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*** York Ebor Competition: Well done to 1st daveg, 2nd glavintobuy & 3rd Donnyflyer ***
** September Poker League Result : =1st muttley & juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** September Naps Competition Result: 1st Mick33, 2nd BBBC, 3rd Rainbow, 4th Tipsterix. KO Cup Winner: CS333, Most Winners: Alastair **


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  1. i m hearing about this all the time but since i have no idea about softwares i dont know if there is any truth to it do you think that software like Excel and Python can help to predict an outcome on a soccer match?
  2. there is this site https://txmarkets.com/ they have previews and talking about odds movements it is too expensive for me,250$ per month so never used it but i follow them on twitter where they post some tips for free it doesnt seem to worth it imo
  3. the same for me some times it works some times not but in the end of the month it works against me so i quit doing it
  4. hey all i never used to preview matches i was making my predictions based on the stats of the teams can you name a few sites that pre view games? cheers
  5. same here i cash out when 2-3 happen
  6. they have 4 wins away,what inconsistence you see? and the Sheffield is at the bottom of the tables its the safer bet of the month
  7. i belive that compounding is the way to go the advantage of it,in my opinion.is that it requires less bets and less bets means less stress
  8. hello guys what type of betting do you concider to be easier/better/safer to grow our bank?
  9. i ceratinly knew it empirically it happen to won 14 btes in a row and felt nothing lost 1 and automatically felt anxious cheers for the reply mate
  10. Hey all after all this time i came to the conclusion that the most profitable market is the half time winner this is my favorite pick these days anyway
  11. Haka vs HJK Helsinki won the other 2 losses
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