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  1. I d go with coric atleast taking a set off auger alliassime today, he was impressive untill now, easily beat bautista , beat freacking nadal also. Auger was by far the worse player against sinner untill that 2nd set tiebreak, and to me it was more of a choke from sinner than alliassime being special
  2. I think fritz has a good shot of beating rublev. He is more confident, plays in his home country, has a higher level and positive h2h. Rublev didn t impress me at all against fognini. Opinions ?
  3. oh sorry got it. Medvedev played horribly anyway so it was a prety easy match for nick in the end
  4. kyrgios to beat medvedev with no issues ? dunno what to say about that..
  5. why did the matches get interupted ? it doesn t seem to be raining
  6. what do you guys think about med-norrie and rublev-nishioka ? I see them both as favorites clearly but still it feels like they could be upset(even rublev)
  7. went with halep winning. I barely watch wta but I ve watched simona and rybakina seems like kind of another badosa/anisimova which halep handled easily. I truly hope she ll take it all.
  8. well it was obvious that this was what s gonna happen in a RG final when nadal was spared by a full on marathon with zverev
  9. his serve is returnable on clay and his 1-2 combo ain't that great either. He won t demolish nadal in any way even if he serves great , while nadal will soundly beat him if he comes in the same form as the djokovic match.
  10. agreed. As much as I love carlito, he still makes TONS of errors when he's off his game, and even then he almost turned it around against zverev. If nadal's leg is ok, he will absolutely punish zverev , he doesn t make fortuitous errors, he gets the job done especialy in a RG semifinal. Zverev might take a set, he has the game to do it but I don t see him having a shot at winning. Also they re playing in day time where rafa feels most comfortble as he said.
  11. I respect zverev, but the nadal from the djokovic match has no shot of losing against him. I think that it will matter that rafa won in 4 and not in 5. What do you guys thing about ruud cilic ? I clearly see ruud as the winner, but with the random peaks from cilic , I m a bit concerned.
  12. you realy root for zverev over alcaraz ?
  13. well sadly carlitos will exit here...too many errors and zverev has the consistency and serve to make him pay for them
  14. over 3,5 sets ? do you believe that rafa gets straight setted ?
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