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*** Ascot Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. RUG, 2nd. Soi Bongkot & 3rd. Jediknight ***
** June Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Like2Fish, 3rd McG **
** June Naps Competition Result: 1st Kingdom for, 2nd Offramp, 3rd glavintobuy, 4th bymatrix. KO Cup Winner: Kingsom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. Re: Handicap LTO winners Wednesday 9th April 3.40 Bat - Classic Blue 4.10 Bat - King's Fable 2.30 Tow - Monash Lad 3.00 Tow - The Walnut Tree 3.30 Tow - Wotchalike 7.20 Kem - Lowry's Art 8.20 Kem - Garafena

  2. Re: Handicap LTO winners

    Tuesday 8th April 2.30 Sou - Bahamarama - UP 3.00 Sou - Montemayorprincess - UP 4.00 Sou - Playtotheaudience - UP 4.30 Sou - Tom's Laughter - UP 5.00 Sou - Royal Audition - UP 3.10 Lin - Oat Cuisine - UP 3.40 Lin - Duke Of Milan - 3rd 9/4 4.40 Lin - Kings Ransom - UP 3.50 Sed - Shulmin - 1st 13/2 4.20 Sed - Izzykeen - UP
    Another quiet day. Win Bank Bets:23 Wins:4 Strikerate:17.39% Staked:23pts Returns:17.51pts P/L:-5.49pts Yield:-23.87% EW Bank Bets:23 Places:8 Strikerate:34.78% Staked:23pts Returns:15.75pts Profit:-7.25pts Yield:-31.52%
  3. Re: Handicap LTO winners Tuesday 8th April 2.30 Sou - Bahamarama 3.00 Sou - Montemayorprincess 4.00 Sou - Playtotheaudience 4.30 Sou - Tom's Laughter 5.00 Sou - Royal Audition 3.10 Lin - Oat Cuisine 3.40 Lin - Duke Of Milan 4.40 Lin - Kings Ransom 3.50 Sed - Shulmin 4.20 Sed - Izzykeen

  4. Re: Handicap LTO winners

    Monday 7th April 4.00 Kel - Lambrini Legend - UP 4.30 Kel - Primus Inter Pares - UP 5.00 Kel - Stravaigin - NR 3.10 Kem - Warming Up - UP 4.10 Kem - Fade To Grey - UP 4.40 Kem - My Shadow - 1st 13/8 5.10 Kem - Straight Face - 1st 15/8 3.20 Plu - Joli Classical - 3rd 4/1 4.20 Plu - Pacco - 1st 7/2 4.50 Plu - Amoreigh - 3rd 9/4
    Better but still not a great day. Win Bank Bets:13 Wins:3 Strikerate:23.08% Staked:13pts Returns:10.01pts P/L:-2.99pts Yield:-23.00% EW Bank Bets:13 Places:6 Strikerate:46.15% Staked:13pts Returns:10.02pts Profit:-2.98pts Yield:-22.92%
  5. Re: Handicap LTO winners Monday 7th April 4.00 Kel - Lambrini Legend 4.30 Kel - Primus Inter Pares 5.00 Kel - Stravaigin 3.10 Kem - Warming Up 4.10 Kem - Fade To Grey 4.40 Kem - My Shadow 5.10 Kem - Straight Face 3.20 Plu - Joli Classical 4.20 Plu - Pacco 4.50 Plu - Amoreigh

  6. Re: Handicap LTO winners

    Sun 6th April 2.30 Hex - Reckless Venture - ABANDONED 3.00 Hex - Shulmin - ABANDONED 3.30 Hex - Topaz Lady - ABANDONED 3.50 MR - Silver Seeker - UP 4.20 MR - Cash On Friday - UP 2.10 Sou - Cleverality - FELL 2.40 Sou - Red Scally - NR 4.40 Sou - Wizards Dust - 3rd 11/2
    Another system hit by the PL curse on its debut. Only the one place today. Non-runners wont be counted in stats for the banks. Win Bank Bets:4 Wins:0 Strikerate: Staked:4pts Returns:0pts P/L:-4pts Yield:-100% EW Bank Bets:4 Places:1 Strikerate:25% Staked:4pts Returns:1.19pts Profit:-2.81pts Yield:-70.25%
  7. Re: Tony Dobbin :notworthy A great jockey who is very often overlooked for the more "popular" names. (McCoy, Murphy, Walsh etc) Hope him all the best with his training exploits. He seems the kind that could do well.

  8. Re: Tony McCoy.

    And, if he did finally win it, would he be voted Sports Personality of the Year? Would be overdue and well deserved IMO.
    I wouldnt bet on it!! You have to be a royal to get Sports Personality for horseriding.
  9. Re: Handicap LTO winners Sun 6th April 2.30 Hex - Reckless Venture RPF:EVS 3.00 Hex - Shulmin RPF:5/1 3.30 Hex - Topaz Lady RPF:2/1 3.50 MR - Silver Seeker RPF:11/2 4.20 MR - Cash On Friday RPF:3/1 2.10 Sou - Cleverality RPF:5/2 2.40 Sou - Red Scally RPF:9/1 4.40 Sou - Wizards Dust RPF:11/2

  10. This is a system I was told by one of my punters at work. Ive been half tracking it and it definatly throws up a few winners so I thought Id start to track it here. Its simple and straight foward. Handicaps races only. Starting from the bottom , find the lowest weighted horse that won last time out. This is the selection. If no horse won lto then no selection. Today(not including Kempton) would have created 14 bets with the following results. 6 winners @ 10/1, 7/1, 11/1, 9/2, 8/1 and 5/1. 2 places @ 28/1 and 7/1. 7/1 winner was Comply or Die. If you went with the 2nd lowest weighted LTO winner you'd have King Johns Castle and have found the forecast! Im going to record two banks. One with 1pt win singles and one with 0.5pt e/w singles. Any previous encounters with this system, ways of improvement and any other input, more than welcome.

  11. Re: The 8 Stages Of Madness Another concept that appears it will have it's fair share of followers. Credit to chris to bringing it to peoples attentions originally. I should have a nice extra lump in my paypacket this month due to a bonus and plenty of overtime so may give it a go myself. Baseball season has just started too so should supply plenty of EVS money chances on the runlines. As I said, Ive got spare cash this month so there's a few ideas Im planning on trying out. Sadly my work hours, and the fact that horse form is usely studied once at work, limits how much I can document on here as alot of bets are placed while at work via betfair moblle but no proper internet access to post them on here before the event. Good luck with this madness and lets hope you can emulate chris's success.

  12. Re: Rp System Firstly, welcome to the PL. Secondly, If you wish to run this in a Systems forum you should be posting the details behind the system. Oh, and please lose the CAPS.

  13. Re: Racingpost simple question The 1 and the d are the same figure so its 1d. Means it finished first but was disqualified. If you look at the detailed form for the horse it shows it as 2nd as thats what position it was relegated to.

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