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  1. Re: NFL Week 10! wont be an argument at all they are not obliged to pay out on any bet at all, they will just void it and sadly you would have to accept it, your only choice would be to appeal for a goodwill gesture and hope that they are prepared to honour their mistake, same thing happened to me one time and my bets got voided, cost me over £1000, so do not hold your breath good luck anyway :ok
  2. Re: NBA Week 2 thread (11-6 in Week 1)... If you read through the whole thread he says as much very early on (also on the post on this page of thread), the picks listed are for information and the detailed analysis are his recommended bets, looing good tonight after an awful 3rd quarter
  3. Re: NFL Week 10! anybody else give up on San Diego -1 at some stage?
  4. Re: NBA Week 2 thread (11-6 in Week 1)... another winner :clap:clap:clap
  5. Re: NBA Week 2 thread (11-6 in Week 1)... dude I have to say I think this is a great thread, and just what I need to bridge the gap, I suck at NBA. MLB and NFL are ok but there is a big gap, hope your form continues past february and I dont think your posts are that difficult to understand keep up the good work!!!!
  6. Re: NFL Week 9! do you usually refer to yourself in the 3rd person, who is this "we" you keep referring to?
  7. Re: Euro Ice Hockey Leagues 30/10-5/11 anyone have a live allsvenskan scores page, I have a small knowledge of swedish but not enough to find live scores :$
  8. Re: NFL wk. 7. thank god for the broncos gutted about san diego, carolina and it looks like Arizona as well confused!!
  9. Re: NFL Wk. 6. right now, early thoughts i like the look of the bears (-10) and the chargers (-9.5)
  10. Re: Mlb tuesday plays dont forget that the A's just beat a twins team that won their division - a division that included the Tigers - tigers beat a yankees team taht cannot pitch, we will see how they get on against a pitching team (even though detroits overall numbers lead the AL) thie series goes close, quite possibly all 7 games but Oakland prevail, starting with a win for Zito tonight, his numbers back him up in a big way and i think the home field advantage could be the key here
  11. Re: NFL Wk. 3. sadly yes they have now voided the bets, this is a shame, and I have to say they did not do that on the baseball when they buggered that up on a game a few weeks back
  12. Re: NFL Wk. 3. i suggest before you get smart with me you go to www.premierbet.com and take a look i assure you i have just gone and checked and baltimore and philly are BOTH still +6.5 too good to be true they are the only company to have the handicap that way round believe me or not but i am on
  13. Re: NFL Wk. 3. I have to say that the two best bets of the weekend (now that I am on!!!) :lol would appear to be with Premierbet though you may have to get there quick Baltimore (+6.5) to beat Cleveland @ 1.91 and Philadelphia (+6.5) to beat San Fran also 1.91 get on quick dont see any way that can last long!!!!!! but it is surely a license to print money :nana
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