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  1. Re: ontherail MTT - Pokerstars Sunday Million Seat ADDED - Morlspin wins seat Dam I was ready to stake you already ;)
  2. Re: "I'm prepared to gamble" The main times I will "gamble" is mainly holding a hand that is likely to be at least 40/60 against an all in at odds above 2:1 as long as it does not compromise my tournament existence (I usually use the rule half of my stack however that changes greatly depending on blinds/chip stacks of others at my table) Just a note i always add up my tables Mean stack as there is sometimes a large variation in that compared to the entire tourney...
  3. Re: Serial Limpers (Newbie Question) Firstly :welcome Secondly... this is a tough one for me to answer (you may not want to listen as I don't do well in these games) but I am almost 100% saying no... why I think is simply because all of the limpers you have (plus the fact they obviously dont know much about the game) means that your raise would have to be too large to be correct (and even if it is you can easily run into a monster and/or someone who hasn't a clue) my point is better to check it down and crush them in post flop play once you flop a monster... I know it seems tempting to take it down however: You are at the lowest blind level (maybe 2nd) is it really worth the effort? Too many people in the pot makes you too commited with junk when you are likely to be called by a number of "20 Hands" Against people without experience postflop is where the money is Say you raise 5x off of the BB If a player in early position calls then another for some reason all of a sudden you will have everyone calling because they have "Value" :rollin this play may be acceptable with higher blinds and probably at most 3/4 limpers (particularly well close to the money) Probably missed a few obvious points but I am sure somebody else can point them out basically check it down untill you flop something special (be very wary of anything under top two pair) and crush them with value bets and nice raises inviting them to over play top top (or less :lol)... hope I have helped and good luck...:ok Edit: I will just add something it may be worth trying this one time and seeing the reaction (If you get called and show junk the worst that can happen is you shove with AK, QQ-AA next time)
  4. Re: Punto Set To Push His Edge Ok end of 10 SNG's with the smallest of profit but considering I should have done a little better HU (I was easily better than all of my opponents with most of them folding in ridiculous circumstances preflop) and I didn't win my fare share of races either (who hasn't heard that)... I forgot to mention earlier that I will play at most two at a time as these can become taxing as the blinds raise and i certainly wouldn't want to loose my edge because of multi tabling....;) Buy-in$5.501st Prize$17.502nd Prize$7.503rd Prize$0.00Total Buy-in$55.00Total Prizes$57.50Net Total$2.50Profit per tourney$0.25ROI4.55%Total # of tourneys 101st 22nd 3ITM 50.00%
  5. Re: Punto Set To Push His Edge Off to a great start then a few mishaps.... wont be doing this again but as well as venting it will allow people to see why I play these... ***** Hand 1283878099 ***** 200.00/400.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Sunday, 19 October 2008 9:35:41 PM Holdem Speed (Real/Tournament) Seat 2: RayPenber (4150.00) Seat 3: LION82 (3350.00) RayPenber post SB 200.00 LION82 post BB 400.00 ** Deal ** RayPenber [Ad, Qs] LION82 [N/A, N/A] *** Bet Round 1 *** RayPenber All-in 4150.00 LION82 All-in 3350.00 *** Flop(Board): *** : [5h, 5s, 8c] *** Turn(Board): *** : [5h, 5s, 8c, 3c] *** River(Board): *** : [5h, 5s, 8c, 3c, 10d] *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.00 Total Pot: 6700.00 RayPenber [Ad, Qs] Pair of fives Win: 0.00 LION82 [As, 8s] Two pair eights and fives Win: 6700.00 ***** Hand 1283879909 ***** 25.00/50.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Sunday, 19 October 2008 9:37:40 PM Holdem Speed (Real/Tournament) Seat 2: Mikkymaus (2955.00) Seat 3: ruud_441 (2965.00) Seat 5: RayPenber (1580.00) ruud_441 post SB 25.00 RayPenber post BB 50.00 ** Deal ** Mikkymaus [N/A, N/A] ruud_441 [N/A, N/A] RayPenber [Ac, Kd] *** Bet Round 1 *** Mikkymaus Fold ruud_441 Call 50.00 RayPenber All-in 1580.00 ruud_441 Call 1580.00 *** Flop(Board): *** : [10h, 2s, 6c] *** Turn(Board): *** : [10h, 2s, 6c, 6s] *** River(Board): *** : [10h, 2s, 6c, 6s, 2c] *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.00 Total Pot: 3160.00 Mikkymaus Fold Win: 0.00 ruud_441 [9c, 10s] Two pair tens and sixes Win: 3160.00 RayPenber [Ac, Kd] Two pair sixes and deuces Win: 0.00 ***** Hand 1283798575 ***** 25.00/50.