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  1. You may ask the quesrtion but you know I win and so do those who follow? i have no agenda but it appears you have,why?
  2. So why have you failed?
  3. Contradict me with facts or not at all? If you feel or think that helping others is wrong feel free to say why?
  4. Keep digging your hole,I care not but one thing is obvious,you have no intentions to help any fellow punter, TOO BIG an ego and no substance to back it up?
  5. Nor did I mention that form readers killed anything?
  6. Where did I say that was the only way?
  7. Is that a fact? One individual against several hundred others if not thousands who rely on % of a 100% book to make a profit instead of knowledge or information they do not possess? That is only one angle but knowledge e.g of form etc is without doubt the only way?
  8. Genius Thor,we never considered the principles did we? Perhaps you can enlighten us idiotic morons of your methods of perfection?
  9. I trust Nicky 100% in that he would not put the public away just because he has a blog with a bookie,he did the right thing.The BHA as per usual fuc&ed up by ignoring the significance.He had nothing to gain but a lot too lose if he had not done what he did,the BHA only emphasised their idiocy and highlighted how out of touch they are with real life?
  10. Robbert,if computers were able to do the job why would there be Bookmakers to even lay the bets? Simple logic tells you that a computer can only do what is input by a human and a horse cannot tell either human or computer it does not feel too good on race day? Do you factor that in or a jockey change,going change,entry change etc etc?
  11. Just to say that you will be very lucky to get 14/1 on Daring Guest in the 5.20 Wolves with 1/4 the odds and a few going 1/5 on 4 places,rumoured to be a possible gamble.
  12. I was waiting to put this on Billy's chat thread for Monday but thought it was perhaps worthy of a bit of discussion given the "Altior" debacle this past week.Without going into too much detail the Altior situation clarified that the use of inside info rules are an absolute joke and at the very least a "Grey area". Ask the BHA about what constitutes inside info and all you will get is a referal to the rules etc. Absolutely unclear and by definition not fit for purpose,they knew there was an issue with regards to Altior because the trainer informed them he suspected someone had leaked information that he was unhappy with the horse.The effect of this was that the horse drifted and his stablemate was heavily backed for the race he was entered in. So basically the BHA could not give a monkeys about punters,they did nothing to alert the "General Public" who ultimately pay their wages including their "Integrity department". So I get "Information" on a daily basis and explained this to the BHA and asked for clarification to avoid breaching their rules,all they said was "See our rules". I have held back giving too much "Info" away to avoid getting anyone into hot water either with their employers or the Governing body aka BHA. At 5.20 tommorow a horse will run at Wolverhampton named DARING GUEST and it will run very well according to rumour,given a trouble free passage should go very close to winning just because his trainer has him in top shape and his jockey will be avoiding traffic. Add to that that there will be some money to back this up and you will not get the 14/1 at the OFF that is available now,no control over that obviously but an ew bet with some going 4 places is a bet to nothing if my "Inside Info" is accurate.
  13. Hi Robbert,a few pertinent comments already made and very sensible they are.Just to add to them is the fact that a computer has never actually run in or won a race and the old cliche' that horses are not machines.Your approach might work long term in perhaps the USA but unlikely to be so in the UK or Ireland etc,Bookmakers and in particular the big ones have for decades worked on approx 3% profit on turnover. There is no reason why Dutching cannot work in your favour,I use it very successfully but on a smaller percentage of bets than your examples.As to level stakes and using a system,long term you will fail and I say this based on experience and knowledge as said by the other guys.The only way to make a consistent profit is hard work in studying form,having knowledge that the general public do not have and using that to your advantage by betting accordingly i.e Upping the ante when you think you know better than the layers appear to.A 1% edge might not seem a huge advantage but if you can gain this overall as a net gain you will be doing very well. Your description of yourself i.e lazy etc seems a guarantee that you are destined to fail in this enterprise so perhaps you should re-think your strategy and concentrate on the bits you seem to have right? Good luck anyway.
  14. Was he the worst ever just because he lost every time he raced or did his owner and trainer utilise his infamy? They definitely did but who can blame them? I now confess to being the "Treasurer" of his fan club.We were castigated and destroyed in the Racing Post apart from Paul Haigh. A great Racing Journalist and a brilliant humourist,I mention this solely because the Racing Post have brought up the subject today.Any flashbacks to the era or when he went to Haydock for £500 appearance money?