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  1. Its the one race of the year that calls for and falls into the lap of Alf Tupper...the tough of the track. That's why we never saw Frankel That's why Baaeed is going to Ascot. The posh horses who never had to do an honest's days hard graft in their careers. First time beaten they are finished. By Gum....you are going to have to work your hooves off in the Arc de Triumph. Baaeed has never had to sweat in his career. Not a great starter...normally 6th. In the Arc that's 18th. Lets see how good you are NOW posh horse! Haggis and Cecil knew damn well. Frankel and Baaeed are not horses that "like it up em". Youmzain....the ultimate Alf Tupper..."tough of the track" was three times second in the Arc and only the weight beat him twice. Plenty more great fighters in the History of the Arc...but no posh kids. Unbeaten in a lucky career of beating up "bums" So is the O'Brien's Luxembourg a "posh kid"? I don't know. We will see. I like him. Injury...come back well. Got the makings. But 20 horses?....is he that good he can get a front 6 position early as his style needs...? Doubt it. 1st Vadeni 124 2nd Torquator Tasso 121 (singing 'You were made for ME) all the way 3rd Luxembourg... 4th some Japanese horse at 100-1 who has run on fast ground all his career only to discover he's a flying machine in Paris Bog.
  2. My daring to try tipping at Newcastle after so many thumpings was respectable at 1a least. Aà Today I head brain to Redcar. Not Ascot, not Newmarket buy Redcar. The track where the sewer pipe appears out of The ground 4 furlongs out but shift to the middle until you've passed it and then return to the stand side... Nothing inspiring.3.57 Give it some Treddy each way. My best suggestion.
  3. Newcastle 5.15 fortuitous star 5.45 wasdale 7 15 caragat 8.15 Triple Jaye Ew acca. All a bit short prices for me but good favourites
  4. The publicity machine's in my view miss a trick. They pump out the champions retirement glorification articles and TV documentaries but does anybody care? Not me. And I don't believe anybody's favourite...unless they graduated with the punters through "the school of hard knocks" like Desert Orchid..We love them. But do we actually give a fig about the Frankels and the Baaeeds? I heard more cheering at Stratford in a race for last place when the magic riding of Richard Johnson made a large band of supporters happy by their horse finally beating ONE horse in his career. As a bookmaker I often never took a bet on course for the favourite...actually the HATED ONE the crowd have rolled up in hopes of seeing getting beaten. I might get one large bet from off course but nobody on course wanted it to win. I realise this when driving in Nottingham 60 miles from home at traffic lights a car pulled alongside the window came down and the driver screamed at be "Black and White ". My passengers were alarmed. I was for a moment then I "clicked " He was yelling out the name of my legendary greyhound. A fine greyhound but not my best... But what a crowd pleaser! A legend. The bookmakers would ask me to enter Black and White in all the big races as he had a massive fan club and win or lose would balance their books... ...so Stradivarius? Am I bothered?...not really... I am more interested in my carthorses. We love them. Matt Chapman who sneers at OUR horses but crawls backwards with his pants down worshiping THEIR horses is the public punters enemy. Enough....I have been doing so well with my betting I am braving up to try Newcastle tonight . Not a success story course for me But at least they are OUR horses. Not boring Ascot filled with THEIR horses.
  5. I am gutted At Catterick I have been putting winners in my pocket. Win, win, win...sniper accuracy At Wolverhampton the last time I backed a winner was in 1994 (or was it 1984 or was that something else?) Anyway out all day and just getting home in time for Wolves 7.30 I have no choice but to Waltz with Wollybags. 7.30 On The Pulse ew 8.00 Shes the Danger win. I am shooting out of the door. My horse and cart has arrived. Cheers
  6. For amusement and intrigue. In the 5.45 Kempton I noted BAILEYS SHOWTIME as a magnificent looking horse but 100% clueless at the way to gallop. His last place finishes actually do the horse credit for trying. Well I have done the race form and the horse is 11th of 14th tonight....but Big BUT If that ELIZA DOOLITTLE moment comes to the colt and the knack of moving his legs all 'clicks into place' this 90 looking horse running at 35 could blow them all away at 50-1. Dream on!
