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  1. This season is the bounce back after the bloodbath last year lol
  2. Wondering if any plans to bring these back? If you want I'll help out.
  3. Also let's not forget the time he headbutted President Trump.
  4. I also like the fact that he spends six months of the year fighting Californian wildfires (also free of charge) but does not brag about it and also the thing he di when he saved the Queen that nobody talks about.
  5. @StevieDay1983 did you find a Premier League tipster/commentator? I am pretty good on the PL tipping these days. Tipped MU to end 1-0 the other day, plus Chelsea Liverpool draw.
  6. This man hit 571 to 1 odds on 7 out of 8 games. Man is a bookie nightmare.
  7. Go on Steve. For my records. Reacharound in it for you.
  8. Lol I'm on the phone to Kelly Jones right now
  9. @StevieDay1983 were there any tips yesterday? Don't recall seeing any but wanted to make sure.
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