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*** York Ebor Competition: Well done to 1st daveg, 2nd glavintobuy & 3rd Donnyflyer ***
** August Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd ian309, 3rd Manc **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st Zidane123, 2nd Adamross, 3rd Wanderlust, 4th Rainbow. KO Cup Winner: Peter York, Most Winners: Alastair **


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  1. Can I drop in this thread to ask the experts a quick question? What effects (if any) do different weather situations have on a football match? For example, would you be inclined to go under 2.5 goals with a rainy pitch?
  2. Are there any special betting opportunities that might arise with a derby? Like more cards because it's a bitter rivalry?
  3. Hi Stevie, thanks for all your tips. Could you tell me the best way I could use this process for betting purposes? What I should be looking out for? I would guess the differences between the 2avg and 4avg. Just a guess. Thanks for any advice.
  4. I have heard that players exhibit certain body language when they think a draw is going to happen. Agree/disagree? Sometimes certain substitutions can signal a draw is happening?
  5. Hi I'm new to betting live football. Could you give me some advice? What might you notice during the match that might make you think a goal was on its way soon? What might you notice during the match that might make you think --- ugh, this is gonna be a draw. Thanks and please provide any other insight!
  6. Yes! This is the advice I was looking for. Thank you! Can you recommend somewhere I can read more about this?
  7. Thank you! I needed a winner bad. I'd like to try betting on draws more often. Do you have any advice regarding this or can you link me a reliable resource? Is there such a thing as a draw-betting expert lol?
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