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Sunday, 19 October 2008 7:42:49 PM Holdem Speed (Real/Tournament) Seat 1: A Lupin (1140.00) Seat 2: RayPenber (1235.00) Seat 3: Nandi (2550.00) Seat 5: thoma (2575.00) A Lupin post SB 25.00 RayPenber post BB 50.00 ** Deal ** A Lupin [N/A, N/A] RayPenber [As, Jd] Nandi [N/A, N/A] thoma [N/A, N/A] *** Bet Round 1 *** Nandi Fold thoma Call 50.00 A Lupin Fold RayPenber Raise to 200.00 thoma Call 200.00 *** Flop(Board): *** : [10s, 2c, Jc] *** Bet Round 2 *** RayPenber Check thoma Bet 212.00 RayPenber All-in 1035.00 thoma Call 1035.00 *** Turn(Board): *** : [10s, 2c, Jc, 6c] *** River(Board): *** : [10s, 2c, Jc, 6c, Qc] *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.00 Total Pot: 2495.00 A Lupin Fold Win: 0.00 RayPenber [As, Jd] Pair of jacks Win: 0.00 Nandi Fold Win: 0.00 thoma [Jh, 8c] Flush to the queen Win: 2495.00
  6. Basically I am aware that there is no edge in SNG's these days unless you have massive amounts of experience at a particular level or perhaps some sort of software or opponent knowledge is the answer... in any case I don't fancy trying my luck there. But wait don't close the page I'm not quite done yet. As many of you have seen I have started playing FR cash games as it is always something I have not done and I feel like I am being disadvantaged by this in other forms of the game and I truly feel like it is working already only after a short time so I will continue grinding out 10c/25c on Party Poker (I found these games much looser than Paradise or Pokerstars). This is going well and hopefully I will move up to the next level eventually. As a side project I have in the past dabbled in short handed SNG's (Nothing really over $10) and have done not too badly however as with most things not thought out I ended up with a red figure next too my name. After playing a few on Paradise '5 Handed Speed' and with money there and no use I decided to find a use and create this Challenge thread (I use some for sportingbet however I rarely need the odds that site offers). Anyways after that long winded explanation I feel it is time to give these another go. My edge in this game comes in people not having the ability to judge when the should be pushing/calling as the blinds increase. At this level and in this type of tourney people are easily enough trapped with Top top by an out of position shove, people in these games seem to be looking for a punt and I am looking to be the bookie. I am starting with a relatively small bankroll as i feel like there wont be as much variance in these as most Full SNG's. Stats will be put up after each 10 SNG's (I am using the 2 + 2 spreadsheet to record results) 5.50 Euro SNG's, 'Speed' only not 'Turbo' as the difference between 5 min and 3 min blinds makes a big difference in my results If I don't cash 3 in a row I will stop playing for 12 hours at least Most I will play in any 12 hour period is 10 Start bank 55 Euro Time to pray :hope :hope :hope :hope :hope :hope
  7. Re: Hand Review: 10c/25c (FR) 3 .... funny that ;) Thanks for the input I see the point that if I am going to go nuts value betting (If he realises the limp play he may lay his hand) I may as well value bet properly instead of trying to be elusive in terms of the opponent calling/folding it will probably happen even if I bet more. The way I played it saved me some money here however In the future i will be happy to take "Big stabs" at the pot on all streets...:ok
  8. Re: PokerNews Cup Australia - October 12-20, 2008 - Rail DaMatrix & Washman Hey I am up (2:36pm here :tongue2)... ... to be honest unless he goes deep there isn't too much point... basically at these events they have about 10 people going around with notepads writing hands etc down and then the bloggers put it up... our PL reps wont really get written up unless they go deep or take a decent pot off of someone well know that they are watching... I am certainly keeping an eye out though... your dedication is amazing :eek :lol :lol :lol
