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  1. I ll take fills to take a set. Stan is my favorite player, but the youngster has the type of game that can annoy stan, big serve which will be hard to handle by stans mediocre return and also fills has big groundstrokes that will be hard to defend by wawrinka , also fills is gonna play his heart out himself in front of a french crowd.
  2. I didn t bet on griekspoor to win, just him to take a set , and I m gonna do the same with lehecka todaya against rublev.
  3. do you guys think that rublev is being overhyped against griekspoor ? I mean he ain t in great form at all, griekspoor is in way better form and has a prety big game himself, yet he has like 3,25 odds to win this one
  4. if you say so...I ve never seen a player having 1,40 odds to win when the other has over 3 but whatever.
  5. I have 1,40 tsitsipas and 3.05 khachanov on unibet , doesn t tsitsipas's odd seem too high when khachanov is priced at 3 ,05 ?
  6. tsitsipas's dad made him train hard for a full hour before the match, thats why he fell off in the 3rd and 4th set, otherwise he would have straight setted sinner again. But yeah if he meets djokovic and has that dropoff in level again , he s getting beaten.
  7. I m realy split on that match myself, on one hand I actualy realy like how novak played untill now but that injury could flare up anytime. Grigor is prety good in australia usualy so him taking a set could happen, it will depend on how he serves and how novak moves. I d say it s worth a wagger on him taking a set, I think I ll just avoid the match myself.
  8. yeah I cashed out on him also since unibet gave me a solid cashout on my ticket. I don t think he's anywhere near as bad as you make him out to be, he s actualy got some good net skills but not the power required to get up there often. Manarino is always hard to beat on this surface if he s in good form.
  9. saw that one coming , popyrin has a big game also and obviously plays above his level in australia....you think de minaur could still win against mannarino ?
  10. I don t realy care about ruud getting upset(I like his game far more than brooksby's) . I was more thinking along the line of brooksby taking atleast a set.
  11. anyone else thinking that ruud is highly overrated by the bookies against brooksby ?
  12. can t realy place any bets since as I can see on accuweather it s just rain and more rain announced..nvm the multiple matches that weren t finished today.
  13. don t realy have time to know all of the players plus I don t bet on challenger events or lower, just mind your own business .
  14. I mean I m not gonna lie , don t know who tseng even is but he lost like 10 matches in a row, I think that s why his odds are so high
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