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  1. Ronnie's started fast but has been known to fade as the match goes deep so Joe could still have chances if he can get to 3-1 at the interval. Luca has been crap so far this season! I hope Judd and Willo win tonight.
  2. McGill looking good early doors against Ronnie, think you might have called that one correctly.
  3. Day one was great 43/44 frames played and a couple of amazing comebacks. Kyren is definitely in a bit of a slump so far this season. Let's hope for more good stuff tomorrow.
  4. Mark Allen threw that away against a very sick looking Ding, one of those weird matches. Mark Williams did well to come through 6-4 against a dangerous opponent.
  5. I thought you would have been on him too, annoying when you miss out!
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about the magnificent 147 break!
  7. Well done to Anda, a big day for him, definitely the new Chinese number 1 this season anyway!
  8. From 6-4 up Ronnie was dismal, tomorrow's final is going to be big for whoever wins as it'll be their first title and also give them entry to the champions. I wonder if Ronnie will ever win another ranking title? It would take him up to 40 which is a nice round number. Same goes for Higgins I suppose as he's been patchy lately.
  9. Ford vs Brown, probably the most unforeseen semi-final of the season. Both played well and it would be nice for Tom to bag his first ranking title on Sunday and get an entry to the Champions next week!
  10. Ronnie was awful today, Ali must be kicking himself as he probably should have won.
  11. Some shockers today, Williams and Brecel out as well.
  12. Yeah, he would have had to knock him out as the judges would have been keen to side with the lineal world champ!
  13. A bit embarrassing for Fury but he squeaked through by a narrow margin, never looked like troubling Ngannou and got knocked on his arse in the 3rd. He's going to have to train harder for the Usyk fight.
  14. Ring walk just starting, good luck with your bets gents! He's a bit of a unit but as you say probably doesn't have the boxing nous.
  15. Emery made you wait a bit but got the job done!
  16. I would say he has a pretty good chance as he seems to be a good young prospect.
  17. Robbo has been woeful this season, cracking bet on the Antrim Ferrari! (one of the more ridiculous snooker nicknames😁)
  18. The WST site is just so bad this season, I can't believe what a mess they have made of it. Looks like Ronnie is really struggling with his elbow injury as he withdraws from the tournie.
  19. Looks like he is playing tomorrow night but I don't fancy his chances against Matthew.
  20. Jun gets it done at a nice price. I thought Hendry was playing later or has he pulled out again?
  21. He was pretty solid, I almost thought of predicting a 10-7 score before but forgot to post it not that I normally bet correct scores though! It would be amazing if he wins the NI for the fourth time.
  22. Ronnie's elbow injury is probably going to end his career sooner rather than later unless he manages to find a cure. Looks like it's Judd's tournie now unless someone else ups their game.
  23. Hill's been quietly winning his games but would be great to have a Trump/O'Sull final.
  24. Ronnie looks determined but just clung on to win against Pang so he does look vulnerable. Not used to his new tip yet by the looks of it. Maybe Lisowski will get his first title on Sunday! Would be nice to have a local winner and there are still 6 of them left in the L16.
  25. 4 in a row for Judd, hope your bet comes in but you'd have to fancy Trump to do it now!
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