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  1. First thought was to play only those games with average Elo over 15 and odd over 2. But now i think i'll play games with Elo over 15 and odd below 2 as well. But for now this is a test.
  2. Individual. I try to bet only on games where average Elo bettwen 2 and 4 average difference is above 15. I want to see If is a pattern..
  3. Based on ELO ratings..Bayern,Gladbach,Mainz,Herta,Koln and Aue,Kiel and maybe St.Pauli.
  4. So,i don't know how useful is this if i can't look on the past results to see what kind of range it would be good.
  5. I will not open a topic. And i don't know If someone still follow this forum,or this ELO rating. But i want to ask,what is more important,4Avg or 2 Avg. And how we can verify past results? If i want to bet only when 4Avg and 2Avg is higher then +15 and lower than -15,can i look in the past performance If i could have with this ratings?