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  1. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Zebedee, you can make predicitions before each game kicks off. If you miss todays you can still do predictions for tomorrows games.
  2. Re: Oldest Maiden Seen this suggested somewhere before. Good luck.
  3. Re: One way for £100 to £1,000,000 Of course another issue would being getting that much money matched on 20/1 shots.
  4. Re: One way for £100 to £1,000,000 The way Im going I could give you 200 consecutive losers at much shorter prices than 20/1.
  5. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 In. I see theyve changed the banker system slightly this year. If you place your Banker on a fixture containing a top four team (from previous week's leaderboard) then it will have a multiplying effect of X2 otherwise it is X3.
  6. Re: Fantasy Football League 2007-08 - Sponsored by Betfair Workings Wanderers signed up.
  7. Re: Placepottery Fun! ~ 27/07/07 Customer at work does placepots every day. He missed out on the Ascot placepot (£5400) by one leg today. He would have had it for 40p.
  8. Re: the charity trail The service is still showing on the world vision homepage so I guess its just a temp problem.
  9. I got a letter in the post this morning which I thought was well worth mentioning. Ill leave it to the racing mods to decide whether this should be stickied or not until the end of the offer. Basically B365 are offering Best Odds Guarenteed on ALL horse races until the end of August!!
  10. Re: the charity trail ALL LOSERS ATL(Hudson) @ FLA (Olsen) TEX (Padilla) @ CLE (Sabathia) ATL to win @ 1.66 CLE to win @ 1.47 £3 double (B365)
  11. Re: working out the value on odds to lay a horse at Surely its just the same as choosing what price to back a horse at. Determine what you think is the fairprice and then lay anything shorter.
  12. Re: CL semis 24-25/4 (1st leg) Looks like a good selection of bets there Carl. Chelsea are going to have to be careful tommorrow. Im sure theyve got a handful of players one card away from suspension. They wont want to be missing too many for the second leg. Liverpool just have Pennant on a yellow(If I recall correctly)
  13. Re: CL semis 24-25/4 (1st leg) After seeing the prices available Im giving little thought to who I THINK will win. To have either Milan or Liverpool at 3/1 is an insult. Taking into consideration players missing for both oppositions then I cant back anything other than two aways purely due to the value. 15/1 for Milan/ Liverpool double? Outstanding IMO!
  14. Re: the charity trail Milan to beat Man Utd @ 4.00 Liverpool to beat Chelsea @ 4.00 £2 singles £1 double (B365) New Bank:£13.58
  15. Re: the charity trail New Bank:£18.58 (1 bet pending)
  16. Re: RacingPost odds forecast Depends on when youre using them. If its the morning of racing you're better of using the bookies Early Prices.
  17. Re: the charity trail HOU (Sampson) @ PHI (Eaton) HOU to win @ 2.10 £2 win (B365) COL (Buchholz) @ NYM (Maine) NYM (-1.5) to win @ 1.86 £3win (B365) TOR (Ohka) @ BOS (Wakefield) BOS (-1.5) to win @ 2.00 £2 win (Betfair) Bank: £13.00 (4 Bets Pending)
  18. Re: 2007 world snooker championship. From what I saw off the game I think Trump became victim of doing too well. He's obviously an awesome potter of the ball but I think that was his downfall. It seemed like he started to believe he was invincible and that every pot he attempted was going to come off. As stated, clearly a great young talent but seems like he needs to learn when to play the safety more often.
  19. Re: 2007 world snooker championship. Tempted to have a little of the 3.0 available for Doherty to win @ Betfair.
  20. Re: the charity trail Hendry/Doherty/Murphy All to win @ 2.16 £2.56 (Betfair multis)
  21. Re: the charity trail New Bank:£22.56
  22. Re: the charity trail Returns:£13.03 New Bank:£20.03 (1 Bet Pending)
  23. Re: 2007 world snooker championship. Going on this, would you say the 14/1 for 6 or more centuries in the game is a good bet?
  24. Re: the charity trail Both losers New Bank:£19.00 Swansea to win @ 1.66 Raith to win @ 1.57 Morton to win @ 1.61 Liverpool to win @ 1.42 Liverpool to keep a cleansheet @ 2.00 Ebdon to win @ 1.28 All £2 singles (Betfair) New Bank: £7.00
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