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  1. Re: Basketball: Euroleague Round 5 Oh godd!!!!!! 39-17 for Efes to win!! I can´t believe it!!
  2. Re: Basketball: Euroleague Round 5 It´s going to be a difficult one. I think i´m changing DKV´s victory, Barton, Betts and Rudy won´t play, so I´ll pick the under. I think 146.5 is a bit low, but with those injuries and Lottomatica dependeing on Bodiroga, it´s easy. Le Mans is surprising me. I think they will grow up in the second half. I think de over 160 for TAU is nice. TAU will score a lot against poor Climamio. The H2H is very good too. 3Q: Dinamo 52-45 Le Mans 1Q: Efes 17-25 Olympiakos
  3. Re: Basketball: Euroleague Round 5 I´ll explain my picks for Euroleague (22/11): Efes - Olympiakos. The best European team at the moment against a shadow of a team. Efes is just rubbish in comparison. Last year Efes was a really good team. This year, they will have problems to reach the top-16. I would look for the Olympiakos H2H, I think it´s going to be nice for many of us. Dinamo Moscow - Le Mans. Dinamo is not a really strong team. The French has started really good, and they have a good roster, but travelling to Russia is always difficult. I think a H2H +8 Le Mans is ok. I´ll take it. TAU - Climamio. No comments. H2H -30 TAU if I could. Lottomatica - DKV. Let me say you´re completely wrong. DKV is just better than Lottomatica. They have formed a really strong team. They were hardly defeated at Tel-Aviv, but believe me, it was just a bad day. If everything is right, DKV should win. But a H2H +5 DKV for example (if you don´t want to risk) could be fine. Olimpija - Partizan. Really difficult one. Partizan has become strong at Belgrade, but away they have been destroyed by DKV and another team I don´t remember. Olimpija has improved this year, and they´re getting stronger at home. I´ll take Olimpija, because I think home factor will be decisive.
  4. Re: Euro ice hockey leagues 14 - 17/11 Thanks again Timra!
  5. Re: 12/11 Spanish League Unicaja is winning without problems. Be careful with Bruesa. Fuenla is a fantastic team, wihtouth well-known players, but they form an extremely solid group, and I wouldn´t say they have the same level. It´s a difficult game, but Fuenlabrada is best paid, so I think i´m taking them.
  6. Re: Euro Hockey Challenge + Karjala Cup 2006 I´m thinking about Hungary, but I´m not sure. Do you really think they are winning? Which important Slovenian players are not participating?
  7. Re: NFL Week 10! Arizona Cardinals +7 Although they have only won the first game, they are extremely hard at home. +7 vs 49ers, -2 vs St. Louis, -3 vs Kansas and -1 vs Chicago Bears. They have completed a 7 losing streak, so it´s time to defeat Cowboys, an irregular away team.
  8. Re: NFL Week 10! I like Saints a lot, I watched Steelers 11 down at home, and Saints are doing well. I can´t see Steelers winning this game, but even winning, Saints +4.5 imo is excellent. I also like Jacksonville -10.5 (starbet).
  9. Re: NFL Week 9! I forgot, Bears are winning 99.9%, arent they?
  10. Re: NFL Week 9! How do you see this?: Chicago -13.5 Dallas -3 Saints -1
  11. Re: nba 2nd november 06 Chicago is a fantastic team, and they´re in a really good shape. I would bet for them.
  12. Re: nhl 10/30/06 Anaheim at the end @1.55 And together also in the end Atlanta and NY @3.15 together.
  13. Re: Euro Ice Hockey Leagues 30/10-5/11 How do you see Linkopings - Timra? Linkopings is unbeaten at home, but I think it´s not going to be forever, and Timra, although they have been a bit weaker last games, are the perfect team to break that 8-0 home streak. 2.95 is really good for Timra.
  14. Re: NFL Week 8! nightfiser ayudame paisano, ¿how do you see +45 @San Diego? 1.92 at expekt.
  15. Re: Euro Ice Hockey Leagues (24-30/10) Timra again. Thanks to them I saved a catastrophic weekend. Any advice for tomorrow in Elitserien?
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