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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**


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  1. Lol, I was busy the last days. I didn't see Alcaraz winning another tourney. Haha, kid's a beast
  2. This is spicy! I love it Today, I'mma go with one bet, Kontaveit-Alexandrova over 21.5 games: if this wouldn't go down as a 3 setter, I'd be extremely surprised. Both of them having awkwardly low moments in their matches (also some good).
  3. I've gone with over 0.5 breaks in the first set - 1.50 at bet365. Opelka is more than capable of breaking Coric, vice-versa if Opelka chokes a bit.
  4. Source? Edit: Nvm, Fognini is out, Petrovic replaces him
  5. I've got two suggestions on a single match: Challenger Barcelona final, Alcaraz - Dzumhur: 1) Alcaraz to win: 1.80 at bet365: I jus't cannot skip this match, as I wanna take all the value I can with Alcaraz. He's an absolute monster on clay, I don't know in what time, but he will dominate this shit all over. One can argue against skipping this match again, Dzumhur is playing a goood goood tennis too in the last few days. 2) Alcaraz to win 2-1: 4.33 at bet365 : Then again, as much as I appreciate the gamestyle of Alcaraz, he's not there yet fully!!! He has weaknesses when he com
  6. Fucsovics - Monteiro: Fucsovics is a constant guy. He has played a great tennis overall in his career, and he is playing a great tennis in the last months. Actually the match between him and Medvedev didn't prove anything to me. I expected a solid solid match from Fucsovics, I just think Medvedev is hella stupid when he has one of those days. I liked Fucsovics very much against Ramos though. Monteiro? Also a decent player. In a good form too, I wouldn't consider him any special, besides the fact that he fights for every point like for his life. What makes me think this will be a
  7. She certainly is! At this point though, I wouldn't get surprised if Bouchard wins it. LOL On a real note, I can see Anisimova or Muguruza win it. I wouldn't put a single dollar on it tho. ( Ok maybe 1 : ) )
  8. Siniakova - Bertens: Siniakova to win at any betting site which gives you the win in case of a withdrawal: I mean, I wouldn't even be surprised if Bertens withdraws before the match has started, but if she decides to play. Well, she won't have the time of her life. She was injured, exhausted, and the obvious lack of fittness is on the surface. She's in a horrible form, my honest opinion is that Errani is just a joke. Siniakova is nothing special ( if you ask me), but for her to not to get a set, therefore to minimum get a 3 setter match - in which case the fatique comes in again. - t
  9. Rodionov - Gombos : over 3.5 sets: 1.60 : Uhm, I never go above the maximum 5% of my bankroll bet, but this one I hit with a 10%. If this goes down 3-0 or 0-3 I'll eat my shoes. Quote me on this one. Pironkova - Williams: Pironkova to win a set: 1.80 :Since the last year or so, the value bets versus Williams are up the sky. She was the best, she is not anymore. If she doesn't get her first serve in, it's an open point. I actually find her current gameplay awful. She's lucky Andreescu's not playing, cuz she would get washed from the court every time. I won't ignore this value, Pironkova k
  10. Actually my story about cash out is kinda funny. I haven't been betting for so long( 5 years or some), and I obviously had various tactics, projects, whatever. I never was a tiltable person, I never really tilted bcs of a bet losing.(before me becoming addictive of cash outing at 90% of the profit, which actually brought me profits I've never seen without cash-outting) However, in the past, the only thing that tilted me was me not cash-outing when I could have had 90% of the profit in my pocket, then somehow, the player managing to lose it from unlosable situations. Since then, I don't really
  11. I cashed out, I've just seen way too many things in my life
  12. This is a lucky win to be honest. This is Tsitsipas choking mentally once again all over the place.
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