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  1. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Well, that was kinda crap. Bets 7 + 8 both won but................as Im doing this for real Im going to keep the thread in line with my real bets. Betfair still havn't returned my stake on the Doncaster - Leeds game so had to miss getting on both the others.:wall
  2. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! It could be my undoing but Im going to try to squeeze a few out of Saturday. I'm at work all day but can access Betfair via my phone. This place doesnt work so well though so I'll post the bets up here with the current prices. If each is a winner the whole lot will go on the next one. I'll alter later if prices I take are different. BET 6 Doncaster - Leeds Lay 0-0 @ 12.0 Liability 72.71pts PROPOSED BET 7 Chester - Notts County Lay 0-0 @ 12.0 PROPOSED BET 8 Real Betis - Real Madrid Lay 0-0 @ 12.5
  3. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Almost had to wait for the 2nd half for that one!! Winner. Profit: 6.88pts Bank: 72.76pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:7 Wins:7 SR:100% Staked: 500pts Returns:439.03pts P/L:+39.03pts Yield:7.81%
  4. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! One for Friday. I hope Im not cursing it by saying this but found this one thanks to Steve's site tip. Only been 1 0-0 from these two teams this season. BET 5 Maritimo - Porto Back 1 or more @ 1.11 Liability 65.88pts
  5. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! I love these kind of games. 3 mins and we have a winner. Profit: 5.03pts Bank: 65.88pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:4 Wins:4 SR:100% Staked: 400pts Returns:428.58pts P/L:+28.58pts Yield:7.15%
  6. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! BET 4 S.Prague - Tottenham Lay 0-0 @ 12.5 Liability 60.84pts
  7. Re: Magical Trevor the poker player. What have I unleashed?? :\
  8. Re: 1+ staffy way Unlucky mate. Im sure you'll be back making up the loss in no time though.
  9. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Win number 3. Profit: 4.14pts Bank: 60.85pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:3 Wins:3 SR:100% Staked: 300pts Returns:320.32pts P/L:+20.32pts Yield:6.77%
  10. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Nope , thats a new one on me Steve. Cheers.
  11. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! BET 3 Chesterfield - Peterborough Lay 0-0 @ 14.0 Liability 56.68pts
  12. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! A winner after 8 mins. Profit: 3.86pts Bank: 56.71pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:2 Wins:2 SR:100% Staked: 200pts Returns:213.01pts P/L:+13.01pts Yield:6.51%
  13. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Here's a few more for leagues I could find that had one of the 3 markets on Betfair. Belgium: 8.99% French League Two: 13.1% Greek 1st Division: 10% Dutch 1st Division: 4.62% Again, France is a no-go whilst Holland seems good. (as proven by munki in his thread)
  14. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! A few stats for interest. These are the percentages of 0-0's in a few leagues I found lying around. English Premier: 7.3% Championship: 7.5% League One: 7.2% League Two: 4.7% Blue Square Premier: 6.5% Scottish Premier: 3.4% Division 1: 6.7% Division 2: 1.6% Division 3: 5.2% La Liga: 7.4% French League One: 14.2% Bundesliga: 6.4% Serie A: 9.1% English League Two and the Scottish Premier seems to be the places to play, with the Scottish division Two also but don't think you get the markets for that league. The French top flight looks like a big no-no.
  15. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! BET 2 Rotherham - Stockport Lay 0-0 @ 14.0 Liability 52.78pts
  16. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Talking of Banker Bonuses, how do people play theirs with the new system?? Last year it was as simple as pick your best result. It's more strategic now with the x2 or x3. Do you play your best match regardless or try to play a x3? I always try to play a x3 match and in fact don't think Ive used a banker on a x2 match all season.
  17. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Thanks for the comments guys and lets hope for a long run. Although I do like this method, it can be a long process all for nothing if the eventual dreaded 0-0 comes at a bad time in accordance to any banking. Due to this I'm also going to track the profit through backing level stakes. Obviously to do this for real you'd want to use a large bank but just want to see whether it'd be worthwhile. At least all that hard work wouldn't be lost when you hit a 0-0 the game before you intended to bank. The stake shall be 100pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:1 Wins:1 SR:100% S
  18. Re: 1+ staffy way Same odds, or was when I checked. Good going so far Staffy. Keep it up!
  19. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Nice and easy start for the heart. Im sure they'll be more worrying games than this down the line. WINNER Returns: 52.85pts
  20. I wont waste much time explaining. There's already several threads around backing 1 goal or more in the football. This is something Ive done before, with medium success, and have always liked so Ive decided to get back on the bandwagon. Ill use a combination of markets on Betfair (1+ goal, lay 0-0, lay no next goalscorer) depending on prices, available markets and money available. 50pts is the starting point with all profits going on the next bet. Any withdrawls will be decided as I go along. Returns will be shown post commission. BET 1 Arsenal - Blackburn 1+ goal @ 1.06 50pts
  21. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Still the Arsenal game left to go for the week too.
  22. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Sorry to hear about some bad luck Darren. I had something similiar last year when I was doing ok at one point and then missed a few weeks due to time restraints.
  23. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Great week so far. 3 correct scores with only a late goal from Spurs costing me a 4th. Only one incorrect result and that was the game I played the insurance on. Next up - three 2-0 home wins.
  24. Re: Lay X Im assuming by X Kate is referring to the draw.
  25. Re: Lay all odds-on Favs Did you miss the carnage at Wolves Weds night??
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