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** Poker League Results : July: 1st McG, 2nd Rhino_Power, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe; August: 1st Like2Fish, 2nd McG, 3rd Rivrd **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st LEE-GRAYS, 2nd Gary66, 3rd LeMale, 4th RUG. KO Cup Winner DONNYFLYER. Most Winners TVY: **


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    charliepie reacted to Fader in Q Tour   
    Pragnall makes the final for a 20/1 winner. Shame he bottled the final again but that placing puts us well into profit 
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    charliepie got a reaction from amity in Q Tour   
    Thanks, I just found it on cuetracker website
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    charliepie reacted to amity in Q Tour   
    I think so yeh, I bet on all the above, Simmonds came the closest, lost in the semis 4-2
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    charliepie reacted to Fader in Northern Ireland Open (plus qualifications)   
    Certainly wont be betting on Hugill again anytime soon. Disgusting performance. Nothing screams out today and so I'm just going with a 1pt 15/1 4-fold. Money back if one loses as always with PP.
    1pt Sijun (-2.5 frames), Jak Jones, Over 5.5 frames Carter Vs Ding and D. Young (+1.5 frames) to beat Heathcote 15/1 paddypower
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    charliepie reacted to Fader in Northern Ireland Open (plus qualifications)   
    We're straight into the Northern Ireland Open tomorrow. An event we tipped up last year for Mark Allen to come out and win. Was a hell of a final, too, beating Higgins in a deciding leg. I like Jimmy Robertson to beat Gary Wilson tomorrow. He has won the last few h2hs but he is also playing the better right now and he also has points to protect having made the Last 16 here, last year.
    I also it's probably worth 2pts on Oliver Brown against Maguire. Maguire does have points to protect here but he just looked so average against Stevens last week and he also lost to Brown only a month ago. He isn't 13/2 tomorrow.
    5pts J. Robertson to beat G. Wilson 4/5 willhill
    2pts O. Brown to beat S. Maguire 13/2 paddypower
    1pt treble - JRobertson / Woollaston / JJones (-2.5 frames) 6/1 paddypower
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    charliepie reacted to Fader in European Masters (and qualifying)   
    Hasn't been a whole lot out there that has got me excited really. I think Yize looks a good shout in the 10am matches to beat Day but the one I will be going for in the evening is Jiahui (-1.5 handicap) to beat Wells. In my mind, even at 18, Jiahui is already a better player than Wells and let's face it, Wells has been Lines, Judge and Gary Wilson. Jiahui has beaten McGill and Guodong. Much better players than that and has performed too. 
    5.5pts Jiahui (-1.5 frames) to beat Wells 10/11 paddypower
    1pt treble - Yize / Jiahui (-1.5 frames) / Yuelong 11.5/1 paddypower
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    charliepie reacted to Fader in European Masters (and qualifying)   
    Yeah, hard to judge alot of players this early on. 
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    charliepie reacted to Fader in European Masters (and qualifying)   
    Bunch of matches today. Some at 10am, in the next half hour. 2.30 and 7pm. 
    I think Ben Woollaston is worth following against Jak Jones. Woollaston played excellent in the Championship League and won all 3 of his matches without too much fuss. He has won the only h2h, although back in 2017. I'll also take a chance on a accy across the day.
    5.5pts Woollaston to beat Jak Jones 10/11
    2pts O'Connor, Mann (-2.5 frames), Woollaston & Lawler 13/1 paddypower
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    charliepie got a reaction from delfino in Wimbledon 2022   
    Shame we didn't get a fifth set, agree about the politics but at least we got a Russian ladies winner which was quite ironic!
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    charliepie reacted to liquidglass in Wimbledon 2022   
    Rybakina vs Jabeur
    I think both have played confidently well throught this tournament and should come together to provide us the final that we expect. This certainly seems the right surface for Rybakina who has the sort of robust game to put anyone to the sword. I think her whole game found completeness in the last roundwhere she finally employed the ingredient that was always missing - Balls! This is what has stopped Karolina Pliskova from reaching the top - with a laid back game and indifferent attitude during the match. Whether Rybakina has fully overcome that aspect can still be open to question as this is a Wimbledon final. When on song I also feel that there is too much power and control behind the Rybakina shots to afford Jabeur any chance of slicing and dicing for profit. However trust Jabeur to capitalize to good effect if Rybakina slumps in error mode. In summary, considering that ranking points were cut out of Wimbledon and Russian and Belarusian players disqualified for no justifiable reason, I see that decision coming back to sting the organizers in the face with Rybakina skating to victory.  For a person that was born and resides in Moscow, I see her putting a fly in the ointment.  My verdict However will be Rybakina to win a set @ 4/9 Bet365. That should account for any mood swings within the match. Good luck all!!!