  9. Re: Top Flight Trouble "Big Mak" Style England Premier league - (18/10/08) Aston Villa v Portsmouth I had planned on putting up a bet on Blackburn (+0) which I took earlier on in the week at a tasty 2.34, It is now much shorter however I certainly wouldn't disagree if someone placed a bet on at the 2.13 that is available. There is obviously going to be a lot less value though which those who are confident about the bet itself as I am should be careful not to get too excited as those odds offer perhaps a little value at best. Anyway on to the above match Aston Villa v Portsmouth, this match as expected has been pegged for goals and no body is surprised. I will certainly admit that I have had an amount on the over including I high total at good odds. There is still a little 1.9 about the over 2.5 and that is fine however personally I wouldn't touch too much under that price (perhaps a smaller stake on a higher total is the way to go if you can't get a good price on this line). I would just like to bring attention briefly to the Anytime goalscorer market as there are some nice prices out there on some proven strikers that certainly may prosper here if this is to be as open a game as most believe it will. After sustaining minor injury during midweek internationals G. Agbonlahor (2.75 Will Hill, 2.8 Centrebet) is a somewhat risky bet here but is always a threat. J. Carew (2.75 Will Hill, Centrebet) has scored 4 goals in 7 games so far this season (Keeping in mind that two matches in which he did not score were vs Liverpool and Chelsea). Last but not least J. Defoe (3.25) offers arguably the best value here after scoring 5 times in 7 appearances only not getting on the score sheet against top end teams (While Aston Villa are certainly a good team and could be considered top end their defence has proven again and again not to be of the same standard) I couldn't have a bet here as I have the totals already covered and i am not confident enough in this result to put all of my eggs in one basket but if you have not yet placed a bet and have similar thoughts about the game then I feel considering these options may be a bit safer if the game does not turn into a goal frenzy as many believe. The main argument against the overs is all of the changes to teams and generally just the interruption caused by internationals. Hopefully we see an entertaining match here (with plenty of goals ).
  10. Re: Hand Review: 10c/25c (FR) 3 I would agree with you however I feel like raising (especially UTG) really creates a negative expectation for the hand although there may be something said for varying the play and doing this about 25% of the time. For the most part at these levels people get all wrapped up in their hands and in terms of deciding what you have they will usually be influenced by what they want you to have. Nice point and I will probably try it out a few times however unless you play with the same people (Perhaps noting people that you stack with this play you can avoid this) there really isn't too much risk in continuing with the play. For the most part I really just think you are giving up too much value when committing more than neccesary chips preflop when so often the world will flip for this hand on the flop... :lol
  11. ***** Hand History for Game 7465390070 ***** $25 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Friday, October 17, 17:15:45 ET 2008 Table Table 128367 (Real Money) Seat 5 is the button Total number of players : 10 Seat 3: maathh ( $29.88 USD ) Seat 7: RounderSpade ( $25.87 USD ) Seat 8: MadeStronger ( $49.10 USD ) Seat 1: DannyOcean9 ( $5.32 USD ) Seat 10: wildnata ( $21.55 USD ) Seat 5: Morbius139 ( $28.14 USD ) Seat 6: black16mamba ( $4.50 USD ) Seat 2: MrsLabero ( $22.51 USD ) Seat 9: JustusHo ( $7.22 USD ) Seat 4: arrie50 ( $22.50 USD ) black16mamba posts small blind [$0.10 USD]. RounderSpade posts big blind [$0.25 USD]. ** Dealing down cards ** Dealt to MadeStronger [ 7h 7s ] MadeStronger calls [$0.25 USD] JustusHo folds wildnata folds DannyOcean9 folds MrsLabero folds maathh raises [$1.25 USD] arrie50 folds Morbius139 folds black16mamba folds RounderSpade folds MadeStronger calls [$1 USD] ** Dealing Flop ** [ 7c, Kc, 9s ] MadeStronger bets [$1.25 USD] maathh calls [$1.25 USD] ** Dealing Turn ** [ Qd ] MadeStronger bets [$3.50 USD] maathh calls [$3.50 USD] ** Dealing River ** [ Ac ] MadeStronger bets [$5 USD] maathh raises [$10.25 