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  1. Hello everyone. hope I've posted this in the right place - forgive me if I haven't. I am in search of some advice and will be grateful for any help you can give me. As a bit of background, I am self taught when it comes to betting and have got to a reasonable standard where I'm not losing money to the bookies/exchanges. I have a few systems that I've spent a lot of time on and developed for quite a while that return profits at BSP but I just don't have the time to sit at a computer or on my phone to place all the bets throughout the day. I now need to progress to automating my bets and this is where my knowledge runs thin. I need a betting bot to do the following: Place Back or Lay bets in the Win, Place or Each Way markets. Be able to place Back/Lay bets in the above markets at BSP, above, below or between certain odd ranges. (As an aside, I have read that lots of bots don't seem to allow you to place bets at actual BSP and that you usually have to place the bet a few seconds before the 'off' time - why is this?) Allow me to have several different systems running at the same time. One click betting functionality for when I have a play inplay. That's what I need the Bot to do. But I also have these questions about the Bot: Does my computer need to be left on and running for the Bot to functions correctly? Can I run more than one Betfair account on the same Bot at the same time? One for my partners account and one for me? Thank you all in advance for any help. I've done lots of reading up on Bots but being new to them some of it is not sinking in. So, I'd be happy to hear your recommendations on Bots that you've used, think will fill my requirements, and feedback you have on certain Bots. And please...speak to me like a layman, I won't be offended!
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