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  1. ! hello. i would like to say *thanks* to all this site /forum creators and supporters.. there is really useful info shared here profitable info.. and also would like to ask senior site administration members asfor adding few new types tips in soccer topicsdayly = = i talk about type so called Challange ( example 20 euro to 1000 euro challange) , when it started from betting bank on bank, day by day, 1st day =20 euro on odds 1.50.. won/ we have 30 euro 2nd day ..odds 1.60 won/ we have 48 euro.3rd day , odds1.30 won.we have 62.4 day tip odds may be of any adequate . but the focus is to win day by day to achieve the target 1000+ euro . the dayly tip for that type may contain 1 or few matches outcomes. plus adding the tips in betof-the-day section, the most assured tip for admingroup opinion! what do you think of that format tips improving..?? thanks to everyone who consider that topic!