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  1. I'd like to join if I may Manager: Mike SmithTeam Name: Cramer's CreamersForum Username: Cramer
  2. Re: Tennis: 30th January to 5th February Thanks for bringing me into another argument about your posts. I was not questioning your lumility, mearly your common sence and grasp of basic probability theory:ok Well done on your decent good luck long may it continue:clap
  3. Re: Tennis: Australian Open 2012 I think that proves my point:lol:lol:lol
  4. Re: Tennis: Australian Open 2012 Yeah with the amount of money traded on tennis markets I'm sure they are so naive:lol. It's a quick retraction from 'not having a chance' to being a bigger upset than Murray ousting Djokovic.
  5. Re: Tennis: Australian Open 2012 A bit uncouth and for that I agoligise, but posts like this are just drivel. If it's nailed on and Maria doesn't have a chance, why are they even offering a market? Or for that matter why are they even bothering to play the match?:unsure
  6. Re: how hard could it possibly be to hit 30 winning bets? best of luck np:ok
  7. Re: £50,000 in a year system lol get on with it pal I'm off to do some hardcore maths:ok
  8. Re: £50,000 in a year system That wasn't sarcastic or ignorant it was realistic:lol Best of luck with your maths:ok
  9. Re: £50,000 in a year system I suggest you check your own maths and re-read your first post:ok
  10. Re: £50,000 in a year system I really don't think that's it;)
  11. Re: £50,000 in a year system Fine you'll need to hit at least 787 and given the horrific odds bookmakers off at this sort of price I sugest you have no chance.
  12. Re: £50,000 in a year system :sad Care to enlighten me? It's late and I've been drinking
  13. Re: £50,000 in a year system Assume you are doing this on Betfair and paying 4% commission you would need to hit 819 1.01's going all in every time. As you said you won't be risking it all towards the end you'll need even more, so probably more like 1000. Add to that I've got no idea if you've got an edge in selecting 1.01's but I imagine you don't. Obviously you have a chance, it's probably something like 1 in 50000 of pulling it off;)
  14. Re: betfair owes me money My apologies, keep trying np your threads are entertaining sure you'll hit a lucky run soon enough:hope
  15. Re: betfair owes me money Must have been the best 1.20 shot ever:eek:eek:eek
  16. Re: PL Exclusive RedBet Poker Promotions - Freeroll - Tues 20th Dec Hi, just voted, not sure if I'm too late can I get the password please
  17. Re: F1 2011 Season Thread (Inc. Outrights) SportMotorsportEventGerman Grand PrixSelectionWebber to winStrength10/10Date24/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceBwin @ 3.60ReasoningI think Webber is worth a bet here. He's got pole and Hamilton between himself and team mate Vettel. Webber needs a win here, if he's got any chance of championship or even being allowed to push Vettel for the rest of the season. He's looked very quick this weekend and I think the price for a win is reasonable. I heard earlier this weekend that the Pirelli tyres are becoming more durable, which is better for Webber as it is helping his driving style. I'll take a chance on him to win in an interesting race at the front. SportMotorsportEventGerman Grand PrixSelectionDi Resta to finish in the pointsStrength10/10Date24/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceWilliam Hill @ 2.75ReasoningI like di Resta, he's impressed a lot this season, and I think this price is good on him getting into the points. He's starting 12th, but has shown some reasonable pace this weekend and all season has shown some good race craft. Reasonable price I feel.
  18. Re: Tennis - 11-17 July SportTennisEventVinci v BeguSelectionVinci -1.5 setsStrength10/10Date14/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceLadbrokes @ 2.75ReasoningI'm going to have a go on Vinci this evening. She won Bucarest last week beating Begu in the final in 3 sets. She seemed to give up on the middle set as we saw a lot of players do during the week as they struggled in the hot conditions. Now playing at home I expected a stronger performance and should be able to take this without the loss of a set.
  19. Re: Tennis - 11-17 July SportTennisEventVolandri v Haider-MaurerSelectionVolandri -1.5 setsStrength10/10Date14/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceWilliam Hill @ 2.62ReasoningVolandri seems clearly the better on clay here. He benefitted from Robredo retiring but before that I thought he was playing pretty well. When he's on he's got a much higher level than Haider-Maurer, who beat Kukushkin in round 1 who isn't much on clay. Volandri has beaten Haider-Maurer twice this year on clay, both times comfortably. Can't see anything different here. SportTennisEventRamirez Hidalgo v RyderstatSelectionRamirez Hidalgo -1.5 setsStrength10/10Date14/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceBet365 @ 2.37ReasoningRamirez Hidalgo is a class or 2 above here. He won for me in round against Golubev, took 3 sets but he played well throughout. Ryderstat is a very average local player, and is very opposable. He beat Max Gonzalez in round which was a surprise, but I can't see him pulling that off twice and Ramirez Hidalgo should be comfortable here.