USD] MadeStronger calls [$5.25 USD] Okay so what do we think the optimum way to play this hand is, I will run through my thoughts... Ok so firstly UTG limp is standard here hoping for a couple of callers which didn't happen however I feel I have the right type of image that I can take this pot down if I miss and it is the right type of flop. The raisers range is quite tight AK, AQ, KQ and above (perhaps an overpair, must be cautious). So anyway about that caution with the window a 7 fcuk that!!! Anyways I had chiped up earlier by slowplaying a set of A's (Kind of sp... infact I may put that hand up also) in any case with the K out there I figure to maximise my return I wont play this one soft. I put in a below 1/2 pot bet to perhaps give him a chance to push hard w AQ etc as other than the trap I have been fairly straight forward as far as the table has seen (Basically I feel he would be comfortable getting it in with KQ against me but if he missed may see this bet as a weak steal attempt). Anyways call. This bet is a little bigger however I still want to keep him in with medium hands (Perhaps JJ, QQ). The call puzzles me... unless he has decided to play it safe with KQ on the flop and then slow play (I am 100% he doesn't think I am semi bluffing with a flush draw) it which i am happy for him to call my value bets all the way. The final card obviously scares me a little however I feel that the chance of him having the flush over KQ or AK is smaller and so betting is wiser (could be wrong here. I keep seeing that perhaps my river play isn't the best or at least I am often a lot more unsure about what I should be doing on the river than at any other stage in the hand) in any case I have almost accepted defeat (hoping he has AK at this point) but with my pot odds at about 3.5:1 I can't fold here... any thoughts?
  12. Re: Australia Hyundai A League ( 17/18/19 10 2008 ) I will be watching the game and will probably have a stab on Qld @ HT... after Adelaide's capitulation last week going from 3-0 up to ending the game 3-3 I feel particularly if they are 1-0 down they will switch off at least a little (considering the magnitude of the midweek game they probably should) or perhaps they will keep it tight until half time I think the 1-0 option is a good one as long as it is scored in the 2nd half... Queensland have had some solid results over there last few weeks and will see this as an oportunity that cannot be missed. They simply must get 3 points here (does not mean it will happen though) :lol :lol :lol
  13. Re: Top Flight Trouble "Big Mak" Style France Ligue 1 - (18/10/08) Caen v Grenoble These two teams have had great starts to the season with everyone giving massive wraps to Caen for their go forward attitude and so far they have been justly rewarded for their positive attacking play. However recently Grenoble has gone the other way a little particularly noted the match against Nantes (Some of us still don't know what happened) where they were all over the match with multiple genuine chances on goal however managed to concede to what was a rare chance on goal for Nantes. However with a goal disallowed (offside) and the Nantes stopper in top touch some count them unlucky. I am sure that everyone feels this will be an open game with Caen very confident pushing forward (Perhaps vulnerable on the counter particularly with the return of starting striker Moriera: G:2, A:1). I feel like on their day Grenoble here could make Caen pay on the counter, however with a touch of inconsistency creeping in and a poor result against Nantes despite their domination I feel like they will need a lot to get a result here (2 goals may be necessary to get any result). Caen In 4 home games this season Caen hold a 3-0-1 record scoring 2 or more in 3/4 (Including a very impressive 2-0 win over St Etienne). I feel like the 0-1 loss to PSG can be written off as a once off and in mid table position every home game is important to win to keep in a comfortable league position and crucial in maintaining pressure on those above (including Grenoble). Grenoble As I said earlier if not for the Nantes game I may be backing Grenoble here however with home form dropping it is hard to see them maintain a high enough level motivation to take something from this match. With only 1 win in last 4 matches overall (That win coming away to PSG I tend to ignore results teams have against PSG, one of the more inconsistent teams I have seen) you just get the feeling they wont have enough. Betting The predicted open nature of the match tempted me into a "Both teams to score" bet however Caen have recoded some quality clean sheets I simply cannot ignore. Caen win. 7 units Caen (-0.5) @ 1.91 (Bet365) Top Price: 1.97 (Exchanges)
