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** December Poker League Result : 1st Elliott Sutcliffe, 2nd McG, 3rd juanmoment **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Hotspur88, 2nd Bagzi, 3rd Gazza's United, 4th luckypants, 5th Craggwood **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st mick33, 2nd Sugardaddyken, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner: Kingdom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. I am not that updated with the progress of the current matches since I have been busy with some other things. Glad to know that Scotland won. Yeah, he deserves a big trophy because of his outstanding skills. He's amazing.
  2. Last year's season of the World Cup of Darts is fine. Yeah, I remember Clayton being well known because of that. It was amazing how he proved himself . Now I'm looking forward to see who will be the next Clayton.
  3. I am leaning towards Manchester United. I am very much looking forward to knowing the odds already and betting for them with my Bitcoin.
  4. Come to think of it, I don't see Japan participate much in international leagues aside from the Olympics.
  5. It's kinda amazing how threads like these tend to be so detailed. Have you seen the teams' websites? These teams have managers and PR teams but their websites lack details. I see more complete databases in horse racing in japan.
  6. Dota 2 is such a fun game to bet on because there are always surprises in store. Think of OG’s run in both TI8 and TI9 when they managed to surprise everyone by winning the entire thing.
  7. I would favour Garcia any day of the week now. He might be hyped but there are reasons behind that hype. There are a lot of fighters that do not scratch the surface of their hype but Garcia is doing that. that there are people who will not talk about these skills because he is well-known but he is a truly good boxer. People tap him as a pretty boy but you can’t expect him to show that kind of skill and not use it in the fights. He is such a good boxer that has massive potential.
  8. I think that Povetkin will come out as the victor because there are just some factors in his game that are better than the opponent.
  9. Love that there is a thread like this here because it shows that CSGO is becoming a truly global game. I know that it was popular in the past with previous iterations but now, it has turned into a global game as there are servers in any part of the world. Hopefully, there something that can be done to maintain the balance in the esports scene now given that there are so many good teams in the scene and there are teams that are on the rise that can surprise a lot of people when they do break out soon.
  10. Thank you. I do start following a handful of them but I do expect that maybe I'll listen to just two or three at a time when I need it so having a wide list of source kinda helps.
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