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  1. Absolute shocker. Iga favorite to be no 1 now. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/mar/23/ash-barty-announces-shock-retirement-from-tennis-at-25
  2. Even after so many injuries he was standing tall, delPotro and he is only 33. wonder how short a tennis players life is May 4, 2010: right wrist surgery March 24, 2014: joint surgery on left wrist January 20, 2015: ligament surgery on left wrist June 18, 2015: tendon surgery on right wrist June 22, 2019: right knee surgery January 27, 2020: right knee surgery August 26, 2020: right knee surgery
  3. sad to see him retire so early. gabriela sabatini in the audience. what a player she was. gave hard time to steffi graph
  4. lol the serbians. it requires ***** to cancel 2.4 billion dollar project. Serbia revokes Australian mining giant Rio Tinto's licences - just days after Novak Djokovic was deported - Prime News Ghana
  5. I think he will probably retire now. Americans wont allow him either. Another 2000 points from french open gone.
  6. be rest assured australians have to pay heavy penalty for doing this for years to come. First you give him visa, cancel his visa, isolate him, PM approves his visa, immigration minister rejects. What a jokw. Is this how u treat foeeigners. Novak would be bad image for 5% of the anti vaccinated aussies is the reasom they gave.
  7. Djokovic hearing going on as i speak. Tomorrow he will meet immigration at 9 am austarlian time. If court uphelds decision he is barred from australia for 3 yrs. Just go and prepare for miami open. Dont fight with the aussies
  8. according to me based on moral and ethics djokovic should withdraw from the tournament. It will be too much pressure on him and I also read an article today saying he can be jailed for a year to a maximum of 5 yrs. he can be banned from australia for 3 yrs. so whatever he does next week he is going to lose points. so better lose now and escape jail
  9. Happy New Year.. just be careful about what you post here.anyone can anytime take a objection against your post. I am building a site for tennis tips and will invite you soon
  10. with the weather in India so horrible this year it is good that they are doing it in Dubai. atleast we will get a complete match. I doubt if you had got it in India. covid is not so much of an issue unless the player comes from kerala which is a covid hotbath
  11. the issue with betting on IPL is the odds are so close for both the teams to wins. It is just a coin toss. I suggest trading over/under just like NBA totals.
  12. Sept 19th coming back to stadiums in dubai. Its mumbai india vs chennai super kings. dhoni vs rohit.
  13. czech why no warning for members attacking me. some of them dont know my background and attacking me. is it because they are europeans that you are sparing them. similar warning should be given to them.
  14. Have to see what cristiano does tomorrow. after this tournament I will also bet in indianapolis. I am not interested in the usual noise tournaments
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