  7. Ayr track conditions surprised me yesterday. The horses were tracking middle to low from high draws early on and those who did not lived to regret it. Too nervous to try the big handicaps but 2.00 REWARD SMILE ew is improving slowly and draw 2 looks good to me
  8. Rather like Frankel....its hard to tell. Or in team parlance...."you never know how good they are until they are not there". Or "who did he beat?" All refering to a A) the triumph of his opponents B) deduction of the "collective" lift calculated in. Things can look a bit different then. Sinndar beat previous "best in the world " Montjeu in the Arc and subsequent "best in the world ", Sakhee in the Derby. Rock solid GOAT credentials. Frankel beat....well he best something but nobody can remember the name. Baaeed beat something...Mishraff. well that's been done by other horses often enough... Arkle by his defeats of GOAT rival Mill House and his defeat of Stallbridge Colonist giving 30lbs away ends the Jump Racing GOAT stone dead for all time. Arkle 1st.....the rest nowhere. BUT flat racing? Hard to say. Subtract the collective advantage. Top trainer...top owner...top stable staff...top sire...top dam...best horse wagon, best food, best gallops and what are we left with...? ...Phar Lap? Why not? Most of us old timers give it to Brigadeer Gerard....because of his ultimate sole defeat by Derby winning Roberto and the subsequent great victories of his 2,000 Guineas runner up...in the Derby and the Arc. As to Baaeed he will be destined to join Frankel in the "but what horses did he actually best?" category and fade out of our memories as quickly as he arrived. I suspect.
  9. I spent 3 hours on todays Doncaster handicaps but I erased them to make space for Leopardstown two big fields today. 2.05 Rhoscolyn ew 6 places! Yippee 5.30 Temple of Aramis ew. Hardly sensational tips but what is...is Foolishly I did not take a record of my Doncaster selections. I think I had completed the handicaps Ill probably do Chepstow for Sunday. Chewing Doncaster cabbages twice is not pleasant. ...just thought. Master Matt in the 2.05 is near to the top and at 20-1 a more attractive ew wager than Rhoscolyn
  10. Phew! 1.25 Misty Blues ew 2.00 Cold Case ew 2.35 Novakai ew 3.45 BillyB ew 4.55 Cottam Lane ew 5.25 Little Muddy ew I will leave the other Group Class races to our Group Class tipsters. But I hear ADAYAR is nailed on it the 4.20...if the horse does not break down. (Joking!)
  11. We hear how formula 1 frantically adjust their cars to suit the track and the weather but we punters get casual with regards to pace going distance. Watching MUJTABA win the 5.20 at Doncaster while laughing his socks off after two disappointing runs in no harder races does make me wonder how lengths (of handicap mark difference) between courses and goings even at best distance I am convinced it is at least 15lbs. My horse Vulcan ran a lovely race. He could not have done any better than 5th but I wonder if Chester would suit him better or Lingfield AW.? Another day tomorrow.
  12. Bad luck Stone of Destiny...Tedthewolf's excellent hot tip. Had them all beaten at 5 furlongs. Another victim to the softer ground . Lets hope our members got on each way 4 places bookmakers. Sorry but I stay out of apprentice races.
  13. Tedthewolf seems ecstatic about Stone of Destiny in the 1.50 at Donny. After yesterdays shock form turnaround at Catterick due to heavy going and my failure to allow for it I was happy for a nice profit from 2 winners out of 4. In selecting todays races I am still worried about the going. That's enough of a worry without adding apprentice races to the list of nail biting factors I crossed out the 1.50 at Don.. Which leaves me with 2.25 Indian Charm 4.45 X J Rascal. 5.20 Vulcan all ew
  14. Truly my tipping form is improving a little. But my other interests distract me. As you know I prefer tough handicaps with maximum ew places on offer. I at least have the handicapper as an ally. I had these 4 ew tips ready last night but got distracted by other mathematical problems needing my attention. Sorry 2.20 Breckland 2.55 Mr Trevor 4.00 Silver Kitten 4.35 Licit. Hope you have not missed the wedding of Breckland and turn up for 3 funerals Good luck
  15. All the hard work put in by tipsters racegoer, jockeys, trainers, owners and having to endure a miserable afternoon at Haydock Park. Horses are not withdrawn on the day for fun. The course must have been in dreadful condition. Luckily I won a couple of the shambles of races. I got so disgusted at seeking 80% of the horses unable to show their form. Two ultra reliable favourites Amtiyaz and Naval Crown pulling up at half way made me feel sick. When Bournemouth lost 0-9 I would have resigned before the final whistle. Yet the media were sympathetic with Scot Parker. But worse was Haydocks Clerk of Course "Ive been doing this for 20 years...!" Unbelievable. Then buddy you have NO EXCUSE for the biggest course maintenance shambles ever...