  14. :welcome This will be the thread which I will co-ordinate my rejuvenated effort to contribute to this wonderful community that has given so much to us all. I feel I have disrespected it of late as my knowledge has grown and my results improved (I would say as a direct result of this forums existence) yet I have failed to give back in the way that most do. I have found it difficult in the past to find the time to write up and organise my selections for public consumption (Although there are those here who seem to make the time and I applaud your efforts). As well as time I have never felt as confident as now in letting people know my opinion from a betting perspective as even though people are responsible for their own actions, if a selection of mine loses and it is a public selection someone could be affected (Up until about 6-12 months ago I was terribly uncomfortable giving my friends any tips/opinions for similar reasons). So now with my confidence growing and my results really backing me up I feel it is time to set the wheels in motion. I intend to produce a SINGLE "best" selection for each round of the most popular top flight leagues ONLY. Presumably this would be my highest staked bet however occasionally that may not be the case due to odds, the most common form of this would be "anytime goalscorer" bets which I have enjoyed some success in. All bets in this thread will contain explanation for the wager and the thread will contain many statistics that will enable all to gauge how I rate the strength of a proposed bet as well as results for previous ones. While wagers will be compiled here they will also be posted in the relevant thread so please direct comments on them there. If I feel as time goes by that I have the ability to contribute a greater volume of selections I am all but happy to do so. By all means follow along see how my good/bad :tongue2 my results are and make your own judgment on whether to wager your hard earned. One final thing i always encourage people to bet within themselves my bets will NEVER exceed 2% of my total betting bank and my average bets are somewhere between 1-1.5% at no point do I encourage all in bets even with my absolute strongest selections. Wow that was longer than I expected. Enjoy the read and also thank you to those here at PL that put in so much effort in the spirit of good will so that we can all beat the bookies. May we all succeed so that there is plenty of funds to be social on the weekends (or any day really. Carl :unsure). . :beer.
  15. Re: PokerNews Cup Australia - October 12-20, 2008 - Rail DaMatrix & Washman
  16. Re: PokerNews Cup Australia - October 12-20, 2008 - Rail DaMatrix & Washman In case people didn't know this is the site to follow the action... http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/ I was looking around but couldn't find any notes on him... any idea which event? It sounds like the Tong celeb bounty event but again couldn't find anything... Oh and nice effort mate... ;)
  17. Re: 72o Strength How is this 4 27o power... not me however :eek ***** Hand 1277685031 ***** 50.00/100.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Wednesday, 15 October 2008 6:10:50 AM Holdem Speed (Real/Tournament) Seat 1: RayPenber (3270.00) Seat 2: Ge76 (810.00) Seat 3: yors88 (555.00) Seat 4: oneeyednic (695.00) Seat 5: cuncimoki (2170.00) Ge76 post SB 50.00 yors88 post BB 100.00 ** Deal ** RayPenber [Qs, 10s] Ge76 [N/A, N/A] yors88 [N/A, N/A] oneeyednic [N/A, N/A] cuncimoki [N/A, N/A] *** Bet Round 1 *** oneeyednic Call 100.00 cuncimoki Raise to 300.00 RayPenber Fold Ge76 Fold yors88 Call 300.00 oneeyednic Raise to 650.00 cuncimoki Raise to 1200.00 yors88 All-in 555.00 oneeyednic All-in 695.00 *** Flop(Board): *** : [8c, 6s, 9c] *** Turn(Board): *** : [8c, 6s, 9c, 5c] *** River(Board): *** : [8c, 6s, 9c, 5c, 3c] *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.00 Total Pot: 1995.00 RayPenber Fold Win: 0.00 Ge76 Fold Win: 0.00 yors88 [2c, 7s] Flush to the nine Win: 1715.00 oneeyednic [Ks, Kh] Pair of kings Win: 0.00 cuncimoki [9h, 9d] Three of a kind, nines Win: 280.00
