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  1. PBC Lukoil Akademik - Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem The Hapeol is one of the favorites for the Uleb cup, has a team of great level, with players like Austin, Tapiro, Bowens, Slay and in my opinion is of another level regarding the Bulgarians, than regarding the lasts years are a team of a medium level, nothing more. Especially under the basket the team of Jerusalem will be able to make the difference, because the Lukoil is a team with a good package of the small, but decidedly limited under the basket. I don't creed that the Israelis can be worth over 1.70, because like saying before, the Hapoel is a team of a greater value regarding the Bulgarians and therefore I take it with confidence. Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem To Beat PBC Lukoil Akademik 1.85 - Pinnaclesports - 7/10
  2. Re: Masters Cup - Shanghai David Nalbandian - Ivan Ljubicic Ljubicic as in Madrid is appeared physically much tired, is not serving well and the service in his game is fundamental, because with the blows from deep field is a player enough limited, especially with the forehand and for sure not to the solidity and level of Nalbandian. The Argentine must defend the final of the past year and therefore he is forced to win, against the number 1 of the world has played a first fantastic set, he is one of the best players on the circuit to the returns and this without doubt in a match against a player as Ljubicic could be a fundamental aspect. I creed that if David will succeed to serve well or at least normally, has many chance to win the match and to 1.80 I take him with conviction. David Nalbandian To Beat Ivan Ljubicic 1.86 - 10Bet - 9/10
  3. Re: NBA Week 3 thread (20-10, +$1079 on the year)... Boston Celtics - Orlando Magic Boston has not start well the season and has many problems, especially under the basket, but lately is not playing badly and is against Utah that agasint Cleveland, two team of a greater level, has made match at par until the lasts minutes and therefore I creed that also today at home agasint Orlando can for sure play the match at par and in my opinion over 2.00 is from taking. Even if the injury of Jefferson it's important and also Szczerbiak is questionable. Orlando is a good team, that it is making for sure very well, but I think that especially in the package of the small is a team enough limited and sincerely I have many doubts on the fact that today must be widely favorite in this match, also because Great Hill has problems of ankle and is in full doubt. The match to my warning will be near and I go with the odds. Boston Celtics To Beat Orlando Magic ML - 2.07 - Pinnaclesports - 8/10
  4. Re: Masters Cup - Shanghai Rafael Nadal - James Blake Blake in the lasts two masters has seemed physically much tired, has not played his better tennis and sincerely I do not see well the American for this Masters Cup. Nadal has arrived as usual much tired at the end of the year and has not played Paris Bercy in order to arrive at the best of the shape for this Master Cup that for the Spanish is an objective a lot important, also because Rafa after Wimbledon has obtained little results. For sure Nadal suffers the attack players as Blake, and also the H2H says 2-0 for the Yankee, but this I creed that will not be the true Blake and moreover on this surface the balls bounce high, they take a lot lift and I creed that this could be a fundamental aspect in this match, inasmuch as with the forehand Nadal works very the ball. The lines statistics and logic are much neighbor to the odds, it is a match from 1.70-2.40, even if in my opinion Nadal could be much phisically fresher and more prepared to this type of match and therefore I take it. Rafael Nadal To Beat James Blake 1.69 - Pinnacle - 7/10
  5. Re: 12/11 Spanish League Bruesa GBC - Alta Gestion Fuenlabrada Bruesa until this moment in home has never won a match, although is a good team, with players of quality especially under the basket as Kammerichs & Bradley and a discreet small package with Ordin and Smith, that they are two players of good value. At home now the Baskos must win and IMO can make it, also becasue Fuenlabrada is a team of the same level of the Bruesa, even if has begun much best the season and it has more W regarding its real value. It will be sure a match close, but I think that Bruesa in this match cannot be worth over 1.80 and therefore can be taken. Bruesa GBC: Doubt Douglas Bruesa GMC To Beat Alta Gestion Fuenlabrada ML - 1.83 - 10bet - 6/10
  6. Etosa Alicante - Unicaja Malaga The Unicaja must win, because it is a team born in order to win the liga and has left this season decidedly badly, but today could recover Cabezas and Brown, that they are two fundamental players for the team of Scariolo. Alicante is decidedly of an inferior level, it does not have the quality of Malaga and lately it is not playing a good basket. The odds are right, but to my Malaga warning must win and will win this match. Etosa Alicante: Doubt Berni Hernandez Unicaja Malaga: Doubt Brown and Cabezas. Unicaja Malaga To Beat Etosa Alicante ML - 1.71 - Pinnaclesports - 9/10
  7. VidiVici Bologna - Benetton Treviso This to my warning is an incredible value. The Virtus has start much good this year but it's not for sure of the level of the Benetton and moreover has many problems of injuries, :idea: Michelori is out and also Davison and Best are full doubt, two fundamental players for the Virtus. The Benetton has not start well the season, but it's entering in shape and for sure it cannot be worth this odds, because to my warning it's a match much near. V.Bologna: Out Michelori, Full Doubt Davison & Best B.Treviso: Out Frahm Benetton Treviso To Beat (ML & HP +5.5) Vidividi Bologna ML -2.85 - FonBet - 4/10 HP +5.5 - 1.85 - FonBet 8/10
  8. Re: 2006 Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Championship Henin-Hardenne - Mauresmo In my blackboard this is a match from 1.50-3.00. It's true that the French has won three of lasts four matches plays this year, but: 1) In the first Justin had stomach problems and has been withdrawn. 2) The second has won clearly Justin, also because on Clay the difference is much clean between the two. 3) In the third has still won Amelie, but the match was played on grass, where the Mauresmo on that surface can make the difference with the serve and volley and the slice, that they are without doubt her main blows, and to my warning the aspect that Henin was decidedly much more tired, inasmuch as had played and won 17 matches in a row in the lasts three tournaments, was decisive. 4) In the last one, here in Madrid, Henin has won a lot easy the first set, after knowing that was already qualified for the semifinal has let go the match, but to my warning if those match had been the final would be ended 6-4 6-3. In this tourmanent Justin is appeared physically more in shape, also yesterday has played a wonderful match and therefore I creed that today the Belgian is for sure the favorite of this match, ando also the odds statistics and logic says clearly that Justin cannot be worth over 1.50. Henin-Hardenne, Justin To Beat Mauresmo, Amelie 1.61 - Pinnaclesports - 8/10
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