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  1. Re: Derren Brown: The System Dont people read in this place!!! This is about the 5th thread started on the topic, including one which is right below this one.
  2. Re: beat the system See thread already open.
  3. Re: Dancing On Ice - Inside info I like the way Rusedski was British for his whole tennis career. Now he's retired and cant win us a wimbledon title he's become Canadian. Typical british media.
  4. Re: Celeb Big Brother Hijack Wouldnt mind seeing Emilia perform a few tricks!!:ok
  5. Re: The Lay Liverpool System A good site for this is soccervista. They have stats to show P/L if you always backed a team to lose/draw/win. They also do teams records as fav or underdogs. Suprisingly enough Liverpool have not been underdogs in any league match this season using their odds!!!
  6. Re: Kauto Star or Denman? I wasnt suprised to see the bookies shorten "Superstar" after todays race. Impressed by Denman's reaction when Walsh asked for more but on Boxing Day he never had to ask Kauto Star for anymore. KS never seemed like he ever started to actually have to race. I also think the field Kauto beat was a stronger field. Interesting comment. Now Id never think about suggesting that racing is at all fixed ever, but, could the tactics come down to who Nicholls would prefer to win?? Denman or Kauto Star and a share of that £1m bonus??
  7. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR It was always going to be a hard one. Man City were the only side odds on. Banker still intact (MBoro) and one correct score thanks to a late Newcastle goal. Think Ive only managed about 20 pts though.(40 including the BB)
  8. Re: Fallon Cleared! I hope alot of people are put off backing him over this whole saga.Might mean better prices for those that do decide to back him.
  9. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Done by two late goals today. I had Liverpool 3-0 as my banker and had 2-2 in the Spurs game. :@:wall
  10. Re: R.I.P detroit city :cry:cry:cry I was working today and saw him fall and struggle to get up. Never heard whether he did or not. I spent the rest of the race just thinking I hope he's ok. One of my favourite current horses and will be missed.
  11. Re: Its time to bring the placepots back Must just be online then as Ladbrokes and W.Hills shops both accept 5p lines.
  12. Re: Its time to bring the placepots back Surely the minimum is 5p?
  13. Re: Cheltenham 18/11 Sensible decision after yesterdays tragedies. I know yesterday may not have been due to the weather but theyd be mad to run the risk of it happening again today.
  14. Re: Cheltenham 18/11 Interested to see this one tipped up as its a qualifier for a system Im trailling at the moment. 3 profitbale days from 3 so far. Im temtpted to start posting it here but I know what will happen the second I do!!;)
  15. Re: Wolverhampton 16/11 Damn it!! Been trialling a idea for the last few days. Four selections today, first 3 lost. I went for a fag and completly forgot about the 8.55. Selection was Prince Noel.:wall
  16. Re: Cheltenham 17/11 Two Im interested in tomorrow. 3.10 - Blazing Bailey Carrying alot more weight than the rest of the field but even then only two other runners are running from inside the handicap. Always in the highest of company in defeat and seems to be fine running after a layoff. 1 win, 1 2nd and 2 3rds from 4 course runs. 3.40 - Simon Fell 6 out in the Grand National but was still cruising and if it hadnt been for the fall could very well have gone on to win it. 2 convincing Class 1 wins previous to the national. Some people say horses arent the same after the National, dont k
  17. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Is it the top 10 or the top 10 scores each week?
  18. Re: Place Only Ladder Yeh Ive noticed this. Betfair dont count doubtful horses or horses down as non runners in/on the Racing Post as being original runners.
  19. Re: UEFA Cup Matches (Nov 8) Cheers c daRk. Ive got Gala as a cornerstone in a few bets , lets hope they manage to convert the domination into goals.
  20. Re: UEFA Cup Matches (Nov 8) 2-1 Bayern. Just laid off @ 1.08.:ok
  21. Re: UEFA Cup Matches (Nov 8) 2-0 now to Helsingborgs!!
  22. Re: UEFA Cup Matches (Nov 8) True Marek, Davies had me worried for a second. Hoping the class will show through over the 90 mins though. Price now dropped to 1.3
  23. Re: UEFA Cup Matches (Nov 8) Just taken Munich @ 1.75. Too big for a team expected to win easily that have 80 mins to come back imo.
  24. Re: Place Only Ladder Often do this myself. Ill back 2 or 3 to place each day, single level stakes and then a smaller stake that I roll over. Good luck with this.
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