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  1. All our experts are doing their best to find us a winning angle. As I am 100%/useless on the Tapeta tracks at the moment. I am switching to the hopefully reliable Kempton (is it Tapeta?) Anyway. Wonder Elzaam ew 4.00 and on the turf where I did nicely yesterday. 5 winners 1 second and alas an unplaced. 3.15 Surprise Picture ew 4.45 Empirestateofmind ew 5.20 Haven Lady.win
  2. Despite my abysmal tipping run...I do change my mind too often for tipping, I am going to give the York competition a bash. Funny how my brain has gone to maggots at the 3 Tapeta tracks...I must accept defeat at Wolves, Newcastle and now my beloved Nottinghamshire desert sand track Southwell has gone Tapeta. But come on punters York, sun shining, they even fit you up with a tie, if you are a scruffbag.(not the ladies). I am getting stuck into the cards straight after Bernard Spierpoint (5.20 windsor) wins and sorts out my monthly lecky and gas bills for me. Cheers
  3. Fascinating....I have proven myself totally useless at tipping so I take my hat off to all of you. I keep asking myself...why do my bookie accounts go up and up while my tips go down and down? Obviously, I am changing my mind rapidly as the race time gets closer and closer.and moving I move generally in a progressive direction. But something strange has happened. Doncaster, Southwell, Ripon, Beverley, Nottingham, Sedgefield, Catterick where I would set off confident of making a nice profit on the day are now puzzling me. Tracks which puzzled me, and a hard day awaited were York, Pontefract, Haydock and Redcar. I walked all the tracks until, I got a handle on them. Some I never did. But Ripon bothers me most. Its gone from top to bottom. I could see every hollow every draw going advantage. Now I see nothing. And Southwell where I landed many big bets is just a total mystery. Absence does not make my heart grow fonder. At Southwell, Id watch carefully all the horses take their first canter on to the sand. Their expressions said it all. "Im not galloping on this crap heap"Or " At last, a track I can enjoy!" What a pity the Nottinghamshire desert track is now ? What is it? Tapeta? Anyway my four ew picks at Southwell are 2.08 Hoots Toots 3.53 Radri. 5.03 The Tron. 5.33 Lord Totorranga All boring shortish prices...sorry
  4. I aI am a proven terrible tipster who relies on form plus eye. I hastily bet Emoerors and Misty but idf there is a better lookrer than the fav on yjos hot day ill be surptlrid Blackriod
  5. SEEKING GOLD is the best looking 2yo Ive seen this year. Do looks over rate him?
  6. On a dreadful losing run so I will not tip anything today. Drepressed.I am nit used to losing. Then even worse. I love horses, I love horse racing, i don't rate those boring dwarfs called flat jockeys very highly and an afternoon of watching Jockey Racing at a Ascot is depressing me further....CHEER UP you old cumudgeon, for heaven's sake...ok, ok..Novakai 3.40 newmarket. Im told my horse is running on Aug 15th. I wint tip it and put yhe kibosh on it
  7. Jack Mitchell won the racing league last year to my.mind proving himself the best all round rider. No Group One best seat on the coach in the Racing League easy peezie look at me...arnet I good rides there. He is not at Doncaster tonight to retain his crown? Sandown Park. 4 rides booked Dange Alert, High Honour, Majestic Fighter, Island Bandit. All have a decent chance. Charlie Appleby does not run two horses in a race for one to be humiliated. So second string in the 6.36 High Honour each way for me Good luck
  8. My only contribution today concerns HIGHJACKED in the Newcastle 4.00. The gelding hit a bump in the track when coming to win at Ripon and stayed on his feet to come third. Where these Ripon ridges are nobody or no horse seem to see. Is it stride length or luck.? Who knows? Anyway HIGHJACKED is a last time out winner without a penalty so must be worth a modest each wsy incestmeny at 6-1.(still 6-1?) I ll check.
