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  1. Re: PL Exclusive-Paradise Poker World Series Of Poker 2009 Special League Signed up and deposited... Can't wait to finally have a go with the PL crew.... teach me a lesson or two boys (and girls... i guess ;))... :cow :cow :cow
  2. Re: DCBB - dead certs bank builder. growth +14% Just a quick thought... for the most part bets you have been on are favs with a big win from them winning and a smaller 'cover' win if the draw comes... perhaps you should think about taking them on the +0.25 AH... just because for the most part AH is far superior odds to 1X2... just a thought... ... nice going btw, keep it up...:clap:clap:clap
  3. Re: Hand History - Scared to post them? I think the thing about posting HH is to entice discussion... even if a hand is played great... question yourself could it have been played better... and certainly ask others... could this hand be played better (not referring to once you have seen opponents hands)... I have only seen a couple of posts for BTP from poker and I have no doubt he is a decent enough player however his attitude could be seen as poor at times... ridiculing other players in ANY way is far from good (Claiming they are terrible and do not know because of their age/ level of experience is certainly riddiculing them, something I have seen specifically)... I certainly do not want to hate on BTP too much... I am sure that all of us write things that are a touch intense (this is probably one of the more polite things I have typed) It is by no means an excuse for useless comments that do nothing but create situations like this though... Perhaps in general people comment on others people play too much rather than aproaching the hand objectively (I am sure most will disagree)... ...I feel the best way to learn is to FULLY deconstruct a hand in its entirerty... to simply post to a point and say yea I would fold or yeh I would raise the pot here is quite useless... hands have to be posted up where people can say at every point of the hand what they would do and why (hell why not start thinking about it as you would at the table particularly in tournaments i.e. raise 80%, call 20%)... Perhaps an idea would be to create some sort of sectioning (for cash games) like 5c/10c, 25c/50c, 50c/$1.... $25/$50 (just for The Mole ;)) so that people can address problems at the level they are at (and hell maybe people that have grinded that level previously could post also)...While poker players here are of a decent standard (I am certainly not claiming to be any better... probably much worse infact) I think a lot must change in terms of attitude particularly towards the forum and how to use it as a tool... Bit of a ramble didn't know where I was going but there it is... thanks Paul for bringing this up...:ok
  4. Re: Mak has gone MAD For shits and giggles...:lol :lol :lol BET NO.MARKETSELECTIONODDSRESULTRETURNS16Motherwell - FalkirkFalkirk3.60
  5. Re: Mak has gone MAD Two more selections for today as promised... :hope BET NO.MARKETSELECTIONODDSRESULTRETURNS14Chelsea - Aston VillaOver (2.5)1.92 15SC Heerenveen - AjaxAjax2.30
  6. Re: PL Exclusive-Paradise Poker World Series Of Poker 2009 Special League :@ :@ :@ you are going to force me into depositing onto paradise.... lol... in any case I turn 21 next year so I am well up for this (Not that I stand a chance ;)) ... Nice deal... you never fail to impress... :ok
  7. Re: Mak has gone MAD Results from last night and today (Tokyo FC down 4-1 80') BET NO.MARKETSELECTIONODDSRESULTRETURNS1Metz - SedanMetz1.70W $ 25.50 2Montpellier - BastiaMontpellier2.05W $ 30.75 3Tokyo FC - Shimizu Tokyo FC2.25L $ - Not bad start... A few picks for the weekend most have been made waiting for a little info before I finish up...:ok
  8. Re: How to deal with agressive play and doubling up? I think you misread a little mate... definately sports ;) In any case I can only say that I bet about 1.5% average bet on my stronger sports... 1% on those I feel are weaker... I would not say that this is definitely required. Personally I feel you shouldn't be limited to a certain type of bet, that being said if there is something specific that you know you are bad at picking by all means avoid it (that goes for leagues/teams as well). My bankroll management has never been great however I am starting to improve greatly in that area. I would suggest ranging your bets between 2%-5% of your bank (most bets would be 2%-3%) however in reality it is risk/reward the greater % you bet the more chance you will go broke. I have for the most part (Except for my main leagues) kept my staking static as i do not work on % of Bankroll however I started betting about 2%-3%... ... sorry for rambling... truly if you feel that some sort of system will help you keep discipline then sure go for it. However my personal preference is to explore most options (although be wary of stepping into unknown markets). Finally AH is always the best way to be with the lowest % to the bookie you can often find 100% AH markets through odds-comparison website I guess then this would be considered the safest option however be warned if you are using only one bookmaker do not just accept a price in all honesty to win I would say you require 4-5 good bookmakers to get most best prices of course the more the merrier. I would suggest looking around for best price If your price is lower either avoid temptation or lower your stakes for that match... good luck...:ok Edit: I always feel taking AH options on teams is often better than placing multi's... multi's can be good I myself do perhaps 1 a month (Did a few for CL group winners) but i don't particularly fancy them too much... If your really attached to them I would suggest not going above doubles...
