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  1. Re: Euro 2008 Internationals (Nov 15) Macedonia stable at home.They have the capacity to opose big teams which is evident in their performance this year.Russia will have a tough time there.I am on Macedonia but it will be a low scoring game I think as deffence is Macedonia's priority. 1-0
  2. Re: International Friendlies (Nov 14-15) Ghana were given 3.70 against Japan.Bookies underestimate them.Good pick mate
  3. Re: International Friendlies (Nov 14-15) Seedorf returns for Netherlands national team.England with many missing players.It seems the manager shifts the scheme the disappointing serie in international matches.It will be tough though against Netherlands.But after all this is just a friendly match so in the in the spirit of friendly games a DRAW is the most logical outcome.
  4. Re: International Friendlies (Nov 14-15) national team* sorry for the mistake
  5. Re: International Friendlies (Nov 14-15) Bulgaria has a visit in Slovakia.Two sides are quite balanced even Slovakia has a slight advantage because of Martin Petrov's absence due to injury and Stilian Petrov's absence due to a scandal in the team.These two were key players who contributed mos for Bulgarian national teams.The squad will include most of Levski's players and the CL disappointment will have an adverse effect on their form. Slavakia will seek revenge for the 3-0 in Sofia and they played well even though they lost. BUT one factor points to the DRAW here.I saw the stadium and I saw about 10 cm snow and probably the temperature is far below zero.Slovan liberec played on this stadium this weekend I think.Considering the two teams current form and the meteorologic condition(which plays an important role in this case) I will try the draw.We will not see much football here I think. Correct score 0-0.
  6. Re: International Friendlies (Nov 14-15) Wow 4.00 for Denmark to win.I really think Chechs are not as much skilled as bookies suppose.Denmark's style of play is mostly an offensive one and they will be a tough oponent.Recently they won against Portugal and I think the Red Dynamite will explode again to remind Europe of the glorious times Denmark had in the previous decade. Czech Republic-Denmark 1-2
  7. Re: Champions League Winner 2006/7 No team is that much better than the other.This applies to other tournaments and leagues as well.Just the incentive here is bigger and every team shows its full potential.In most cases pure luck plays enormous part in determining the winner.But CL winner statistics just point a general truth about soccer and life-Only the change lasts forever.In fact it is far more profitable to lay previous year winners than to back them.Don't you think
  8. Re: Champions League Winner 2006/7 Rafael Benitez will see his former team Valencia win the CL and make one of his dreams come true,although much later than he wanted them to do it.Rafael Benitez is a great coach and I wish him luck but CL is too dynamical a tournament to be won twice by the same team in the same formation.Only Ajax did it in two successive years but they were well organized and nothing changed after they won the leahue.Nowadays teams either change their attitude or their formation(they buy "better" players with the money) and that's why every year we witness a new team winning CL.
  9. Re: World footballer of the year No doubt it was Buffon.Although all italian players played as a team and it is quite difficult to discern the best.But he should be an italian player.
  10. Re: UEFA Cup matches - Thu 19th Oct I pointed the bet for David Villa to defend myself.When I told you a made a winning prediction I meant Osasuna.If I am irrelevant ok.It will in no way affect my bets.I just wanted to help but ok
  11. Re: UEFA Cup matches - Thu 19th Oct I don't crave for admiration,nor am I an arrogant kid.I just wanted to share some experience with you.There are other forums too.But if you followed my objective reasoned tips,you would make some profit.And if 3.2 winning tip was not enough for you yesterday then obviously I have made a mistake and must turn to another forum.I am now seeing punterslounge in different light too.
  12. Re: UEFA Cup matches - Thu 19th Oct All of the "insulting" you point out was in response to other members' offences.I actually made one of the few winning tips yesterday on Uefa cup matches so I don't think it was irrelevant to the thread.But you are the boss and I am not in mood to argue.Do wnat you want.
  13. Re: UEFA Cup matches - Thu 19th Oct That should be a lesson for you not to pay attention to skeptics
  14. Re: UEFA Cup matches - Thu 19th Oct Osasuna -Heerenveen 0-0 Who is laughing now:)
  15. Re: UEFA Cup matches - Thu 19th Oct Osasuna 0-0 and a red card for Heerenveen
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