  9. I should not feel ashamed but I do. As an "eye" expert I seldom go home without a profit but my 'tips' can prove lamentable. When I first saw the horse CONQUERING (8.50 Kempton) I had split reactions. A/ He is always the best looking horse in the race. B/ He is always the slowest horse in the rac C/ His jockeys are heros to keep him out of last position. His owners must hope he can jump a fence. But then, I think I have to give the horse credit for not coming last. His latest 3rd was in a 6 horse field and he finished in a different county beating another three. They quicken up and Muffin The Mule goes past him. Well he is now up to two miles so who knows? Its hard not to see the three CD winners (3,4,5)beating him out of sight but maybe a "little each way saver"? He has the always trying rider de Sousa aboard...naw, I am getting silly. Only 16-1? Joking...I was hoping for 25-1. TULANE. omg. Templegate is madder than me. Hes picked CONQUERING I am out of here...good luck all
  10. Hi all. I am embarrased at my poor runs from my two best ideas...so I thought. We know that the handicapper applies PLUMPTY handicapping to 2yo for their first mark. Position ---lengths and hope I am not a Numpty. Nobody can do any better. Ok my best bet of the week GALLIC was stone last. (He should have been withdrawn he was in such a state. Did I overate him off a mark of 84? Probably? maybe not.?The intial handicap mark is pure PLUMPTY 2 % 20 lengths too low: 9% 10 too low: 16% 5 too low:, 46% spot on:16% 5 too high: 9% 10 too high: 2% 20 too high. the handicapper scours for futher evidence to quickly get the 2yo 'in rsnge" On Gallic's Goodwood run he could not be rated higher than 50 which puts CHUCK TAYLOR at 38. Well the Johnston horse races off 71 in the Chester 1.50. He's either thrown in or a no hoper depending on how you rate Gallics last two runs? The smooth Nottingham win or the distressed 16/16 at Goodwood.We will see but out of fallen pride I am betting CHUCK TAYLOR e/w
  11. Ok, Ive cheered up. Years ago I saw the makings of a champion greyhound. It was a stayer. Its young handler's daughter had got it wromg. It was entered in an open race at Rye House. They also had runners at a flapping track in the afternoon and by mistake she put their "star bitch" in the first race field sprint. Stone last. Her dad screamed at her! I checked the Rye Hoyse results and the bitch had broken the track record over their longest trip just 6 hours later. Which gas always nade me doubt the idea a horse can not run two times a day. Well say first race and last race...Anybody who watched FOREST FALCON romp away with Tuesdays opening race singing "We are all going on a sumner holiday" should have no doubt he has begged Mark and Charlie Johnson to let him stay and thrash the lot of them a senond time. If a horse loves Goodwood there is no 'tiirdness' involved.
  12. Never tried it before Goodwood. As I explained my "life enhancing bets" have always been placed 6 seconds before the off (six seconds after if a bookmaker complies). 6 minutes before and I might get ,£20 out of my wallet. Yesterdays chastening experience of watching mt 'tips' dangling behind the starting stalls like a wet pair of knickets refusing to be pegged on the washing line in tge breeze . I would not have bet GALLIC with Abramovichs money...but I had £2ew. Ok. A small blow to my wallet but a big blow to my pride.. A demoralising experience. After that "terryfying" day at the races for GALLIC the Hannon yard have a long mental rebuiding process ahead of them to get the colt back on the track. I gather a swarm if midgies were the prime suspects for so many horses "blowing it"... Come of The Scientist. You have had bigger setbacks...Good lyck today everybody
  13. 3Having blown a £1 ew on Withold and Shining Blue. Its embarasing buty £1ew on other initial "whims" have all paid off Rochigianni 4/1, Khadeem 8/1 and Kemari 11/1 second place. Ok thats the fooling done with. My eyes are peeled for GALLIC in the 4.45. The opposition are in top shape...pity. Cant see him. Too many "spot on rivals". Ill stick at £2ew. 'Q
  14. If you have bet Shining Blue dont hurry to the payout counter Looks a mess
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