  9. Re: Nrl Grand-final 2008 Not sure the price will get out to where I want it... either way here we go... 1 point Draw @ 21 (Absolutely everywhere ;)) Has proven a smart bet on a number of occasions... something else small based purely on the fact Orford is a monkey (Truly I've done comparative studies between his kicking action and that of a chimpanzee... identical)... 2.5 points Manly Under 18.5 points @ 1.87 After my comments i can see it all now Manly up 18-0 after 78 min... kick to come from the sideline, Beaver steps up to take it... no pressure... no expectation... the tears already streaming down his face... he lunges forward, stumbles, strikes it unbelievably well but it's going wide... HANG ON... it's a miracle... an unbelievable last minute arc has put the ball over... off of the POST... the crowd goes wild... except one man...:eyes
  10. Re: A bit of unquoted fun... Does Ustream show a lot of free football? I tried the site... looked around a bit but couldn't find anything... saw the penalty... terrible Both teams with chances still... Sparta having a tough day... AZ are very light hearted about it all now... yeah just realised your obviously laying with betfair... I am used to CS going up to 4-1, 5-1 and 3-3... odds obviously higher though...
  11. Re: A bit of unquoted fun... 4-0 after 32min :loon... you may be in trouble mate...:puke
  12. Just a little Madness GH in a vein attempt to pay for a PS3 with the trimmings ($1000) should do it... $300 start bank aiming for $1300... see what happens...:lol :lol :lol :lol Start with 20 bets of $15... I am way too impatient to play 50 bets in the first round... If I fail so be it...:beer BET NO.MARKETSELECTIONODDSRESULTRETURNS1Metz - SedanMetz1.70 2Montpellier - BastiaMontpellier2.05 3Tokyo FC - Shimizu Tokyo FC2.25
  13. Re: Samba's 8 Stages To... 50" Plasma TV Good luck mate :ok You've inspired me... If you could please upload your copy of the Spreadsheet that would be great... Ps3 Here I Come :beer
  14. Re: Nrl Grand-final 2008 Just found out my mate got a few free tickets so I am off to my 2nd grand final :cheers :cheers :cheers Really pumped even though I have little interest in these two teams... Fuking Manly :@ :@ :@ I have little opinion betting wise on this match but really should be a great contest... one of the best... in any case I will wait and see how many back manly if Melbourne go long enough I will be on them... nothing big. Just looking forward to the day.:beer
  15. Re: Champions League - Winning Nationality Agreed completely with this... the odds seem way too big to let go... there will be a max bet heading the way of these odds in the near future...:ok
  16. Re: Chamions League Group Winners I think that these bets always Look good... in reality though quite often you will see a top team out of form be forced to settle for 2nd position in their group after shock/poor performances. These odds are very high though so I guess if this is what you like go for it (Certainly though it couldn't be trusted with more than a standard bet). I like to take a different approach to Champions league (and lets face it I hate multi's all together). I have two picks for these groups stages of the 08/09 UCL. Firstly is Liverpool to win their group @ 2.4 and the other is Zenit St Petersburg to win their group @ 5.5. Firstly punters are often wary of Liverpool especially during these group stages where seeing poor results are not uncommon however in many cases 'pool have been afforded breathing room with lesser groups at least in the eyes of the public (Players personal opinions I feel would not differ too much). In this situation Liverpool face a tough group however I really feel (despite some opinion) Liverpool are the most ready they have ever been to really shine in all competitions this season and they will be well up for toughing it out against tough opposition. I don't think anyone can disagree that Liverpool are a step up from these teams and while I have enormous respect for this entire group (Really PSV, Athletico and Marseille are some of my favourite teams in europe) I feel this will translate to the players. Another plus for Liverpool in this market is the even nature of the rest of the group, I can't help but feel that we have a good chance of seeing more draws in this group than most others... I wont go too much into why I feel that Liverpool have a better quality squad I will simply say that they look potent in attack and defensively they look solid as ever (unfortunatley as weak as ever from set peices also however this fault mainly shows in playing the top 1% of teams). Finally I will say that the 1.9-2.1 available online is very much borderline for value here (I would perahps take 2.1) the 2.4 offered by Aussie Bookie TAB was simplay too much to let go.... I have to go for now but will post back on my views of Group H...:ok
