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  1. Re: NRL Round 5 - (April 13th - 16th) For perhaps the sake of something to do on a monday night (and yes im a degenerate gambler!!!): 2u Canberra win @ 1.6 2u Canberra -4 @ 1.93 2u First try 9th min or later @ 1.85 While im not a canberra supporter i have taken a shine to their play at home (Melbourne and Newcastle) so making a lil extra for the kitty wouldnt hurt..... Gl all degenerate gamblers.... and stay :dude
  2. Re: AFL Football - Round 3 (April 13 - 15) In the spirit of long shots.... I have placed the following for todays games: 6/10 on Hawthorn win (1.65)/ Geelong Over 15.5 (1.72)/ Syd-Bris Either under 15.5 (3.30) @ 9.37 (Sportingbet Aus).....:hope :hope :hope Lets hope tonight you all see me post more of :nana :nana :nana and less of :wall :wall :wall .....Gl all and stay :dude
  3. Re: UEFA Cup quarters Thu 12/4 In my eyes the Os/bayer situation is completely different to psv/liv.... that is Psv lost because of loss of key personel and liverpools blistering form however i do believe that the primary if not the only reason bayer lost was the early goal.... not taking anything from Oss but the early lapse shook bayers attack... with plenty of chances they just couldnt recover... i think in this situation 3-0 down with no pressure Bayer pose a serious threat as in form they definately rival Oss esspecially as much as the coach will say "we know we're not through yet" and "We are going to play for every minute" it doesnt happen... generally.... sorry my passage here is of such low quality but im sure you get my drift....:dude Either way these are my bets for tonight..... Espanyol- Benfica, Over2.5 @ 2.1 Spurs, win @ 2.15 Spurs- Sevilla, Over2.5 @ 2.05 AZ Alkmar, to Qualify @ 2.75 (Great odds seen as any draw but 0-0 will c Alkmar through... im sure no1 can see another 0-0 even then theres always penalties) Bayer, +0.5 @ 1.91 All equal stake.... Gl all and stay :dude
  4. Re: CL Quarters Second leg - Tue 10/4 - Wed 11/4 The difference tonight in the Bayern/ AC game was clearly Dida.... no signs of his extreemely questionable performances is recent times.... unfortunate as there was at least 3 or 4 REAL scoring chances but a combination of AC putting everybody behind the ball aswell as them showing no interest whatever in scoring stopped the flow of goals that looked to be on the horizon.... had Dida played badly i would not have been suprised at 2-2, 2-3, 2-4... lol
  5. Re: CL Quarters Second leg - Tue 10/4 - Wed 11/4 While i respect 99% of people that post in this forum including those directly preceeding this post i do (as many do in any game...hence opinion) see this game going almost completely bayerns way... dont get me wrong i do not see milan as any kind of push overs however at this point in time Bayern will be too much..... ..... now consider this how did Milan REALLY play last week.... Shockingly thats how they were luky bayern were playing at a low capacity and yes i hear you saying Bayern played just as bad if not worse and i agree. This however does not mean that a repeat performance will occur in munich Van Bommel will bring so much to the team... so much that was missing. I would also like to draw your attention to another major change... and that is Kahn.... the return of one of the sturdiest and most reliable GK's in the world will bring alot back to Bayern.... last week the defence was inhibited to playing their normal game by the uncertainty that comes with a replacement in goals.... be sure the entire Bayern team will push forward a hell of alot more in the comfort of their own backyard. And finally while i see Milan perhaps scoring they are unlikely to cross multiple times as their away form in the past suggests unless Bayern conceed another penalty (If thats what its called :tongue2 ).... as for at least 2 goals being scored you cannot deny the fact that this is extreemely likey with 3 goals perhaps only a 60% chance.... if your thinking a repeat of todays chelsea game do not forget Bayern is not Valencia they will not stop at 1 and try to hold on..... anyway this is final on what i have taken.... 5u Bayern/AC over 2.0 goals @ 1.74 3u Bayern -1/4 @ 2.05 1.5u Bayern/AC over 2.0 - Val/Chel over 2.0 Double @ 3.39 Thinking about a bet to cover myself but i really dont think it will be necesary as at the very least i see a 1-1 draw.... but i'll make a score prediction to the home side: 3-1 ...... 5/10 (that is for bayern winning) Gl too you all.... stay :dude
