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  1. Re: Best bet of the day 26th May Southwell 6.20pm Lord Gunnerslake 1pt lay This looks like a good race and the lay imv is ripe to get beaten today as 3 other horses stand out in this 6 runner race The market odds look good for this lay and will be happy if thisstays under 5.00s Betfair as this horse gets beat today,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  2. Re: BBOTD - Sunday 23 May 2010 Fakenham 2.25pm Ashmolian 1pt lay 2 Horses are better imv with a 3rd horse at big odds that could come into this race with a win. Connections maybe think this race is set up for this lay to win but on deeper view the race does not look straight forward as most would think,market odds are value imv and should be taken on as this lay gets beat today,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  3. Re: bbotd - fri 21st may Thanks very much :D,keeping my pecker up Palaceman ,cheers mate and nice laying from your goodself:ok
  4. Re: BBOTD Sat ,22nd May Goodwood 2.15pm Rileyskeepinfaith 1pt lay Horse missed the 2009 season but has raced a bit this year coming with a win on the 15th of May last week at Newbury over 6f 3 horses in this race i like at better form imv and the odds are very mixed in this race the market views at this mo at least 4 that can be top of the market at the off Market odds are not great but the value imv is that this horse has to give a good run today to beat this field and has a 5lb penalty added as well,all in all this lay cant beat this field,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet
  5. Re: bbotd - fri 21st may Well done the Ram :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap
  6. Re: bbotd - fri 21st may Catterick 2.20pm Trading 1pt lay 2 races to date and not placed but the market seems to think this horse sets the standard for this race today imv i like others at better odds today to take this race Snow Bear looks good and will have a little on EW,3 others in with a shout today as this lay gets beat,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  7. Re: Best Bet of the Day 20/5 Southwell 2.10pm Scruffy Skip 1pt lay The lay is on fire form wise and the odds market wise look good (should i be backing these:tongue2)but it runs with a penalty today and there are 2 other horses in the field that can win this today,this lays form takes a dip today and loses ,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  8. Re: Best Bet of the Day 19th May Nice to see you back Palaceman :ok Kelso 2.10pm Benmadigan 1pt lay First off odds are not that great but my lay factors go with this today so be it.. The lay has to contend with 3 horses that imv can win this today and all at good odds,2 of the 3 hold good form for me and will be there at the end of the race looking for the win,its a tight market on Betfair at the mo which says the market cant make its mind up which way to go,but one thing i know is that this lay gets beat,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  9. Re: Best bet of the day May 18th Towcester 6 10pm Murcar 1pt lay Very short for me today being that this lay goes again over hurdles after 2 races not being 100% jumping imv No doubt this horse can run very well on the flat but imv will take more than 3 races before this horse masters jumping in a race,its allright jumping at home in the yard but in a race situ the horse has to handle all kinds of probs and this horse is not yet there yet to say 100% it will get a clear round,others win this today,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  10. Re: BBOTD Selections ~ Monday 17th Leicester 7 00pm Flowing Cape 1pt lay No doubt that this horse has seen better days and maybe see them again but not today v this field as 2 horses stand good form for me plus the field has a good mix of others that may come on today at good odds Market odds are great and all i can put it down to is that this lay ran well andabove all of these horses once but today it will get beat,horses tend to run in cycles of form and todays odds v the form are very short and must be layed,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  11. Re: Best bet of the day- Sun 16th May Stratford 3 20pm Broadway Allstar 1pt lay Great price today and hope stays the same for the off today,4.90/5.00 on Betfair at the mo,this will get beat today as the field holds 3 that have what it takes to win this,imv the winner will come from the bottom end of the market at good odds as a few down the market have the tank to do this,lay gets beat,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  12. Re: Best Bet Of The Day ~ Saturday 15th May Bangor On Dee 2 20pm Bankstair 1pt lay Horse is up against a few handy types today and will be lucky if places (goes on and wins easy:lol)did i just say that I dont like this form today and imv will struggle as others are ready to take this race,odds are not bad not super value but value all the same,this gets beat,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  13. Re: BBOTD Fri 14/5/10 Hamilton 8 35pm Oriental Cat 1pt lay Having only run one race to date and came 6th the odds are very low for me today as this lay steps up in trip today ,this race holds 2 others that will beat this lay today The market odds are super value today on Betfair at 2.64/2.66 at the mo and for backing is no value imv as this gets beat,laying Goodluck Whatever You Bet Today
  14. Re: York 12th May (Dante Meeting Day 1) 2.40pm Cabaret 1pt lay Will have market support may even go off fav in this race as the money follows in but the concern with this horse is not the trip but 2 other horses say to me that they will give more in this race and 1 of the 2 looks stand out to take this race,market odds are value imv ,laying --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 10pm Showcasing 1pt lay Trip is in the bag for this horse but others at better odds are lurcking to take this race and those that will push for the
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