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  1. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Cheers Crouchy :D Russian win would have been best result for me but all of it was E/W at over 4's so with that looking safely in the bank early on I focussed on when to get more Sweden as I stupidly kept passing over the 6/4 & 7/4 in the lead up thinking that was too much risk for too short a price. Was delighted to see them go odds against 4 or 5 juries past halfway when the planned pattern seemed clear. Thought I'd given people a bum steer with the Serbia Top10 but just sneaked in by 2 pts LOL Heart was in my mouth last Georgia vote when Swedes Russ
  2. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Made it 10th I think Serbia KERCHINGG !!!
  3. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 LOL So did we all get in 11/8 Sweden around Austria / Macedonia LOL C'Mon Serbia Top 10 for a complete sweep of wins
  4. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Hmm some odds over evens Sweden.....I'm targetting around 10 jury's in around Latvia to see what price Sweden 2's I'm in. Lower, well I'll take what I have. LOL lines close bookies slash Swedes......how obvious can they make it OK I'm gonna have to accept they've got it sussed this year and take a huge chunk of Evens for now just in case it doesn't get better.
  5. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Ooo Serbia plummetting like a stone ..no points in but I reckon that crowd rocking performance has landed us that 7/4 :nana
  6. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Sweden home and hosed.....the algorithm for the voting order says that's who the order is set around...and even then they will know the Swedish win to be confirmed 4 or 5 jury's prior to the end....Russia predicted by organisers to be 2nd but I think one of the others might actually squeak in and push them out to 3rd spot...dunno why just gut feel. Odds on Swedes but with the comp set up for Russia to get ahead early you may find the odd jittery bookie or betfair who will take Sedes back out to 2's then tonk it.
  7. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Belgium seem to be dropping in odds every hour (televote leakage I gather) ...now just 4-1 & 5-1 Naa not having that ..not Belgium. I suspect they may have been runner up to Swedes in Semi 2 last night so those in know fancy a top 4 finish. Might just allow Sweden out to close to backable..... Currently 7/4. At 2-1 I think I'll have more Sweden...got more than enough Russia E/W from 20's down
  8. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Ahhhh Russia at 25 Italy closing at 27. Sweden at 10 after Norway 9 and Serbia 8 with Australia 12 (oof congested) Interesting very very interesting LOL [h=2]The running order for the Grand Final[/h] Slovenia France Israel Estonia United Kingdom Armenia Lithuania Serbia Norway Sweden Cyprus Australia Belgium Austria Greece Montenegro Germany Poland Latvia Romania Spain Hungary Georgia Azerbaijan Russia Albania Italy
  9. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Yes Sweden drawn 1st half....Final order should be decided late tonight ~2am and available in the morning. That should provide the final peice of the puzzle. Eurovision have an algorithm which takes the Semi voting and models a predicted result then orders the performance and voting order to try to maximise the excitement on the night. If you think the bigger bookies don't have the technology to crack that algorithm then you are bonkers lol. Norway doing well tonight may split Scandinavian votes
  10. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Fair enough Nox ..apologies wasn't meant to be argumentative we each have our own method we think is most productive. I like win odds rather than sub 3.00 odds on Top5/10 position and haven't felt it's been that tricky to do so in recent times. Thanks for the initial postings ...got me checking early ....and the very best of luck to you with all of them. :hope
  11. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Just a teeny bit more info if I may....1st half acts. Only 4 have won in donkeys ( lots of years) They've in the main overcome that by being big phenomenum acts. Austria's Conchita, Israel's Dana & Ruslana's hude stage dance theme. This year looks pretty tame in comparison and a song judged year means 1st half looks bad news.
  12. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Bilan favourite Ryback favourite Euphoria favourite Teardrops favourite I'm really not having a pop Nox but you don't have to go looking for opportunities that maybe aren't there when the obvious win is there in front of your face. Sometimes we accept the bookies can see this as well as us and we take the best odds and win. Many years the favouritism will be justified the aren't complete mugs ...every few years we may unearth the odd gem and they get it way wrong like 2007 20-1 Serbia's Molitva and last year 40-1 Austria. No need to make it hard for o
  13. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Really struggling to follow your logic now Nox. Demark not qualifying wasn’t a surprise? 3 of your own picks Macedonia, Netherlands & Finland to qualify not doing so wasn’t a surprise to you…if it wasn’t why were you backing them...these 3 had 9% of your bankroll on them ? From what I see you are backing... Greece to qualify (4%) Top 10 (1%) Macedonia to qualify (1%) Netherlands to qualify (2%) Finland to Qualify (5%) Top 10(1%) Malta to qualify (6%) Top 10 (3%) Ireland to qualify (6%) Top 10 (2%) Top 5 (1%) Czech to qualify (2%) Top 10 (1%
  14. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Right the cat is out the bag after Russia's SF-1 win so I'm gonna declare while 4/1 or so is still available. Previous 16's well gone sorry. (4's does mean you get a bet to nothing on E/W as they won't be outside the Top 4) I suspect it may shorten again when they see Sweden's vote is closer than expected on Thursday. Don't think you should look outside those 2 really unless my sneaky outsider in Serbia storms it The format changes in the last few years have all favoured the Bookies unfortunately with the inclusion of 50% juries scoring. I have absolutely
  15. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2014 > May 10th Thank you ... used to enjoy discussing this here.....always enjoyed Crouch Potato's input....he's been active in Eurovision punting thread since I remember. Like him I've had some good success in the past especially Serbia's Molitva @ 20's and then more obvious and restrictive Bilan Rybak and Euphoria. Lena threw me a bit..had losses that year. Jury system like he said changed things a little but starting to get a feel for it now. Need to get in early though as the bookies clearly are set up to be able to analyse and decipher the Eurovision
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