  6. Re: CL Quarters Second leg - Tue 10/4 - Wed 11/4 Just for curiosities sake why is that?
  7. Re: CL Quarters Second leg - Tue 10/4 - Wed 11/4 No profit, but tommorow due to various parlays involving bayern over 2.0 goals a potential for 100% profit on outlay...:hope :hope :hope
  8. Re: CL Quarters Second leg - Tue 10/4 - Wed 11/4 Ill be taking the following for tonights games: 2.5u Valencia/ Chelsea over 2.0 @ 1.97 2u Valencia +0 @ 2.09 1u Valencia/ Chelsea- Draw/ Draw @ 4
  9. Re: Hand from WSOP qualifier - thoughts please Reading the action in the first post a few things entered my mind.... Q: What level of player is in this game? A: At very least 2nd level thinkers probably above that Q: What are the blinds like compared to chipstaks of those involved? A: Relatively small except for button who is 3x others Q: How does position affect the situation? A: Out of position against two others a raiser and a large staked caller Q: What does this mean? A: Well as the level of players in this game is fairly high i definately wouldnt put it past cutoff raising to steal and to gain pos with a semi strong hand quite possibly pair altho call on flop suggests otherwise. Secondly Mr bigstak in pos could i believe be literally calling with ANYTHING depending on the player but in that situation you cannot trust the call. Now in saying this call is the move w KQs @ 5.5:1 odds go 4 it... However once the flop comes i think gas off the pedal and passive play goes (I do realise i am posting this after the results however in any case this is the actions i would take and the thoughts i had at the time of reading the initial post even though they were somewhat more disorganised:tongue2 ) in a flop w J10 raiser could easily be holding top or second pair, hit a set etc. and even more likely mr bigstak calling w anything J10 is far from the realm of impossibility.... i really dont know where im going but hey its hard to make the correct decision always and some would argue validly that agression is the best course of action.... P.S dont listen to me i havent played poker for a year or so ever since i went bust in a 2 1/2 month period (Bad money management:tongue2 :tongue2 :tongue2 )
  10. Re: CL Quarters Second leg - Tue 10/4 - Wed 11/4 THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!:nana :nana :nana :nana :nana BET OF THE YEAR!!!!!!:nana :nana :nana :nana :nana 10u on Bayern/AC over 2.0 goals @ 1.75 (Back to hell) edit: This price is @ iasbet i think Canbet will offer same Ok so mayb i exagerated a little bit but noone can deny that this would have to be the best bet of this leg.... while 2 goals only refunds the bet i just cannot see the game ending under a 1-1 draw.... perhaps these odds are based on bayern playing down to take advantage of their 2 away goals however unless they are braindead they will not be doing this. In simple words to qualify Bayern MUST score. For the cautious punter or for those who lost similar amounts betting over 2.5 goals on the recent Tottenham/Reading game you may want to take insurance betting on AC 1-0 or something i will probably go with -0/-0.5 on bayern @ 2.05 however i havent looked at the game enough but 31 of Bayerns fixtures this year have ended over 2.0 as well as all of Bayerns CL games over the past 2 years have ended with 2 goals or more (except for both Sporting Lisbon games this year). However im ranting i know but i do in all honesty believe this is an extreemely solid bet infact........10/10.......:tongue2 :tongue2 :tongue2
  11. Re: UNDER 2.5 goals using previous results Hey People i just found this thread and will be following you tonight however i have only cash in an online bookmaker iasbet and they pretty much only offer over/ under 2.0 which is good in some cases but not in others: 1. Anyone know a better bookie with a decent bonus that deals in Aus dollar (ive looked but they all look shady 2 me) 2. Should i just take this game for under 2.0 @ 2.06?
  12. Re: UEFA Cup quarters Thu 5/4 Hey ppl, My bets are here i would love to go through it all but i aint got time.... 2u Bayer v Osasuna over 2.0 goals @ 1.84 (Score:3-1... prob 3-0) 2u Bayer -0.5 (AsianHand) @ 1.94 1.5u Espanyol v Benfica over 2.0 goals @ 1.91 (Score:2-1) 1.5u Espanyol win @ 2.250 1.5u Tottenham +0.5 (AsianHand) @ 2.1 (Score:1-1) Most are fairly self explanitory... perhaps
  13. Re: CL quarters first leg - Tue 3/4 - Wed 4/4 Tho i do see them winning by alot more.... AC are write offs at this point 4-1 comes to mind.. anyway i love to see the great knowledge of german football in this forum shine through particularily something about "low scoring game" and another about Bayern Sucking :rollin :rollin Really on a good day Bayern can lay it thick on any team and they do not play for a draw nor do many other german teams... i have never seen it happen.... so u can guarentee it aint goin to nxt week....