  16. My mobile got water logged and caput. This new one has difficulty being accepted. However. I am hopeful for tonights Windsor Racing League. 4.30 Glamorous Breeze 5.00 Safari Dream 5 30 Aramis Grey. 6.00 Diararen 6.30 Majestic 7.00 Sanitiser 7.30 Andaleep Nothing special but 2 winners and 2 places should put me ahead. The prices and extra place offers taken advantage of. SkyBet seem best with 4th places paid.
  17. My mobile phone and a puddle came into contact and stopped by observations which has no doubt been relief to many of you. I took a day off hoday to try and fathom out why I was do awful at the Tapeta tracks but adequate at polytracks. I through every bit of my mathematical skills at the problem today. Still no luck at the two Tapetas. Byefornow wolves 2.40 and Resilience southwell 2.20 were unsighted. But Plastic Paddy on Lingfield 3.30 polytrack restored my bank account to parity. What am I doing wrong at the Tapetas? Suggestions?
  18. ok I am getting into the swing of this tipping now. 2.50 Thirsk Asad Jumeirah £1ew, 3.30 Thirsk Challet £1ew, 4.00 Thirsk Wheal Kitty £2ew 4.30 Thirsk May Punch £2ew 5.00 Thirsk Levitate £2ew how much change have I? 50pew/ 5 horse accumulator. leaving me a couple of quid? 4.00 Thirsk Wheal Kitty £1ew. Thats it £20 invested. Which one of you suckers is coming SECOND? Fighting talk cheers
  19. Oh dear...I was wrong but ultimately correct. It had speed I expected but its strength was lacking to tough out a tight finish. Never mind £1ew at 6-1 = what. ££2.20 back...20p up on the day. Looking at my fellow tipsters prognisis for later races. I think I will watch the cricket ans settle for a 20p triumph over the bookies. (My sense of humour!)
  20. I was hoping for inspiration not doom an desperation from our tipsters. 3.10 ber 3.10 Carliske reward smile to get my picture on. First horse I saw abd did not like it one bit...oh dear. Seemed to have grown weaker.. Right they are off. Toodleloo
  21. Ill check how our tipsters have got on. Ive been looking hard and just switched on. Me 3.00 chep Fact and Fable...(at last?) 4.00 chep Mr PC 4.20 Brig De Vegas Kid 3 x ew singles 1 ew treble. There was something about Fact and Fable that caught my eye in its last race.
  22. I'll switch on again.... good. You know what I think of these littke men....nothing much. It used to be called horse racing not jockey racing. Look they are basically all the same. All they have to do it get their horse into a good rhythm (which they sometimes fail) then let the HORSE race. I have not seen one of the horses...13 looks ok my first glance. No chance of me having a bet in the wonderful Ebor
  23. I might have had little gripe at the cursory treatment of Baaeed's connections. Willie Carson, and a dozen hangers on to the champion racehorse pushing Sheik Hissa and her family aside. Today the world lit up with joy and laughter with the post Nunthorle family celebrations and the hero of the hour the groom was dragged away from the fretting Highfield Princess to join the photogrsphs. He was anxious to get back to his mare but John Quinn encouraged him to stay a while. Wow I forgot to have a today, I was enjoying it so much.
  24. After yesterdays bad show with the shabby treatment of Baaeed's connections. Sir Mark Prescott and Kirstin Rausing showed their class. Every horse person knows it the horse first and the groom second who win race with the jockey a poor third. The trainer can only pray. They stayed back and gave their magnificent ALPINISTA and her lasses their big moment. A wonderful 'big' little mare. An her wonderful lass Annabelle. Sir Mark and Kirstin are well mannered and humble. Yes and well done Luke Morris. You played your part very well.
  25. Update. £5 ew 3.25 Redredrobin £1 ew treble with 4.00 Hagia Sophia plus 4.35 Secretfact. The 1.40 sent shivers down my spine asbthe runners eventuslly devided HIGH DRAW is best Only the outsider Maokai was hitting the softened ground comfortably and virtually plodded to to victory as the others wrestled with their feet. It looks like a day of shocks at Chepstow to me. I now fear 3.25 Connies Rose and Otago 4.00 Darcys Rock and EPERIUS 4.30 Master Sully But heigh ho! My first picks seem still bang their with a big chance.
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