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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st RAYSINGH_GURU, 2nd CASH OUT KEV, 3rd HARRY_FAINT99, 4th DONNYFLYER. KO Cup Winner MRJOL, Most Winners: BYMATRIX **


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  1. If I had a list of “ do not get again” for 1-2 performances or chokes... I don’t think there would be anyone else to bet on...
  2. I totally agree here . Bencic has been playing real good and has yet to drop a set. IMO Gauff shouldn’t have won yesterday I think it was more of a meltdown from Rogers even up a break on the second set until she went gassed out. I know Gauff is 16 but so many minutes and sets played will cost her. Not sure if her father is the right way for her to continue and I’m sure good things we can expect from her on the future but I believe this is the end of the road on this tournament.
  3. Personally I don’t agree . karatsev seems to be very aggressive . Not saying he has a shot of winning this but IMO is n that Dimitrov played well it was more of Thiem having an horrendous day and lack of energy or sleep. Something was definitely not right with him. Dimitrov’s game didn’t impress me much to be quite honest.
  4. Her match against Ann Li was lights out. Kinda wonder if she can carry the momentum.
  5. Thoughts on Sabalenka vs Williams? Something keeps telling me Sabalenka is up for the task...
  6. Thoughts on Yulia vs Alison?? Haven’t see many Yulia’s games but IMO Alison is really bad specially on Australia where she has just awful numbers.
  7. Agree !! I think Australia got cocky. I was reading they have an average of 2-3 cases a day on the whole country! They obviously doing pretty good regarding the pandemic but then again, we all have seen the games and they are in huge attendance of fans with no masks and I’m guessing AO would be even more attendees.
  8. I agree 1000% with your point of view. My only concern would be how much is she really Into the Yarra Valley for I would think she has her mind set at AO.
  9. I agree this is a 50/50 game. But I’ll go for the over 22 games since you can make an argument on either side winning .
  10. Did something happened to Ferros game.??? I can’t find the line anymore anywhere
  11. Btw anyone else like Kontaveit for tomorrow as I do?
  12. I agree on your thoughts , but you can’t deny that others Slams and big tournament’s have already been played. All other sports have resumed and they are taking their measurements. NBA did great on the Bubble and quarantine of the players. It shouldn’t be this hard to test them all and isolate them. The problem I see is they are big on the idea of having some fans in attendance and that’s were things get complicated.
  13. Appreciate the information. Do you have a schedule you could share?
  14. So Thiem is already qualified and Rublev is out regardless of the outcome. Although is a nice money prize for an undefeated champion and I would imagine Thiem , specially on his form will not get into a very physical game but go strong on his serve points. Can’t imagine we would like to get into a 3 sets match and would try to avoid get that tired. I also agree on the over from the Nadal match, even if it’s on 2 sets I believe the over hit with at least 1 TB.
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