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  1. FIFA U-17 World Cup Brazil 2019 France U17 vs Brazil U17 11/14/2019 - 20:00 BRT Stadium Bezerrão Early bets: odd minimun : BTTS @2 1.5 unit odd minimun : France AH -0,25 @1.9 1 unit The World Cup comes to the semifinals in style, and we have the traditional clash between the France vs Brazil schools. The French team is the best of the tournament because their players are skilled, focused and very tactically disciplined! In the last game against Spain they conceded the first goal of the match and were very calm to control the pace of the match and won the match 6x1. Not played: Lucien Agoume, a very important midfield in ball recovery and the link between defense and offense. France has a 100% success campaign and has 17 goals scored and only 2 goals against This team from Brazil carried the DNA of Brazilian football in their veins, is an extremely skilled team, fast and lethal in counterattacks. After the departure of their main player Thalles Magno due to a muscle injury, the team gained tactical balance with the entry of Pedro Lucas and now has another offensive weapon: game vision. Brazil has a 100% success campaign and has 14 goals scored and only 3 goals against I see a game with many talented young people, focused and wanting victory at any cost, so within the 90's France tends to win the match. A major difficulty for Brazil is to pass the ball from the defensive sector and France usually does this pressure very well. It is a good match for goals from both teams.
  2. Brazil Serie B Vitória vs CRB 11/12/2019 - 19:15BRT Today bet: BTTS @2 (punterplace) 0.5 unit Vitória: have the field command in their favor, team wants to maintain their best phase of the season and if they win today's game remains in Serie B. Form: Last 8 matches, 4 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. CRB: is third best visitor, plays to keep hoping to qualify for Serie A. Form: Last 8 matches, 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. In this game the need to win is equal for both teams, I believe it is a good game for goals.
  3. Brazil - Serie A Botafogo vs Avaí 11/11/2019 - 20:00BRT BTTS @2.35 (punterplace) 1/2 unit Match tends to win Botafogo, but fairer line would be -0.25 for Botafogo from @ 1.8 Botafogo is in 17th position, if he wins he will be in 14th position, playing at home so he has a slight advantage and has a slightly better squad than Avaí. Botafogo has many suspended or injured players, but the main player will play, the midfield Cicero. Form: 8 games, 6 lost and 2 win Avaí is in last position and is already lowered. He enters the field without any pressure, only cares about defending his dignity. Avai also has many suspended or injured players, and its campaign is terrible. Form: 8 games, 7 lost and 1 draw I expect an open and goal-scoring game for both teams. Game with great chance to score in the second half. If you can follow the game live, the BTTS value may increase.
  4. FIFA U-17 World Cup - 2019 Spain U17 vs France U17 11/11/2019 - 16:30BRT France AH -0 @2 (punterplace) 1 unit It promises to be a great football game, it has everything to be a great football spectacle. Two of the world's top football schools face each other today. Spain have a good touch and can control the game well, but will suffer from good tactical posture and talented players from France. France have a better midfield, make it difficult to get the ball out, Spain have struggled when under pressure.