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** Poker League Results : July: 1st McG, 2nd Rhino_Power, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe; August: 1st Like2Fish, 2nd McG, 3rd Rivrd **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st LEE-GRAYS, 2nd Gary66, 3rd LeMale, 4th RUG. KO Cup Winner DONNYFLYER. Most Winners TVY: **


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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1858 result: Leipzig won 3-0.  Won £30.77
    1860 result: Como won 2-1.  Won £20
    Profit to date £1543.63
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1849.  Hawkins won 4-3. Won £66.67
    Profit to date £1316.66
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    ReyPunter reacted to froment in Which is the best site for preview football matches?   
    When you say "preview", what do you mean, textual description and prediction, or statistics? For the former, PuntersLounge still has very good write up for a fair number of football matches, and other sports, too, especially tennis.
    Personally, I don't pay too much attention to them, as I am also statistics junkie. I used various sites over the time, the favourite one TipsterArea.com, and then there are other good ones, such as BTFStats.com, SoccerWay.com (it also has textual preview), FootStats.co.uk, FootCharts.co.uk, SofaScore.com...
    However, I also like to have raw data on my disposal, and then I do my manipulation with them. My favourite sources are Football-Data.co.uk and CGMBet.com; the later one is an incredible tool, I guess you are aware of its own successfull thread here:
    I publish some of the tools I use on my site, BetGPS.com. I also like the spreadsheets available at OddsPredictor.org.uk, they have very interesting stats.
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    ReyPunter reacted to harry_rag in Which is the best site for preview football matches?   
    Always worth a look at the Racing Post as they do previews from a betting perspective, Sporting Life maybe.
    Sometimes I google the match I’m interested in with “preview” added and look at the results. Might be worth you doing that and seeing if you can find a site or two that does previews in a style that suits you.
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    ReyPunter got a reaction from waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    the same for me
    some times it works some times not
    but in the end of the month it works against me so i quit doing it
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1750 result: Remastered 1st.  Won £40
    Profit to date £857.54
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1739 result: 1-1.  Won £72.73
    Profit to date £580.04
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    ReyPunter reacted to agourbet in How someone gets to become "good loser" ?   
    In addition to what is previously said, I believe that a successful bettor and a good loser should know how to master gambling psychology. There is a a big difference between a gambler and a smart gambler. Big difference between a losers and a smart loser. Among other things, what defines gamblers and smart gamblers is the knowledge of the gambling psychology. Did you know that the pain of financial loss is more than twice as intense as the pleasure of an equivalent gain. This is fully effective in gambling losses as well, and I m quite sure that the vast majority of gamblers have no idea about it. There is an excellent article for gambling psychology here: https://arbusers.com/portal/smart-gambling-psychology/ Then, the answer to your questions might depend on what kind of gambling action you might have. There are certain gambling techniques and some of them might be considered as red line for bookmakers. Arbing and trading will flag you immediately and will stop your gambling activities with almost every soft bookmaker. But Value Betting…that is another thing. This is the best way to be a good loser…lose while getting the value.
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1580/81. U/p. Lost £500
    Profit to date £3102.68
    I aim to have 5k profit by the end of December. This will mean no more big bets like today. I have decided on a kind of staking strategy which I will stick to until after the new year.
    1582. £56 Cobh Ramblers @4/7 (v Wexford)
    Irish 1st Division 19.45
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    I hope so Vikki. 5k would be a decent return for two years betting.
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1489 result: Gloucester won, Boro lost. Lost £150
    1490 result: Fleetwood won 3-2. Won £400
    Profit to date £3750.24
    Another rush of blood to the head Gooner. Will I ever learn, probably not. Expect a few modest bets in the near future. The bet looked like printing money to me, but turned out anything but.
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    ReyPunter reacted to nenad986 in Pro Bet Worksheets   
    I found this long ago in some Ausi site about beting. I bet that noone can find betar on all internet. This is realy very good pro bet worksheet for serious beting, especial for ppl who doing it online in many booki to avoid been limited or ban. This will help you to know where is every peny you lose. ? 
    I just upload it for everyone. Just tast and you will see what about i am talking. This is not system, but i dont know where to post this staff. 
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1411 result: 2-2. Won £57.14
    Profit to date £3140.84
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    138 result: Battleground 1st.  Won £525
    Profit to date £4675.97
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    ReyPunter got a reaction from twinny in bank builder(hopefully) percentage of bank   
    this is the way to go
    if only i knew this when i was begging ...
