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  1. Berankis to beat Duckworth at 1.57 Berankis has been playing decent tennis on clay this season and has only lost to guys who are having a great season: ramos vinolas, delbonis, ivashka (lajovic not having a good season but played well against berankis). He played another good match against Humbert, who's not very good at clay but played with good intensity. Duckworth on the other hand has been awful recently. he seems to have lucked out in finding the only opponent who has been more awful than him: caruso. imo, this should be easy peasy lemon squeezy for berankis.
  2. to add to other info on him, Stricker was one of the practice partners for the top guys at the ATP Finals 2020 in London. Saw him practice with djoker a few times. He has seen massive improvement since then, evidenced by the challenger title in Lugano. too inconsistent still for me too put money on him against Cilic, especially at these odds. but definitely a guy to keep an eye on.
  3. Dude won the second set just to spoil my spread. Right read, but an unlucky loss. Onwards.
  4. i took sonego +5.5 at 1.80 on b365. sonego is playing some inspired tennis. not enough to beat djoker maybe, but i think he deserves better than a 6-3 6-4 scoreline. other factors im considering are that both are playing two matches in the same day. but while sonego played a full match, i think djokovic's two sets were more taxing today. rublev pretty much gave up in the third. also, sonego is younger + has the crowd behind him.
  5. took refill at 1.80. swimming in money 💰💰💰
  6. I'm leaning Stefanos too. But this also Novak's favourite clay tournament, has won it 5 times. Even if he is focussing on slams, he is not one to just roll over in every tournament. He is defending 1000 points here, and would like a deep run. He has also looked good and motivated in the first two rounds. But again, totally agree that this is best version of stefanos on clay that he'll be facing. That's what makes this difficult to predict for me. Agree that slight value is on the Tsits.
  7. very difficult to predict what happens here, i think. i'll just buy popcorn and watch
  8. I like this bet. Cerundolo is going to be a special puzzle on clay very soon. I bet on him against Coria and it paid off. I think there might be some value here even at 1.57.
  9. Think Tsitsipas at 1.44 is still a good bet. Berrettini looked tired against Millman and was struggling in the first set, having reached the finals last week. Tsitsipas lost early last week, looked great against Cilic and should be a massive favourite to win this. Berrettini does have a big serve and Tsitsipas is a bad returner (though not that bad on clay). I see a set or two going to tiebreak, but Tsitsipas should definitely pull this off.
  10. Agree that Rublev is a beast. But I think Nadal was also not really at his best, and was making lots of uncharacteristic errors. I wouldnt be surprised if there's some form of a repeat of last year, when Nadal lost to Schwartzman in Rome and then destroyed him at the French Open. If this loss raises the price for Nadal to win Roland Garros over 3.0, I'm taking it.
  11. haha even a break down in the third set, Rafa is a 1.8 favourite
  12. yes, this happened literally a second after I posted. i think Rublev still has a chance though. he's right there.
  13. Rafa's level has improved in the second set but Rublev just looks better than him today. Rublev doing especially well on the big points, which is a surprise.
  14. The quality in Rublev-Agut is soo good. They are absolutely killing each other.
  15. Djokovic ruined three parlays for me, but managed to hedge just in time taking Evans at 3.0 during 5-5 in the second set!
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