  14. Re: CL quarters first leg - Tue 3/4 - Wed 4/4 I as many people have pointed out see much value in both BM and Liverpool and while both of these teams are playing away in the first leg of a CL QF i believe they have both shown that they have they ability to perform in this situation and are priced well enough to back them. Both of these teams are comming off confidence boosting wins and im sure will lift to the occasion meanwhile ACM and PSV are somewhat the oposite with poor performances in recent times. PSV look hardly impresive and without Alex will have massive problems at the back and if liverpool stick with a similar formation as the weekend with a free roaming gerrard and the added threat of a returning bellamy PSV's defence will have their hands full. Added to this liverpool will have a refreshed defence with finnan and hyypia rested for the arsenal game... all in all away win is dangerous against a team like PSV even with all there problems they will hang on for dear life but i do believe that if liverpool can build with some good play early or perhaps even a goal they will take it away convincingly. Result Prediction: AW 0-2 As for ACM v BM it seems as tho AC will have troubles putting points on the board with Ronaldo inelligable for this matchup recent times would suggest that they will have trouble putting points on the board... I do have concerns about Kahn being suspended however i believe the BM defence will tighten up to compensate. I do also have a few other small concerns about BM's MF with bommel out after being sent off last matchday but who could ignore the $4.00 price on their head????? Result prediction: AW 1-2 1.5 u Liverpool win @ $2.40 9/10 1 u Bayern win @ $4.00 7/10 2u Bayern/ ACM over 2.0 goals @ $1.95 9/10
  15. Re: NRL Round 2: March 23-26 I realise that because i am a Parramatta fan my opinion is perhaps bias but i do believe that it would be quite possible for parramatta do pull a number on the bunnies this weekend, my reasoning is as follows: One- there is so much hype around the bunnies that no-one can see straight, headlines such as "The Bunnies are Back" cloud people from the reality that while things look promising for them last week they beat the team for which i believe (as do many others i speak to) is well in the running for the spoon. Two- Parramatta as they so often do played a game of two halves, even with so many personel changes in the squad (to their detriment...). However this was over in the kiwi land and with a particularly great looking warriors team this year parramattas new team and new coach with hindi out never stood much of a chance... Anyway... this is highly specualitve and in all reality is probably not worth betting on however at around 3.40- 3.70 for parra to win 1-12 i might place a little something on the game (if almost any other team was playing the bunnies this weak i would be betting hard against them). P.S this thinking could be completely incorrect and the bunnies could use their confidence from last week too thrash parra 42-10!!!!!!
  16. Re: Cricket: Commonwealth Bank ODI Series & Twenty20 International NICE 1/1 England....:nana :nana :nana I put quite a heafty stake on NZ highest opening partnership @ 1.85.... looking good 2 say the least....:nana :nana :nana
  17. Re: Champions League - Tuesday 5th Dec Bayern Munich v Inter Milan Firstly this is a tough match to pick with neither team lacking motivation for this match up, both proclaiming they will hit the other with everything they've got to get the top spot in group B and get the advantage for the round of 16. Secondly both teams are big scorers in the first half of play w/o actually counting it seams that both teams have scored at least 70%-80% of goals in the first period meaning that it is likely this game will be decided in the first half (giving 1st half betting perhaps a bit more value). I do believe this trend will follow.... Thirdly Bayern have the home field advantage (Obviously..lol) but really in recent time Bayern have looked a litlle flat at home (besides a win over stutguard 2 1/2 weeks ago), That is comapred to their performance throughout the CL not conceeding a home goal and all. IMO this statistic will mean nothing for this clash as Inter are in excelent form even w/o superstar Adriano still injured, with a solid forward line up of cespo and ibrahimovic Inter will have no trouble putting a few in the back of the net!!! Keep in mind that this could all go the other way and finish bayern 5-0 (You really never know with Bayern) however this is doubtful as even when bayern have lead early in recent times they have often dropped off and they will not be able to hold Inter to nil tomorrow... Inter Milan v Bayern Munich 1U Inter HT/FT @ 6.50 2U Inter Win @ 3.10 1U Inter CS 2-0 @ 12 1U Inter CS 2-1 @ 10
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