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** Poker League Results : July: 1st McG, 2nd Rhino_Power, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe; August: 1st Like2Fish, 2nd McG, 3rd Rivrd **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st LEE-GRAYS, 2nd Gary66, 3rd LeMale, 4th RUG. KO Cup Winner DONNYFLYER. Most Winners TVY: **


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  1. I’m taking Krejcikova , sure Sakkari has been playing very good but she also chokes sometimes. I believe it’s a game for mental strength and with that in mind I think Krejcikova has the advantage. Also it seems IGA wasn’t feeling good today so that adds. IMO on a 50/50 type of game I’ll happily take the plus money.
  2. I kinda agree here. I think Badosa is very much in form right now.
  3. Any thought on Schwartzman / Bedene match.? + 5.5 games seems a bit to much given their current form.
  4. Thoughts on Barty vs Sabalenka. ? For some reason I find it extremely close and similar to last tournament final. Over 21.5 seems very tempting .
  5. Hey guys question I know she was banned or something but anyone knows anything regarding her comeback or when Dayana Yastremska returns?
  6. You should contact support. I’m not kidding they have voided me in the past and after I contact them they give me the win. Attached photo in Spanish but it literally says if a player retires , it’s a win.
  7. Then you won.!! Don’t know if you know but bet365 pays if the opponent retires. Only ML.
  8. If I had a list of “ do not get again” for 1-2 performances or chokes... I don’t think there would be anyone else to bet on...
  9. I totally agree here . Bencic has been playing real good and has yet to drop a set. IMO Gauff shouldn’t have won yesterday I think it was more of a meltdown from Rogers even up a break on the second set until she went gassed out. I know Gauff is 16 but so many minutes and sets played will cost her. Not sure if her father is the right way for her to continue and I’m sure good things we can expect from her on the future but I believe this is the end of the road on this tournament.
  10. Personally I don’t agree . karatsev seems to be very aggressive . Not saying he has a shot of winning this but IMO is n that Dimitrov played well it was more of Thiem having an horrendous day and lack of energy or sleep. Something was definitely not right with him. Dimitrov’s game didn’t impress me much to be quite honest.
  11. Her match against Ann Li was lights out. Kinda wonder if she can carry the momentum.
  12. Thoughts on Sabalenka vs Williams? Something keeps telling me Sabalenka is up for the task...
  13. Thoughts on Yulia vs Alison?? Haven’t see many Yulia’s games but IMO Alison is really bad specially on Australia where she has just awful numbers.
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