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  1. I'd like to join if I may Manager: Mike SmithTeam Name: Cramer's CreamersForum Username: Cramer
  2. Re: Tennis: 30th January to 5th February Thanks for bringing me into another argument about your posts. I was not questioning your lumility, mearly your common sence and grasp of basic probability theory:ok Well done on your decent good luck long may it continue:clap
  3. Re: Tennis: Australian Open 2012 I think that proves my point:lol:lol:lol
  4. Re: Tennis: Australian Open 2012 Yeah with the amount of money traded on tennis markets I'm sure they are so naive:lol. It's a quick retraction from 'not having a chance' to being a bigger upset than Murray ousting Djokovic.
  5. Re: Tennis: Australian Open 2012 A bit uncouth and for that I agoligise, but posts like this are just drivel. If it's nailed on and Maria doesn't have a chance, why are they even offering a market? Or for that matter why are they even bothering to play the match?:unsure
  6. Re: how hard could it possibly be to hit 30 winning bets? best of luck np:ok
  7. Re: £50,000 in a year system lol get on with it pal I'm off to do some hardcore maths:ok
  8. Re: £50,000 in a year system That wasn't sarcastic or ignorant it was realistic:lol Best of luck with your maths:ok
  9. Re: £50,000 in a year system I suggest you check your own maths and re-read your first post:ok
  10. Re: £50,000 in a year system I really don't think that's it;)
  11. Re: £50,000 in a year system Fine you'll need to hit at least 787 and given the horrific odds bookmakers off at this sort of price I sugest you have no chance.
  12. Re: £50,000 in a year system :sad Care to enlighten me? It's late and I've been drinking
  13. Re: £50,000 in a year system Assume you are doing this on Betfair and paying 4% commission you would need to hit 819 1.01's going all in every time. As you said you won't be risking it all towards the end you'll need even more, so probably more like 1000. Add to that I've got no idea if you've got an edge in selecting 1.01's but I imagine you don't. Obviously you have a chance, it's probably something like 1 in 50000 of pulling it off;)
  14. Re: betfair owes me money My apologies, keep trying np your threads are entertaining sure you'll hit a lucky run soon enough:hope
  15. Re: betfair owes me money Must have been the best 1.20 shot ever:eek:eek:eek
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