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  1. Fernando Verdasco to beat Carlos Taberner || 1.44 @ OLYBET Well, this is my first bet after not that succesfull AO, but i will comtinue a hard work, like i always do. It's a reminder that you can contact me on a PM in order ro win some money. So the first bet of 2020 begins with bet on Verdasco. Despite being 35 yy spaniard was very consistant on hardcourt, which isnt his best surface, knowing the fact that he doesnt belong to the top guys, he is still playing some great tennis, he maybe won't beat top players on hard, but clay court is his surface and i expecting him breeze past his fellow countryman with no problem! Clay season maybe the last one for Fernando, so expect him to go all the way for these tournaments, especially playing low ranked players. GL πŸ‘
  2. Dusan Lajovic to beat Diego Schwartzman || 3.2 @ OLYBET Not a fan of these high odds, that just keeps me telling "just pass" but i've got to say this is just strange. Dusan is way higher than the odds suggests, maybe only the name of Diego Schwartzman controls this. But i decided with small stakes to go with it. Dusan proved that he is amongst the top guys thats why he is #27 and if he is having a good day he can beat anybody. Over 3.5 sets also looks pretty good, that is around 1.55 but i am going for a win, just small stakes, dont want anyone to get involved and get KO! GL πŸ‘
  3. Stefanos Tsitsipas (-3.5) to beat Milos Raonic || 1.89 @ OLYBET Don't know its good or bad that greek had extra day to rest or whatever he did, but i guess he should be prepared for this. This is typical game where you expect tie-break fest, fact that Milos is a ridiciulous server, but i have some questions about his ability last long in big games. He can win a set, but i think that Stefanos just to much for him. He is way smarter like a player, he had a great year of 2019, beating some top guys on big tournaments, and i believe that he'll get though here. One break early on and it could go really messy for the canadian. In case Tsitsipas loses in tie-break he, still got -4.5, that can be covered in smth like 6:3. Overall i cant see him losing here, for safe bet you just can pick him around 1.38! GL πŸ‘
  4. Does Cilic to win @ 1.4 really worth it?! Really.. I mean his stamina is so questionable, he had rough year of 2019 almost lost in every 3 games. Only AO where he last little bit longer.. But it was a year ago.. i feel here Benoit have a chance. Dont want to make up your minds, but be carefull, and GL if you won't!
  5. Grigor Dimitrov (-4.5 games) to beat Tommy Paul || 1.98 with OLYBET At first look, looks like american had not bad last years ending, winning some games also he showed some good tennis in Adelaide. But when you see who he has played is just low ranked players, Adelaide he has some wins but also vs clay specialists Cuevas, Ramos that were beaten in first round. I honestly don't believe that he can do smth here vs very well, consistant player like Dimitrov! Last year Paul didn't even make in R1 here. Dimitrov is way above and i see no problem to oust american home right away. GL πŸ‘
  6. Stefanos Tsitsipas - Philipp Kohlschreiber || Over 33.5 games || 1.81 with OLYBET Well, this looks ridiculous to me. Fact that greek is so talented and have a very mature game for a 22yy. Probably he will end up winning. But on the other hand we have german, and he is no mug whatsoever, he likes this surface, serves really well, have a huge experience, and sometimes these things plays a part in big tournaments. Despite Stefanos winning easily R1, german did the same vs M. Giron. I am expecting some serious battle for at least two sets. Smth like 7:5 7:5 6:4 will get passed. But i am expecting german to take at least a set here, which is @ 1.97 and very likely to happen. But i am picking with more insurance over 33.5! GL πŸ‘
  7. Sheffield to beat Man city || 8 with OLYBET Well, maybe it is crazy, but i will give a go. Sheffield had so many great games vs top teams at home. Almost beating united in that epic game. They has a momentum goin and i think they can upset champions, that is fighting really gor nothing right now. You can easily say they not gonna catch Liverpool, so expect some unexpected from Man city!
  8. Bournemouth are in terible shape hasn't scored a goal last few games. I think UNDER 2.5 is a fair pick, knowing fact that Brighton is a very defensive side. So this is even more telling me to pick UNDER. Also draw very likely to happen! Bournemouth - Brighton || UNDER 2.5 || 1.75 with OLYBET Bournemouth - Brighton || Draw || 3.3 with OLYBET Bournemouth - Brighton || corect score 1:1|| 5.7 with OLYBET
  9. Guys what you think about Benoit Paire vs Cedrik-Marcel Stebe?! I am considering some bet on Benoit handicaps, if anyone has some info about it please let me know. Frenchmen looks like very unpredictable, but he has some momentum going on and i think that he can have some great tournament.
  10. Ricardas Berankis to beat Roberto Carballes Baena || 1.66 @ OLYBET || Both guys met before two times on hard surface. 2018 Challenger in Brest Ricardas beat him 6:2 6:2, and the other one, not that long ago he lost in Moscow 2:6 6:4 3:6 Kind of surprise, because Roberto basically playing very bad on hardcourt. Thoughout his pro carrer he played 39 singles and doubles finals and none of them has been played on hard. Also he never won in the first round in AO. The only time he won back in 2017 qualification 2nd round. Ricardas will play his 9th time here in Australia, 2011 and 2013 was years when he got to the 3rd round. Overall this is succesfull Grand Slam for him comparing to others. So maybe he has a tricky offseason, but he loves to play hardcourts and should get though here! GL πŸ‘
  11. Wow what a game that was Rublev beating FAA. Andrey would be dark horse in AO i guess. He is in very good shape right now. his ability to comeback in the third.. Just amazing. He just never quits and has a strong mentality. FAA also looked great, but the russian is smth else. Keep an eye on his AO first rounds.
  12. Yeah looks like Shapo decided to go "i dont care mood" i dont have any explanation of that. 😞
  13. Well, the odds has changed again. Shapo to win both sets is 1.98 and -3 games is 1.8 I mean smth going on... To win a match is now around 1.39 Dont know what that up and down means, but lets just hope he will take it seriously.
  14. Looks like Shapo winning both sets @ 1.83 a great too. But i'll just stick with -3 games. The odds now droped a bit, to 1.6, can not see Ugo getting any piece of it.
  15. Denis Shapovalov (-3 games) to beat Ugo Humbert || 1.63 @ OLYBET Well the odds might be bigger @ other betting companies, but i just posting my local bookie. So previous day was good, lets just hope we can follow up and be succesfull in very interesting month ahead. Nothing much to write, Shapo is a way better player and he will give no chance to Ugo. Previous meeting was last year in Lyon (CLAY) where Shapo won 2-6 7-6 6-2 i think. But this is different story, where Denis playing far better on hard and will breeze past Ugo, he would stand no chance against very good server, that playing some top notch tennis right now. Frenchmen shouldnt be at this level right now! GL πŸ‘