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*** Ascot Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. RUG, 2nd. Soi Bongkot & 3rd. Jediknight ***
** June Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Like2Fish, 3rd McG **
** June Naps Competition Result: 1st Kingdom for, 2nd Offramp, 3rd glavintobuy, 4th bymatrix. KO Cup Winner: Kingsom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. Re: The Curse of the Flying Dutchman Nice set of results there!!
  2. Re: Which trainers do you follow/try to avoid? I'll add my name down next to Sir M. Stoute and M. Johnston. Used to be a fan of D.Loder before he retired too.
  3. Re: Favourite / Least favourite jockeys... Fan of Greg Fairley, partly due to being a an of Johnston. Ex claimer I used to like was Adam Kirby. Not many jockeys I hate, more get frustrated by. The ones that when you back them they lose,when you back something else they get theirs up on the line to beat yours. I do have a personal dislike for Kinane but that goes down solely to , imo, costing Rock of Gibraltar the Breeders Mile in his last race.
  4. Re: Casting The Net (A BTP Specialisation Thread) Not much that I can add that hasnt already been said.:clap
  5. Re: Euromillions Ok , slight exaggeration. Just checked and its exactly 66.66% of times this year. (70 from 150 days) Not been assed to work the numbers but surely thats still much higher than you'd expect. 7 numbers drawn from 49.
  6. Re: Euromillions Unless it's the teatime 49's. I swear, one of the lunchtime numbers comes out in the teatime draw about 90% of the time. (Since I first noticed it about 3 months ago.)
  7. Re: just a few tips for the weekend Sorry mate. still not getting the idea. This forum is for GH attempts or S+S's where the rules arent wanted to be released. I suggest posting each bet in the appropiate forum and thread along with your reasoning for each bet.
  8. Re: The Curse of the Flying Dutchman Good luck with this. Obviously a whole lot of thought and effort has gone into it.
  9. Re: ???????? I got one for him. Lay every 100/1 shot on the flat. Dead cert to be at least 50% strikerate. :ok
  10. Re: Tonights forum challenge Teams and in running scorecard If Im reading this right then table 4's looking very good for us. GL guys!!
  11. Re: The 8 Stages Of Madness Nice going madness. The fact you've hit £85 already without the second legs of each bet yet looks good for the future.
  12. Re: Casting The Net (A BTP Specialisation Thread) As a query, if playing the CSF, who are you placing them with?? Reason I ask is that when you have non runners some bookies void the forecast, some turn it into a win single. Also, are you playing the trifecta when possible or just the tricast?
  13. Re: Handicap LTO winners Saturday 12th April Don 3.05 - Came Back 8/14 +2 Don 4.10 - King's Bastion 17/20 +1 Don 5.15 - Tinnarinka 9/9 +1 Kem 3.55 - Monkey Glas 5/10 E Kem 4.30 - Dudley Docker 9/16 E Kem 5.05 - Miss Mujanna 8/10 +1 Kem 5.35 - Coda Agency 8/8 +1 (No alternative) New 2.25 - Chance Du Roy 18/18 +2 New 3.00 - Major Euro 9/9 +1 (No alternative) New 4.00 - Joyrider 3/7 +1 Utt 4.20 - Kings Rock 11/12 +1
  14. Re: Handicap LTO winners Win Bank Bets:50 Wins:9 Strikerate:18% Staked:50pts Returns:42.01pts P/L:-7.99pts Yield:-15.98% EW Bank Bets:50 Places:18 Strikerate:36% Staked:50pts Returns:37.70pts Profit:-12.30pts Yield:-24.6%
  15. Re: Anytime Scorer single There can be some good value sometimes. I couldnt believe Laddies were going 2/1 anytime for Ronaldo in the 1st leg against Roma. He's only been 3/1 for 1st goal in the last two matches!!
  16. Re: Doncaster Friday 11/04 Very disappointing. Second time today for Johnston.
  17. Re: Handicap LTO winners Another possible filter is that selections must be running from within the handicap. This is as if they arent they are carrying more weight than the handicapper's rating dictates and therefore negates any underrating of the horse. For now I will go without this but when it occurs will post the alternative also, in brackets. At the moment only the original selection will count towards the results. Friday 11th April 3.30 Asc - Stagehand 15/16 +1 4.05 Asc - Ice Bucket 11/17 E 4.40 Asc - Native Coral 12/13 +1 5.15 Asc - Goodnight Tom 9/9 +2 (Mossville 4/9 E) 2.10 Don
  18. Re: Handicap LTO winners Win Bank Bets:39 Wins:6 Strikerate:15.38% Staked:39pts Returns:31.51pts P/L:-7.49pts Yield:-19.21% EW Bank Bets:39 Places:14 Strikerate:35.90% Staked:39pts Returns:29.47pts Profit:-9.53pts Yield:-24.44%
  19. Re: Doncaster Friday 11/04 Dnata Flyer 3.15 Been waiting for this to run again. 5th on debut at Catterick a week ago. Held up in handy position but when asked to go, found himself behind a wall of horses. Switched to rail side but blocked again. Finally pulled out round the back and to the other side to get clear run but by this point was far too late. If he'd had a clear run from the get go he'd have been at least involved in the finish.
  20. Re: Handicap LTO winners I havnt really got time to use them today but there's two factors Im going to start tracking that I hope may help. As the system is based on horses that won being underestimated by the handicapper I think this might help. 1) Checking to see if the horse has changed grade. They might still be lower in the weights as theyve gone up a grade. 2) Position in the field (weight-wise). They may be the lowest weight bearing LTO winner but this doesnt help if they're still top weight by a stone. Im thinking the SR may improve when they're still reletivly lightly weighted co
  21. Re: Handicap LTO winners This was producing winners - promise!:cry Win Bank Bets:28 Wins:4 Strikerate:14.29% Staked:28pts Returns:17.51pts P/L:-10.49pts Yield:-37.46% EW Bank Bets:28 Places:9 Strikerate:32.14% Staked:28pts Returns:16.59pts Profit:-11.41pts Yield:-40.75%
  22. Re: betting shop rules, help needed Sorry if I offended Billy. On the first point. I wasnt judging you. It just happens that in my experience that is more than often the case. On the second point, I wasnt quoting whether right or wrong it what was done, I was simply saying that Head Office would have no offense to it as this is what staff are trained to do. For the record Im more than happy to accomadate customers and am often frustrated myself about the lack of staff that actually seem to know anything about the betting industry. It can just be a tad irritating when you go out of your
  23. Re: betting shop rules, help needed Just for the record. Not saying all, but it seems in most cases the punters that do this are the most arrogant bastards in the shop. How would head office react to that?? Well done for following procedure.
  24. Re: lay systems Just as a word of friendly advice (and as you're new to betfair), Id record results after commission is taken off. It may only seem small but can be enough to make the difference between a winning system and a losing system.
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