping points to the other but that doesnt mean it cant have goals. BET 28 Apollon K - Veroia Back 1 goal+ @ 1.13 Liability 279.66pts
  21. Re: Munki's Slightly More Imaginative System (But Not Much) Good luck with this and loving the title
  22. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! LEVEL STAKES Bets:27 Wins:27 SR:100% Staked: 2700pts Returns:2925.46pts P/L:+225.46pts Yield:8.35%
  23. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Well, thought it was game over for a while there with BET 26 really going down to the wire. We survived though and made it through the day intact. WINNER Profit: 14.14pts Bank: 237.47pts Banked: 50pts WINNER Profit: 22.51pts Bank: 259.98pts Banked: 50pts WINNER Profit: 19.68pts Bank: 279.66pts Banked: 50pts
  24. Re: 100% Madness Unlucky. I went for 2-2 in IKTS. Got the result wrong but well off with the amount of goals. In fact , all of my predicitons were well off when it came to goal tallys this week.
  25. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Cheers guys. Working again so its the potential bets and price. BET 25 Hibernian - Celtic Lay 0-0 @ 16.00 Liability 223.20pts POTENTIAL BET 26 Middlesbrough - Reading Back 1+ goals @ 1.09 POTENTIAL BET 27 Rec De Huelva - Real Madrid Lay 0-0 @ 12.00
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