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  1. Difficult to predict this matchday in PL. Everton should have won. Great performance by Arsenal and MU (even I don't like their coatch). You surly need tool to have safe predicts.
  2. I really don't like combos. Just one bet, with the right strategy. Betting is like an investment.
  3. It will be not an easy game for Leicester. I don't think that they will win. Of course the issue of a value bet is a very different discussion.
  4. The most of the tis we see a lot of goals in the match for the 3rd place. I think this time we will have 1 to 3 goals. Morocco will try to win the match. I don't think that croatians will be so interested in it.
  5. Its a little bit risky I think. Don't forget that Morocco has no against goals except an own goal at this tournament. In addition to that Morocco hadn't any against goal during the qualification round of Africa. Their defense is perfect. France has a lot of choices in hteir offense but If we look at the match against England we 'll see that English managed to limit French 's offendive momentum. That's the point also for Morocco. I think it will be a very closed match. If I had to bet to a match like this, I would like to have all the stats by the best.
  6. Exactly that !!!! If welook at the past competiotion, we 'll see that there was never any surprise in the final. We had surprices at Euro cup (Greece, Denmark ) but never during a world cup. I strongly believe that the opponents in the final, will be Argentina and France. Its better for football if Argentina wins.
  7. I am with you !!!!!! Croatia is a team with a better technique and much more experienced, but Japan faced Germany and Spain very effectively. Its about a disciplined and very good to the physical type of game. Maybe we see the surprise here. In the other match it will be an easy night for Brazil.
  8. Netherlands managed to qualify. Not something special from the Dutches. Maybe it was USA's lack of experience that made it. For tonight I think Argentina will qualify too and I think we will have over2.5 goals.
  9. How is it going??? Do you continue it?? Do you have any strategy about your bankroll and the stakes's high ?
  10. It was maybe the most boring match. I personally don't like at all the way that England plays. They have really good players, bur the way they use them is really awful. I can see a very slow moving team.
  11. It was a great prediction for the match uruuay vs S. Korea. I followed you. I hope you will be on targetalso for Portugal !!!!!
  12. I think Portugal is a really good team with a great coatch. Fast wingers and a mix of experienced and young players. The path for the winner of this group is passable. Let me believe that both opponents in the final will be speaking the same language.
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