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  1. heeyyo friends! I would not miss out on Okamura - Pironkova, 13x odds on Okamura : )
  2. Rublev to win his group - 3.75 at bet365: I feel like Rublev loves the underdog role a lot. He worked a lot in 2020, and it shows.Seemed to me likewith all the things going on right now in the world, in the scene,he for sure knows that this is his time. If this is extra pressure, or extra power, we'll see. It's indoors, he's the best on it in 2020, he can beat anyone. With that said, if he gets rolling with Nadal, Rublev can 3-0 this group, so I'm gonna take this 3.75 with flying colors.
  3. Zvonareva - Kostyuk: 1-2 correct score: 4.33 at bet365: Now I find this match a tricky one, as the odds suggest as well. I feel like Kostyuk is a little bit overrated here, Zvonareva can cause her problems. Imma skip the regular 1 or 2 bets cuz I dont like neither odds, but I'm gonna go and try out this correct score, with a 2% bet. Kostyuk has one of my favorite playstyles in women's tennis atm, but she's lacking still some parts to 'greatness' Fucsovics - Sinner: Fucsovics to win a set: 1.61: Uhm, I am not sure that Sinner is healthy, so I'm gonna push this one a bit. Fucsovics takes a set here.
  4. Humbert - Raonic: Raonic - 1.44 at bet365: Humbert is lucky to be in this round, lucky as in Cilic is utter trash. -> Raonic's serve seems to work, so that should not be a big problem, whereas Humbert has his moments of serving, but also got extremely low moments pretty often, so Raonic will have several breakpoints.
  5. I hope you don't mind me saying my point of view about the Nadal - Lopez matchup. Nadal 2-0 is at 1.33-1.35 odds, which is an awful bad bet in my opinion, considering the factors: its indoors, Nadal always hated indoors, I don't think he's any special on it either, besides his obvious good level of tennis. Lopez showed yesterday, that even though he is at his end, he still gives it - Krajinovic is incosistent yes, but having only 2 breakpoints shows that Lopez's serve is working well at the moment. I do feel like Lopez's serve + coming at the net can upset Nadal in many ways, so If I had to bet on this match(but I don't), it would be +5.5, or over 19.5 games, good odds both. Now I'm not saying Nadal won't win this 2-0, all I'm saying the odds of Nadal winning this 2-0 is not 1.33-ish, its way higher in reality.
  6. I mean hard work pays off. Only player besides Thiem maybe, who plays and trains seriously since August. 31 W / 4 losses since then
  7. Here comes the moment when Rublev breaks in the second set and we cash out Edit: What in god's name is that forehand from Rublev, holy hell
  8. I've seen Thiem - Sachko, and whilst I don't know much honestly about the ukrainian guy, he proved to be an uncomfortable opponent in many ways. Thiem handled it well, he's playing a pretty solid tennis. I was also a huge fanboy of Thiem on clay, but in the start I didn't like his effort to convert his game to hard, well, now he's almost natural there too, so. My part of the coin would be Rublev playing the best tennis of his career, especially indoors, thus taking the underdog from the bookies point of view.
  9. Rublev - Thiem : Rublev to win: 2.20 - bet365: As I see it, this is a 50-50, slightly leaning towards Rublev, so I'mma try out happily the 2.20.
  10. ITF Heraklion: Roumane - Marozsan : Roumane to win : 1.67 at unibet: Now to be honest, this is a pretty odd matchup. I've seen both Roumane and Marozsan play in real life. I find Roumane a superhard favourite in this matchup, on hard court. He got the height, he got a pretty nuts service game, also got lots of experience versus some pretty good opponents. Marozsan on the other side is not a bad player either, I jus't dont seem to find any advantage in his part of the game.( The odds will drop severely(at bet365 its 1.57 currently). This is again a 10% of the bankroll bet for me, I rarely stake higher than the usual, but this one cannot get past me. I would actually be extremely surprised if Roumane loses this one, but at the end of the day its tennis, so.
