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  1. Re: Brazil Serie B 2011 THREAD Well it looked this game was destined for half a loss after the home team missed a pen on 76 mins, but Ponte smashed in a winner on 91 mins for 2-1, overs just phew! ;) What on earth happened at ABC Natal tonight - dear god! Also - lol @ Nautico - not able to score against the 9 men of Potuguesa for the whole 2nd half!!!
  2. Re: Brazil Serie B 2011 THREAD Trying over 2/2.5 inplay @ 2.02 ASA AL Vs Ponte Preta. Good home overs team Vs promotion favourite that got 5 against ASA earlier in the season. :hope Lol as I type a goal goes in for the home team. 2 more please....
  3. Re: Copa America > Wednesday 13th July F*^&ing unbelievable. I took Paraguay at 3.1 odds when they were 1 nil down. 3-1 up with 3 mins to go against a supposed solid defence, very hard to accept :puke
  4. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD Phew - had Cruzeiro over 2/2.5 - so one late goal on 89 min from the great Montillo, and even later - 92 min penalty from Roger. To be honest - Vasco were a bit unlucky, but Cruzeiro barely got out of 2nd gear in 2nd half and still scored 3. I really fancied Cruzeiro for the title before the season started, though it has taken a while to get the Libertadores loss out of their system - I think they will kick on now.......
  5. Re: Colombia Liga Postobon 2011 Thread Type futbolred into google, it is the best Colombian football site I have found, and use google toolbar/translate. I would put up the direct link to the site - but on PL this is not allowed. Hope this helps.
  6. Re: Copa Libertadores 2011 Thread I have just taken Santos - 0.25 (0/0.5) at 1.85 on SBOBET, their odds gave been on the rise a bit, good value with half a loss on the potential draw.
  7. Re: Argentina Primera Division 2011 Thread Huracan 1-0 after 3 mins lol, penalty....
  8. Re: Argentina Primera Division 2011 Thread Wow - I had overs on the Lanus Vs Arsenal game, which was a steaming bag of turd from a quality standpoint until the first goal went in, then both teams seemed to wake up. Amazing equalizer for Arsenal - 30 yard freekick from new signing Caffa. Cameo of the night goes to Camoranesi (former Juventus player for those who have lived under a rock!) who came on with 10 minutes to go for Lanus - then beautifully set up the third in the 91st min for Reguiero. Love the last minute overs - had a few this weekend! Good picks for the Lanus win McNasara - well
  9. Re: USA SuperLiga July 18th-19th 2010 Pachuca Vs Puebla The Tuzo's (Pachuca) need a win after losing their furst encounter to Dynamo, and Puebla beat Chivas USA in their first match - but need a win to ensure qualification to the final stages of the the tournament. Mexican teams have often used the Superliga as a pre-season training exercise, but with a big cash prize available for the winner - they seem hungrier to do well this time. Tuzos are always a strong team in the Mexican league, and have lost and gained some key players in the pre-season. Ironically they have nicked Puebla's b
  10. Re: Colombia Premier A Finalización 18/7 2-1 and OVER at 71 minutes, I am starting to fall in love with Colombian football, was my most profitable league in the first 6 months of the year. I'll try to follow this league closely on here.. :ok
  11. This will have to be a quick summary due to the game starting in 10 mins. The Colombian league was largely an under league until a year ago, but the teams have generally become more adventurous (and poorer defenders). Once Caldas Vs Real Cartagena. Once Caldas were my team of last year for overs, largely an attacking team - with the impressive Moreno, prolific Uribe (as seen in this years Copa Libertadores) and new signing Emerson Acuna. Real Cartagena are also an open team, who score more goals away than at home. Once had an average of 3.3 for overs in the Apertura, and Real 2.8 - so the
  12. Re: UEFA Europa League 15-Jul Anorthosis 0 - 2 Sibenik - 60 mins in.
  13. Re: Mexico 15 April What an amazing coincidence, when people lose bets - suddenly games become fixed! :eyes
  14. Re: Copa Libertadores (23/26/02) Robinho plays for Santos - not Sao Paolo. Once Caldas are an attacking team who score and concede a lot - which is strange for a Colombian side. On their own patch they are tough to beat - and have quality attacking players like Uribe and Fano. Another factor is that Once are based in the Colombian city of Manizales, which is over 2000 meters above sea level, which the Brazilian players may find hard to cope with. Small odds on over 2.5 goals may be worth a bash. Kick off is 1:10 am CET.
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