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    charliepie reacted to liquidglass in Wimbledon 2022   
    Everything about gambling in terms of what will happen during a match is delibrate and has all been comprehensively factored into the odds before the match. We see this when "market moves" transitions into "market forces". Every visual occurence in real time happens the way it does because it can not possibly have happened any other way. In other words everything happens deliberately to line up with an outcome that most certainly precedes the match before the first ball is struck. So I deem it complete rubbish for anyone to suggest that what a player did or did not do affected the outcome. The outcome is an invariable and is independent of whatever is tagged to it. I know that sounds confusingly deep. However it is a fact. It is the main reason why i do not entertain post-game explanations. This indulgence is brutal making no room for second best. You either get it right or wrong. It is that simple. Bookies do not entertain explanations and certainly do not pay out on nearly. I can defend this school of thought all day which is evidence based.
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    charliepie reacted to Torque in Wimbledon 2022   
    Do you know what @liquidglass I've had enough of users like you. I do well betting on tennis and whether you believe I'm betting for real or not makes no difference to me. It took me a long time to get to a point where I knew what I was doing and a lot of that was down to using this forum and learning from other users and getting involved in the conversation around tennis matches and tournaments, and that's the reason I contribute on here the way I do - to give something back. Again, whether you believe that or not makes no difference to me. As for running a personal thread I won't even dignify that with a response and I completely disagree that a debrief after matches is unnecessary. Personally I learn a lot from doing it and it informs the bets I place in future as it should do. The idea that previous matches have nothing to do with future ones is nonsense and also if all other users thought my debriefs were pointless I wouldn't ever get likes for them, but I do. Frankly it seems the best thing for you to do is block my content and then you wont have to put up with it anymore 
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    charliepie got a reaction from Fader in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    Looks like we missed a trick there, also a bit cocky of him to have all his merch ready to roll the next day!
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    charliepie reacted to harry_rag in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    Because he was a bit chilly? 
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    charliepie got a reaction from Foo_Fighter in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    I also wish I'd bet on the 17-10/11/12 I thought Ronnie would win by:-)
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    charliepie got a reaction from Nigwilliam in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    Pity young Jack couldn't quite get the job done but that's what Higgins does best! Still reckon Ronnie can beat him 17-10/11/12. Reckon the other semi will be closer, we'll see:-) 
    Whoever the finalists are I won't be disappointed. (Mark and Ronnie deserve it most though)
    Class of '92 forever and all that. Could also be the last time any of the 3 make the one table set-up!
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    charliepie got a reaction from Foo_Fighter in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    I would probably happily take that as a final?
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    charliepie got a reaction from Fader in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    Ooh, you're a lucky chap, Ballrun could have been 10-6 up but it's nicely balanced at 8-8. Shame Kyren bottled the 147 attempt, I think someone might hit one this year, pockets are playing fairly generously.
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    charliepie got a reaction from Fader in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    You were lucky with the Yan handicap as Selby should have won at least another frame or two! Tomorrow's match could go either way but good luck with the -2.5!
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    charliepie got a reaction from Fader in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    I agree but it would be a hell of a story if he did somehow win his 2nd World Championship when he's playing like an amateur at the moment!
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    charliepie got a reaction from Foo_Fighter in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    It's always struck me as laughable how they still stick to the same ridiculous system for replacing balls after a foul/miss where the two refs have to verbally communicate the positions of the balls. Isn't it so blatantly obvious that the job would be so much easier if thay just used a tablet device as it is purely a visual process without the need for the verbal to and froing(which also disturbs the players on the other table! The technology has existed for years, it's just so mind-numbingly frustrating!
    Rant over now! Judd should get past Ant fairly easily. Yan should also be 10-6 up but I'll take any lead I suppose. Robbo wins easily too but I'm hoping Noppon beats John, the new father effect perhaps?
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    charliepie got a reaction from harry_rag in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    Doh, Un-No!! Could have maybe gone 8-8 but hey-ho, Higgins has squeaked through again.
    Thanks for the stats Harry, let's hope that next year is the year and we can get on at 13/2 or thereabouts! 
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    charliepie got a reaction from Fader in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    I'm still hopeful of getting another 2 or 3 qualies through to round 2 but there's only 5 matches left. Matthew might have blown his chances so I'm rooting for Ding/Theppy/Noppon and Hossein tomorrow!
    Your dream may yet happen, maybe do another line too with Ding instead of Kyren?
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    charliepie got a reaction from Torque in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    Wouldn't it be great if Shaun or any other snooker player read this though! I come from an era where that was considered "harmless banter" - no offence meant if you're reading Shaun!
    2 qualies through from the first 5 completed matches, I think we may get the 4 or 5 quite comfortably in the end.
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    charliepie got a reaction from Fader in World Championships (inc Qualifiers)   
    Lei did well at a nice price! I fancied Milkins to keep his run going @ 6/5
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