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    ReyPunter reacted to twinny in bank builder(hopefully) percentage of bank   
    thanks Rey,i wont post everyday(im not that greedy ? )but if on a bit of a roll might ride my luck a bit.i do use a lot of bookies offers etc so the early stages I have no probs with more bets,as the bank grows(hopefully) the bets will become less common hopefully to achive the 10 percent monthly or the equivalent of about a 1/3 shot daily 
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1333.  £110  Canberra Raiders +22 points @4/11 (v Sydney Roosters, NRL 10.50)
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    ReyPunter reacted to waggy in 2020 Finish continued   
    1333 result: Canberra won 24-20. Won £40
    Profit to date ££3977.97
    Misjudged that one. I didn't need the handicap. 
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    ReyPunter reacted to twinny in bank builder(hopefully) percentage of bank   
    this thread will be a daily thread(most days) using  half a percent up to 2 percent daily the aim will be 10 percent per month
    some bets will be tips on here some will be power prices.golden goals and using bog etc with different bookies
    start bank will be £500,if can get 10 percent per month then the aim is £15k after 3 years..?
    if in profit for the day I might add a couple more bets that day
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    ReyPunter reacted to harry_rag in 100 Value Bets   
    You're too kind, literally! 
    One does ones best though! Will see if any selections for today.
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    ReyPunter got a reaction from harry_rag in 100 Value Bets   
    what a gold mine thead!!!!
    cant believe i never back it
    congratulations Harry
    you re great player
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    ReyPunter reacted to twinny in bank builder(hopefully) percentage of bank   
    bet 2 Southampton managed 6 corners for a winning bet +£8,75 bank now £526.25
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    ReyPunter reacted to twinny in bank builder(hopefully) percentage of bank   
    bet 1 won +£17.5 bank now £517,5
    bet 2 using skybet  Man Unt v Southampton backing Southampton over 4.5 corners £5 @ 7/4 kick off 8pm
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    ReyPunter reacted to Mindfulness in How to become a professional bettor   
    Emphasis on patience:
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    ReyPunter reacted to Mindfulness in How to become a professional bettor   
    @Kengur2017 to Punters Lounge.
    I don't know if this will be useful to you or not but I have written down some things that are important to bear in mind if you want to take betting seriously:
    First of all, if you do not have the correct mentality then you will not be able to develop into a professional bettor.
    ‘Tilt’ or ‘Gambling rage’ is one of the first major obstacles that needs to be overcome if you are serious about betting. Tilt is a term usually associated with poker but it can apply to any form of betting:
    Tilt affects all people to some degree, some only suffer from it mildly and can completely eliminate it with a combination of changes to lifestyle and perspective. At the other end of the scale you have chronically impatient degenerates with no self discipline or perspective, the affects gambling has on these people can be highly destructive.   
    Ask yourself: “Do I have self discipline? Can I take a loss or a string of losses and still retain my composure? Do I react to losses by making rash or impulsive bets?”.
    Patience and self discipline are key factors if you wish to become a professional bettor. In my view any professional bettor does not see his or her line of work as a get rich quick scheme. Unless you luck out with some kind of crazy accumulator or long odds punt it will take time to build your bankroll.
    Hurrying to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow can be a toxic mentality. It’s great to visualise a better future for yourself and creating a plan to achieve that but wanting something and wanting it right now will not aid your quest.
    Do you enjoy the process of becoming a professional bettor? If you really do not enjoy the process at all then why are you devoting your time and energy to it in the first place? Obviously the goal is to make money but you shouldn’t try to make money from something you really don’t like as it will inevitably compromise your ability to execute the process effectively.
    You have to enjoy the process of getting there and you have to enjoy the process of learning. Never think you know it all, because believe me no-one does. The road to becoming a professional bettor is a constant process of learning and improving, the path is not smooth and chances are there will be setbacks.
    If and when setbacks occur can you maintain your self discipline and motivation?
    Bankroll Management
    Obviously your betting bankroll needs to be completely segregated from all your other forms of expenditure. Your ability to pay the bills cannot be dependent on how well your betting career is doing – especially if you have a family.
    Set aside only what you can afford to loose as your initial betting bankroll, then understand and accept that it cannot be used for anything other than betting.
    Even if you have only set aside a relatively small amount of money for your initial bankroll you must still treat that money with respect. If you want to take betting seriously then a bet must never seem frivolous.