  18. Re: Had a bad beat ? Come and have a moan here Running super hot here... in 5 minutes... ***** Hand 1277562617 ***** 25.00/50.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Wednesday, 15 October 2008 5:06:27 AM Holdem Speed (Real/Tournament) Seat 1: RayPenber (980.00) Seat 2: kasperkai (811.00) Seat 3: speri70 (1335.00) Seat 4: pipporman (2299.00) Seat 5: dinnye84 (2075.00) RayPenber post SB 25.00 kasperkai post BB 50.00 ** Deal ** RayPenber [Kd, Ks] kasperkai [N/A, N/A] speri70 [N/A, N/A] pipporman [N/A, N/A] dinnye84 [N/A, N/A] *** Bet Round 1 *** speri70 Raise to 150.00 pipporman Fold dinnye84 Fold RayPenber All-in 980.00 kasperkai Fold speri70 Call 980.00 *** Flop(Board): *** : [9d, 6s, Jh] *** Turn(Board): *** : [9d, 6s, Jh, 3h] *** River(Board): *** : [9d, 6s, Jh, 3h, 5s] *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.00 Total Pot: 2010.00 RayPenber [Kd, Ks] Pair of kings Win: 0.00 kasperkai Fold Win: 0.00 speri70 [As, Ah] Pair of aces Win: 2010.00 pipporman Fold Win: 0.00 dinnye84 Fold Win: 0.00 ***** Hand 1277568727 ***** 15.00/30.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Wednesday, 15 October 2008 5:09:55 AM Holdem Speed (Real/Tournament) Seat 1: Bundy79 (1500.00) Seat 2: RayPenber (1485.00) Seat 3: holgerHUnd (1470.00) Seat 4: inf[e]rno (1545.00) Seat 5: Knoff (1500.00) holgerHUnd post SB 15.00 inf[e]rno post BB 30.00 ** Deal ** Bundy79 [N/A, N/A] RayPenber [Qd, Qc] holgerHUnd [N/A, N/A] inf[e]rno [N/A, N/A] Knoff [N/A, N/A] *** Bet Round 1 *** Knoff Fold Bundy79 Fold RayPenber Raise to 105.00 holgerHUnd Raise to 285.00 inf[e]rno Fold RayPenber All-in 1485.00 holgerHUnd All-in 1470.00 *** Flop(Board): *** : [4h, 4s, 3s] *** Turn(Board): *** : [4h, 4s, 3s, Kh] *** River(Board): *** : [4h, 4s, 3s, Kh, 7c] *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.00 Total Pot: 2970.00 Bundy79 Fold Win: 0.00 RayPenber [Qd, Qc] Two pair queens and fours Win: 0.00 holgerHUnd [Ks, Kd] Full house Win: 2970.00 inf[e]rno Fold Win: 0.00 Knoff Fold Win: 0.00 :sad
  19. Re: Willy Hill CPCs Packages Great news account can be kept in Aus $ so looks like I am in.... I will see you lot there...:ok
  20. Re: Willy Hill CPCs Packages Arg annoyed I only saw this now...though eased by the fact the aussie $ rebounded recently still think is very negative to deposit atm as the A$ is so low compared to only a few weeks ago... I will have to check whether this site works like Paradise and keeps your money as A$ and transfers when you want to play... if so I am in 100% for the rest...:ok Disappointing about the $ atm because I have been wanting a will hill account as I see they have Best price for anytime goalscorers at least 80% of the time...
  21. Re: Hand Review: 12c/25c (FR) 2 I feel worse and worse about how i played this the more I think about... I am not this type of player... its a joke I call pre with a drawing hand like A*s primarily looking for a flush and I play it like an absolute monk... This is not me... At a casino I would be potting this min bet mofo... I have to start playing a little more of my natural game online (Atm I am very cautious of how I play each hand and trying not to apply B & M concepts to online as I am positive that is a sure way to lose)
  22. Re: Hand Review: 12c/25c (10 Handed) I definitely see your point about shoving here... in this particular case it makes no difference to the result however you have helped me out a great deal here. Basically a free lesson and those are always + expectation... Thanks... :ok
  23. Re: Hand Review: 12c/25c (FR) 2 Yeah I really feel like how the board came I was lucky to get paid anything here. I know Live there is no chance I would play this hand like I did (Which is where all my cash experience is) I guess I have just seen people fold 95% of the time to raise I wanted to give them a chance to hit/fire again Note: his min bet sht is sooo stupid it really is hopeless strategy however with my limited online experience I havn't had too much experience with it. Its so weak and really seems to serve no purpose but to throw away money (I guess people see it as a block/probe however to be honest I just label that player as likely to have weak and and continue my play as usual... is this wrong?)
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