  11. Bedene - Evans: Bedene to take a set - 1.50 : Now in my book, this is the typical match where Evans loses 2-0, and gets eliminated in the first round. Just to be more safe and realistic: neither players are anything special, Evans is a freakin joke in my opinion, Bedene average as well. Evans can bring a pretty high level, but he's a typical verbal tilting player - thus his shots - shotselections are big question marks for me in certain situations. Evans choked the final 2 days ago, as much as I believe he would win versus Bedene(maybe) in fully normal situations, I don't think tomorrow can be counted as one. I jus't dont see him resetting mentally, physically. Bedene got his warmup in Vienna, he takes a set in the uppermentioned conditions any day of the week. (Bedene to win 2-0 : 3.75) Edit: Bedene retired
  12. Marbella: Alcaraz - Giustino: Alcaraz to win 2-1: 4.33 at bet365: As much as I am a fan of Alcaraz, I feel the odds slightly slighty overrated here. I think Alcaraz wins this match 49/50 times. Even tho Alcaraz did win most of the matches in the last weeks,even tho he is already a beast on clay, even thohe has a great mental, etc, he lacks the ability to be there constant, thus he loses sets easily in his matches. It's his first game in this tourney, I think this is realizable, good odds, good game. This is a 2% bet of my bankroll. Edit: Giustino won 2-1
  13. Kostyuk - Bellis: As I said yesterday, Kostyuk won versus Frech without any problems whatsoever. Bellis won pretty convincingly as well, Lepchenko abandoned the 2nd set. Neither of them lost a set throughout the tournament, and I like Bellis' playstyle, I liked it even in 2018, I just won't miss out on these odds on Kostyuk, per se she's the way better player overall. Kostyuk to win 1.76 - Unibet
  14. Obviously a mental thing mainly, although seemed to me like she got injured Edit: Marta Kostyuk to win ITF Marcon - 2.70 - at Unibet: as I see it, today she'll win versus Frech pretty easily, then tomorrow she'll meet Lepchenko/Bellis, whom neither I find in any ways good enough to beat Kostyuk.
  15. Gabriela Talaba - Christine Bellis - over 20.5 or Talaba +1.5 sets: 2.20 odds: This is the typical 3 setter bullshit itf women's tennis match. ( With all the respect). Bellis played a pretty good tennis in the last months, Talaba too. They are two pretty similar players, the 'education' of american tennis systems. 3 setter all the way. Value. Zarazua - Kostyuk: Kostyuk will be a top20 player soon imo. She got all the 'weapons', whether she gets there or not. Time will tell. Mentally she is clearly not there yet, she tilts easily. She tanked versus Hibino, lol. Luckily for us, this rarely happens against worse opponents, but versus very good opponents ( Osaka, Giorgi, etc). Kostyuk prepares hard since the French Open outing, this is definitely a place to prove herself. When she feels weakness she mainly destroys the enemy. One can say Zarazua is a good player, Imma come out and say she hasnt met a player of the caliber of Kostyuk in the last 3 months .I am gonna keep pushing and taking all the value bets on Kostyuk and Alcaraz also, they are way ahead of the rest. Kostyuk to win: 1.53
  16. Lol, I was busy the last days. I didn't see Alcaraz winning another tourney. Haha, kid's a beast
  17. This is spicy! I love it Today, I'mma go with one bet, Kontaveit-Alexandrova over 21.5 games: if this wouldn't go down as a 3 setter, I'd be extremely surprised. Both of them having awkwardly low moments in their matches (also some good).
  18. I've gone with over 0.5 breaks in the first set - 1.50 at bet365. Opelka is more than capable of breaking Coric, vice-versa if Opelka chokes a bit.
  19. Source? Edit: Nvm, Fognini is out, Petrovic replaces him
  20. I've got two suggestions on a single match: Challenger Barcelona final, Alcaraz - Dzumhur: 1) Alcaraz to win: 1.80 at bet365: I jus't cannot skip this match, as I wanna take all the value I can with Alcaraz. He's an absolute monster on clay, I don't know in what time, but he will dominate this shit all over. One can argue against skipping this match again, Dzumhur is playing a goood goood tennis too in the last few days. 2) Alcaraz to win 2-1: 4.33 at bet365 : Then again, as much as I appreciate the gamestyle of Alcaraz, he's not there yet fully!!! He has weaknesses when he comes to the net, and has also weaknesses when he's serving extremely poorly. It's a final, Dzumhur gets his part too of the match. However, his overall gameplay is just too solid for a 17 year old, I'm gonna come out and say he takes this one 2-1 EDIT: Way better odds at Betfair!!!!!
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