    One of the first objectives of any serious bettor is to never go broke (loose their entire betting bankroll). The partitioning of your bankroll into individual bets must be sustainable.
    A sensible way to grow your bankroll over the long term is through compounding:
    Partition your results over quarterly or annual periods then incorporate the profits from the latest period into your staking structure.
    For example:
    You have an initial bankroll of $5000 which is divided into 40 individual fixed stake bets of $125 (2.5% of total bankroll)
    At the end of year 1 you make a profit of $1000 so total bankroll is now $6000.
    Year 2 - Your fixed stake bet would be $150 (still 2.5% of total bankroll)
    At the end of year 2 you make a profit of $1200 – total bankroll now $7200.
    Year 3 - Fixed stake would be $180 (still 2.5% of total bankroll)… and so on and so on.
    By using compounding you can exponentially grow your bankroll in a safe and sustainable way. It will require patience and discipline, especially to begin with, but if you are consistently profitable then I would advocate it as a good way to grow your bankroll.
    When it comes to sustainability as a career, one of the main questions is “Where can I get my bets on?”. Bookmakers are no fools, if you are a consistently profitable bettor then sooner or later you will get limited or banned – nothing you can do as it’s in the terms and conditions you agree to in order to bet with them.
    One way to negate this problem is to have accounts with lots of different bookmakers and rotate your bets. It’s generally a good idea to have accounts with different bookmakers as you want to take advantage of different offers and prices etc. Despite this, rotating your bets with different vendors could still be problematic in the long term if you are consistently profitable.
    Betting exchanges is the way to go if you don’t want to get banned or limited. On an exchange you’re betting against other bettors with the exchange operating as the middle man who matches up both sides of a bet. The exchange makes its money from charging commission for each bet made, usually between 2-5% (very reasonable in my opinion).
    The main problems you will face with an exchange are:
    Does it have the market you wish to bet on?
    Does the market you wish to bet on have enough liquidity to get your bet matched?
    Your access to betting exchanges will vary depending on what country you live in. Some of the main ones are:
    If you’re not sure on who to bet with then ask around on this forum and check bookmaker review sites. Always do your research on the various operators and keep appraised of how they’re progressing. If you want betting to become your business then you have a responsibility to follow the industry at large and pay attention to new developments.
    Never leave excess money in an online account for longer than you have to. Your bank should be the safest place to store the core of your funds – distribute them to the various exchanges and bookmakers only when necessary. This will help minimise your exposure if an operator goes bust or they inexplicably transfer your funds to bongo bongo land.
    From reading your post I suspect this is the area you wish to learn most about. Personally I have no special system to offer you, no low risk to high reward strategy, no promises of gold and jewels untold.
    The phrase ‘There’s a million ways to make a million dollars’ also applies to betting. The various methods and strategies you could adopt to become consistently profitable from betting are too varied and too numerous to catalogue in a single post.  
    Ultimately betting is about finding errors in the pricing of an event. If you believe a market has priced something incorrectly you can take advantage of it. Generally speaking, sports betting markets are not stupid. They evaluate outcomes with efficiency but this does not mean they never make mistakes. Your job is to capitalise on those mistakes at every opportunity. This requires diligence and dedication, you must always be on the lookout for opportunities in the market.
    The more knowledge you have on a sport / subject, the more you can spot the opportunities in the market when they present themselves.
    Specialising in a particular sport will help you, it should be a sport that you like watching and can watch regularly in order to gain qualitative information:
    Preferably it will be a sports market which is covered by the betting exchanges with enough liquidity to match your bets.
    Personally I believe it’s important to develop your own betting strategies rather than follow or rely on other peoples. What if you are following someone else’s betting strategy but you do not really understand it and that person then disappears? You probably wouldn’t have learnt much and would be back at square one. Someone may very well come along on this thread and say “Hey Kengur, I have a great betting system that you might want to follow” and it might indeed be a good system but if you can’t fathom what’s behind it then you’re not really going to advance as a bettor. If you want to be ‘professional’ at something you have to be independent and generate your own ideas. Never rely on others to spoon feed you as it’s not sustainable over the long term.
    Punters Lounge is a great site in my opinion – use it. I have learnt a lot from seeing how other people do things over the years on here, there’s lots of useful information on these boards. Just don’t expect anyone to wave a magic wand and make you rich overnight – the world seldom works like that.
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