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  1. Re: £25 to.... ???? Sadly, another winner. :sad;)
  2. Re: Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 22nd-23rd March No bets for me but a personally pleasing result. Big fan of all 3 guys that finished on the podium. Kind of gutted Kovi has moved to McLaren as was planning on backing him during this season but obviously the prices aren't as good anymore.
  3. Re: Strikers on form - 1st Goal 3 from 3 so far. Shame none where first goalscorers though. Who are you doing the bets with? I ask as different bookies have different e/w terms for 1st goalscorers.
  4. Re: £25 to... (£76.80 profit so far...) Good to see you back on the trail DC.
  5. Re: Some Betfair multiples fun I always find it easier with these to use the "pretend you're a bookie" scenario. Like stewart said, the Back Accas are simple enough. You chose to either back or lay teams and when you back the acca ALL of the results must go as you predict for you to win. When you lay an acca its like the bookies taking an acca from you, ONE part of the bet goes wrong and they keep your money. Same here. If you lay an acca you're saying the selections you put WONT ALL happen. JUST ONE needs to be wrong for you to win the bet. As Stewart said, laying acca's is much higher
  6. Re: Some Betfair multiples fun LOL. Theres then mixing backs and lays and laying or backing the bet.:ok:tongue2
  7. Re: Grand National 2008 I'll most likely be on Simon. If he jumps ok then he seems to stay all day and still had plenty left when falling last year. It's no secret that this is the race he's been primed for all season so should be more than prepared. There's also the slightly less scientific approach that I share my name with the animal.:ok
  8. Re: You never know in trading... Well if nothing else at least its showing a good display of discipline. It must have been tempting to place a bet that wasn't quite right after 2 weeks of nothing.
  9. Re: 100% Madness So this computer game let's you put 1000pts up on the scoreboard and improve the 200pts?? Cool.;)
  10. Re: highest priced (top4) TBH Tulenos, I don't see why this doesn't belong in systems. He's stated the selection process and it's defined enough that anyone could use the criteria and get the same selections (which is the main guideline for a system). He's stated the stakes that will be used (and when) and is keeping a profit/loss.
  11. Re: Try, Try again!! Good strikerate. A little worried that the acca is costing you profit. When you are betting at such short odds the profit for each bet is minimal anyway. One loser wipes out most of the profit from 4 winners, the acca just does even more damage. Setting up a separate bank for the acca might keep the numbers for each seperate but its still costing money whether its down as 1 bank or 2. So far, the accas takes you from a 42% yield to a 9.3% yield. Still a nice yield but a big difference. Just my two pence worth and I guess this is GH. Good luck with whatever route you
  12. Re: martingale the virtual football at corals?!?! That is the martingale system. Misunderstanding may be that many think the martingale system is doubling up each time. This is simply because its often applied to EVS odds bets so therefore doubling up is necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  13. Re: Denman Ive held my silence on the subject as I know I have a slightly biased opinion, being a huge fan of KS but agree with Carls' view. Not taking anything away from Denman but I feel it was more to do with KS's underperformance than anything amazing by Denman. Give me the same race tomorrow and Ill still be on Kauto Star.
  14. Re: Ratings and Race Entries Go to Racing Post website. Enter the horses name in the search then gpo to engagements. If you do this for a horse you expect to run, when you click the race name it'll bring up the entries.
  15. Re: Cheltenham Friday 14th March I dont want to sound like Im plugging them but anyone backing in the Gold Cup may want to check Laddies first. They are meant to be best or joint best price on every horse in the Gold Cup until the on course market opens (compared to about 6-7 top bookmakers)
  16. Re: Denman drifting? He's 2/1 at Ladbrokes as they are promising to be best price or joint best price on all horses in the Gold Cup up until the market opens. This counts compared to most of the big bookmakers, independents may be bigger.
  17. Re: Ruby Walsh 14/1 for next years gold cup on betfair.
  18. Re: PL Cheltenham Tipster comp - Wednesday - Selections here please 4.00 County Zen 15ew 4.00 Naiad Du Misselot 20ew 4.00 The Package 15ew RES 4.00 Warnes Way ew
  19. Re: Cheltenham Placepots Pool was huge today , just shy of £1 million!!
  20. Re: Cheltenham Placepots Bah, thats nothing. Im doing 8.30 til 21.45 all four festival days. Bloody part timers!
  21. (ATR mods, feel free to move if better off in Cheltenham forum) One of my bets I like to do at Cheltenham is the placepot, as I guess is the same for many. Placepots at Cheltenham usually play well, often up near £1000 or so. I thought we could have a thread for anyone having a go to list their selections. 2.00 Muirhead - Cork All Star - Deep Purple 2.35 Leslingtaylor - Krugruyova - Clopf 3.15 Katchit - Osana 4.00 King Harald - Fundamentalist 4.40 Le Duc - Heads Onthe Ground 5.20 Ashkazar - Grand Schlem 144 lines @ 10p Also doing the ones in bold in one line for £1
  22. Re: PL Cheltenham Tipster Comp - Tuesday - Selections here please 2.00 Muirhead 20ew 2.00 Cork All Star 15ew 2.00 Deep Purple 15ew
  23. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Despite the last loss, both the thread and the level stakes are both showing profit. I'll be putting this on a hold for the meantime as the previously withdrawn funds have been put towards Cheltenham. I'll take this back up either after Cheltenham or on payday.( depending on how well Cheltenham goes!!!)
  24. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Balls! Chose this over the Tottenham game as the price was slightly better. Only the 2nd time Arsenal have failed to score in the league this season. LOSER Profit: -69.46pts Bank: .09pts Banked: 100pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:34 Wins:32 SR:94.12% Staked: 3400pts Returns:3472.30pts P/L:+72.30pts Yield:2.13%
  25. Always been a fan and is in some cracking form of late. Record in the last 14 days reads: 1121731111222131 One combination that seems to be doing particularly well is him and the new sheikh's horses. Johnston trains for one of the Sheikh's and from what I can remember he has passed on some of his horses to his favoured son. These are running under the name of SHEIKH HAMDAN BIN MOHAMMED AL MAKTOUM.These horses usually/used to run in the mauve and white colours. Now there's new silk colours specifically for the ones under Johnstons guidance,. These are a dark green colour. Results in the last
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