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  1. The result from march month was 51 wins and 91 losses, 35,9 % hit-rate. I think the biggest difference between flat betting and the staking plan is, that with the staking plan you can´t play matches that are played at the same time. I think the hit-rate could be higher if I was just trying to find the draws for flat-betting. With the staking plan you can still make good profit even if you only hit one match per day, and one per day is good enough.
  2. Sorry for spamming, didnt read the rules good enough Here is a sheet with the profit, staking and winnings from the different staking plans. Starting with 1 unit.
  3. So far in march i have 42 wins of 108 matches, 38,9 % winning. Everyone can feel free to choose their staking but i prefer fibonacci March (with average odds of 3.00): Flat staking: +18 units Rise 1,5 times from previous stake: +74 units Fibonacci-system: +153 units I think this makes it clear why i prefer the fibonacci staking...
  4. Hello! I have been betting on draws now for a couple of years and this strategy really gives you good profit, if you stick to the strategy. The goal is simple, make money from betting on draws in soccer. I will try to make it easy for you and give you the right matches, all you have to do is to bet on the matches i give you and you will be profitable. The strategy: I recommend you to use the Fibonacci-sequece with the staking (1)-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-… With the Fibonacci staking we can accept draw odds as low as 2,61 and still make a profit. Another good reason to use Fibonacci is that its esier to cash out with profit earlier in the game, for example if the game is draw in 80th minute and you want to avoid loosing because of a late goal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number Example: Starting stake 5€: 5€ - loss 10€ - loss 15€ - loss 25€ - win, with 3.00 odds we make a profit of 45€ Alternative strategy: Rise the stake by 1,5 after every loss, with this strategy you need higher odds to be profitable. Example: 5€ - loss 7,5€ - loss 11€ - loss 17€ - win, with 3.00 odds we make a profit of 10,50€ The matches: If you subscribe to my private channel I will give you the matches. In the private channel i will post the matches every day, the number of matches varies day to day but i try to give you as many as possible. My stats from last month: 45 wins 83 losses Of the 83 losses 7 came from late goal (90+ minute), possible to cash out. My longest loosing streak last month was 9 matches With only 2€ starting stake my profit with average 3.00 odds was 208€ incl. cashout and 377€ without cashout and letting the matches run to the end.
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