  20. Re: Tennis - 11-17 July Like a few tomorrow, agree with the previous thoughts. SportTennisEventMontanes v AndujarSelectionMontanesStrength10/10Date13/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceWilliam Hill @ 1.72ReasoningI rate Montanes quite a bit higher and like this price. He hasn't been too good this year but had a decent run at the French, and a good win over Simon in round 1. He showed some good fight in that match and looks up for it this week. Andujar I don't like too much, he won Casablanca earlier this year beating Montanes on the way when Montanes started around 1.50. I'd have him closer to 1.60 for this match, so will take this price. SportTennisEventGiraldo v ChardySelectionChardyStrength10/10Date13/07/2011Bookmaker/PricePinnacle Sports @ 2.52ReasoningDon't understand this price at all, I have Chardy more like 1.90. I backed him today and he won pretty well, so pretty happy to back him again. Girlado got a good win over Melzer, but somethimes his effort levels leave a lot to be desired. Girlado is dangerous, but I have these guys as very even, so this price looks very good. SportTennisEventGarcia-Lopez v KubotSelectionGarcia-LopezStrength10/10Date13/07/2011Bookmaker/PricePinnacle Sports @ 1.72ReasoningKubot has had some good runs the past few months, but as I've said before I'm not a fan. I think he has a very average game and when not serving great is very vunerable. He didn't serve well in round 1, and Garcia-Lopez can take advantage. GGL is all about confidence, and he should get some from the win over Stepanek in round 1, a guy who plays a very similar game to Kubot. Solid price I feel. SportTennisEventSuaraz Navarro v Parra SantonjaSelectionSuaraz NavarroStrength10/10Date13/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceStan James @ 1.90ReasoningSuaraz Navarro has really suffered with injury problems the last couple of years, after looking like a top player. However, she seems to be getting it together a little and had a good win in round 1. She's several levels above Parra Santonja when at her best and this sort of price is very playable. SportTennisEventRamirez Hidalgo v GolubevSelectionRamirez HidalgoStrength10/10Date13/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceBetfred @ 1.80ReasoningGolubev now on a 15 match losing streak, it has to end sometime, but it's really hard to back him before it does. He's coming here after playing Davis Cup in Argentina and might just be here to party. Ramirez Hidalgo is an old school clay courter and can be very solid. He's got a lot of experience and I think he'll take this. Form is patchy but not too bad, and he should have enough here.
  21. Re: Tennis - 11-17 July SportTennisEventErrani v KulikovaSelectionKulikovaStrength10/10Date12/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceLadbrokes @ 4.33ReasoningAnother risk in WTA I'm willing to trake, especially getting pretty much best price at a 1 ball bookie. Errani retired last Friday in Budapest after suffering really bad cramps in the heat. Now she's had a few days to recover, and should be fine, but it's not ideal prep. She comes here for home tournament that she has won before, but with her physical condition perhaps she feels more pressure and more stress, especially if the match is close. Kulikova is a good player, she was doing really well last year before missing big chunks of the season with injury problems. She has struggled to recover that level this year, but this is a good chance to get a big win.
  22. Re: Tennis - 11-17 July SportTennisEventChardy v KamkeSelectionChardyStrength10/10Date12/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceStan James @ 1.61ReasoningI like Chardy in this match. Kamke is playing a weird schedule, playing on clay in Germany 2 weeks ago, on grass in Newport last week making semis and playing Saturday, then back to Germany for the clay here. That's not ideal and might be a factor in this match. I like Chardy, although he often disappoints. He won this tournament in 2009 (lost R1 last year) so should have some good memories. He's got enough to take Kamke on any clay court, and with a few situational factors in his favour I'll take him at this price.
  23. Re: Tennis - 11-17 July Hi, for me it's just a stake for the sports-punter.com competition. I always tend to stake the maximum that they allow. For me it should be considered as level stakes. I know other people on the forum use it as a strength rating.
  24. Re: Tennis - 11-17 July SportTennisEventHradecka v ZahlavovaSelectionZahlavovaStrength10/10Date11/07/2011Bookmaker/PriceBet365 @ 5.00ReasoningI think this is worth a risk. It's WTA on clay, and anything can happen! Zahlavova is having a bad run, but I've always thought she was a decent player and can turn it around. A very heavy loss to A Bondarenko is a worry but still I'll take the risk. Hradecka is higher ranked but I don't think she's much better than Zahlavova, and also she lost as a very big favourite first round last week.
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