  17. Now I realise my flop bet was well... somewhat pointless and yes I did miscount and raised with the intention of putting him all in on the river... but other than that... Get this into Ya...:tongue2:tongue2:tongue2 ***** Hand History for Game 7331294346 ***** 20/40 Tourney Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) (MTT Tournament 41730333) - Wed Aug 27 21:11:04 EDT 2008 Table 466904 (Real Money) -- Seat 7 is the button Total number of players : 10 Seat 1: james2705 (2940) Seat 2: BrunoCB_ (2900) Seat 3: RedBull3 (2920) Seat 4: dimeadozen6 (2680) Seat 5: MadeStronger (3900) Seat 6: xxEenExx (2500) Seat 7: bubaas1965 (3940) Seat 8: Stapoopski (8280) Seat 9: greentree12 (3080) Seat 10: acrata83 (4240) Stapoopski posts small blind (20) greentree12 posts big blind (40) ** Dealing down cards ** Dealt to MadeStronger [ 6s, 6h ] acrata83 calls (40) james2705 folds BrunoCB_ folds RedBull3 folds dimeadozen6 folds MadeStronger calls (40) xxEenExx calls (40) bubaas1965 calls (40) Stapoopski calls (20) greentree12 checks ** Dealing Flop ** : [ 5c, 8h, 3h ] Stapoopski checks greentree12 checks acrata83 checks MadeStronger bets (120) xxEenExx folds bubaas1965 calls (120) Stapoopski folds greentree12 calls (120) acrata83 folds ** Dealing Turn ** : [ 6d ] greentree12 checks MadeStronger bets (320) bubaas1965 calls (320) greentree12 folds ** Dealing River ** : [ 8c ] MadeStronger bets (1000) bubaas1965 raises (2000) to 2000 MadeStronger raises (2000) to 3000 bubaas1965 raises (1460) to 3460 bubaas1965 is all-In. MadeStronger calls (420) MadeStronger is all-In. Creating Main Pot with $8080 with MadeStronger ** Summary ** Main Pot: 8080 Board: [ 5c 8h 3h 6d 8c ] james2705 balance 2940, didn't bet (folded) BrunoCB_ balance 2900, didn't bet (folded) RedBull3 balance 2920, didn't bet (folded) dimeadozen6 balance 2680, didn't bet (folded) MadeStronger balance 0, lost 3900 [ 6s 6h ] [ a full house, Sixes full of Eights -- 8h,8c,6s,6h,6d ] xxEenExx balance 2460, lost 40 (folded) bubaas1965 balance 8120, bet 3940, collected 8120, net +4180 [ 8d 8s ] [ four of a kind, Eights -- 8d,8s,8h,8c,6d ] Stapoopski balance 8240, lost 40 (folded) greentree12 balance 2920, lost 160 (folded) acrata83 balance 4200, lost 40 (folded)
  18. Re: Statistical Football Prediction Model 2008 Just a quick one... nice start btw keep it up... ... personally i feel that for the most part 1x2 odds are for suckers (the % taken by the bookies is so much greater that AH)... have you thought about applying this to AH bets as your system on rarely picks draw I understand there may be reasons why you may not but with some bookmakers running lines of 1.96 especially on EPL it makes you wonder if 1x2 is almost useless...almost...:ok
  19. Re: PokerNews Cup Australia - October 12-20, 2008 I live in Sydney so I have been to Melbourne a few times... don't fancy the place... too cold though I am sure you wont find it too bad... I was there recently for lead up events to the Victoria champs which is finishing up as we speak... poker is great (though really as I work @ Sydney casino and can't play there any poker with a dealer is tops in my book)... ... oh thats right I usually stay at this place that is a bit more south of the casino... change above statement to "If the fare is $50 tell the cabbie to shove it up his ass"...
  20. Re: PokerNews Cup Australia - October 12-20, 2008 If I could get the time of off of work I would be right there with you... Nice one and Good Luck on your down under adventure... :clap :clap :clap :clap Just a note the cab ride from the airport should only be $50 if its more tell the driver to shove his fare up his ass...:ok
  21. Re: Daily MTT Winnings for August 2008 4th for $273 [url=http://g.imageshack.us/g.php?h=135&i=60416177kk6.jpg]http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/6452/60416177kk6.34
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