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** June Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Like2Fish, 3rd McG **
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  1. Re: definition of a pro tipster? Conman
  2. Re: Is there too much racing?? Cheers Bowles. So I get to sit at work bored out of my head even more than I am when we have just 2 punters in when there is night racing on, because you know Laddies aren't shutting just because there's no racing on. :ok
  3. Re: Is there too much racing?? Back end of last week was mad. If you count the Irish stuff too we had 3 meetings during the day Thurs and Fri (the norm) but 4 meetings Thurs evening and 5 Friday evening!!
  4. Re: From £50 to however far I can take it!! Make sure you remember to mention all the good people on the PL that gave you support.:ok Good Luck.
  5. Re: Welcome to the Euro 2008 Forum Cheers Boyd, that's what I thought.
  6. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Well done Nicky. Sadly I was also beaten in my one at work too, missing out by 4pts.
  7. Re: Welcome to the Euro 2008 Forum Anyone know what time Uefa.com are using when quoting kickoff times for the matches? I'm planning on doing a guide for work and need to be sure of the times. I'm guessing they are a hour ahead of BST as most are 18.00 and 20.45 where I would have thought 17.00 and 19.45 would be more likely. P.S. No quicklink for the forum at the top of the page.
  8. Re: Madness vs Maria (GH Edition) Jesus christ!! Don't let her know you're using her idea. She'll be after a donation to the charity of her choice next.;)
  9. Re: Inside Poker - Deposit $5 and get $1050 WSOP sat seat Make that 30 then - me too. :ok
  10. Re: Inside Poker - Deposit $5 and get $1050 WSOP sat seat So what does that statement mean? They still going to honour entry for the people already in?
  11. Re: Inside Poker Mag This Month Can anyone confirm that someone thats just joined is reg'd in the tourney??
  12. Re: Casting The Net (A BTP Specialisation Thread) I'm sure it will start to come good again. I was bored at work last night so had a go with these but did just the tricast with 5 selections. 1st,2nd and 4th in the 6.40 and 1st , 3rd and 4th in the next at Windsor.:wall
  13. Re: Am I right in thinking that ... I hate it when you're looking at a maiden race and look at the sale prize for some kind of guide and get: Horse A 2000 guineas Horse B 3000 pounds Horse C 2500 dollars Horse D 5000 euros :wall
  14. Re: 1% of the bank every time By this do you mean you'll be looking for 1% of the new bank or 1% of the old bank until you get back there?? GL with this.
  15. Re: Great Leighs 24/04 Its a polytrack surface so should be similar to Wolves, Kempton and Lingfield. Only Southwell uses fibresand.
  16. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Does that make me Everton?? :sad:puke We've been running a similiar comp at work between 5 of us. Weekend only games though and less complex scoring. Just 5pts for correct score and 3pts for correct outcome. £1 a week so the total will be around £180. After this week there's two of us ahead of the rest with me top but the gaps been closed from 12pts to 3pts!!! Tense few weeks coming up. P.S. Been using the same picks in that as I have been in this.
  17. Re: Racing's Most Annoying Sayings LOL. I know exactly what you mean Billy. "If you're on the 2 dog then form a queue at the counter" No, don't! Wait for the bloody result to be confirmed and the prices to come through.
  18. Re: Racing's Most Annoying Sayings One we get at work. " all those out there in Ladbrokesland" **** off you prick!
  19. Re: Casting The Net (A BTP Specialisation Thread) Unlucky with the Windsor one Had the 2-3-4, sadly the wrong JT fav came in.
  20. Re: Casting The Net (A BTP Specialisation Thread) Well done again mate. On the subject of the Super fecta, for a while Laddies where doing a similiar thing on the french racing when they were showing plenty of it where you had to pick 1st 5 home. Bet covered one once per day. Shame they dont still do it.:ok
  21. Re: Boxing: Joe Calzaghe vs Bernard Hopkins - Saturday 19th April Definitely agree that this probably had a large effect on the way the betting stood. I backed Joe on pts pre fight but laid back some on Hopkins to win just before halfway as I was wary that the close rounds may have been scored to Hopkins advantage.
  22. Re: Boxing: Joe Calzaghe vs Bernard Hopkins - Saturday 19th April Anyway else listen to Hopkins after the fight and think "What a whinging pompous lil bitch!"?
  23. Re: Lucky 15 (Members Glory Hunt) The guy obviously doesnt know what he's talking about because they've clearly paid you double the odds.
  24. Re: Casting The Net (A BTP Specialisation Thread) £83.56 fc, £82.60 exacta. More than doubled your forecast stakes for the day. Nice one.:ok
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