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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Soi Bongkot, 2nd fischer21, 3rd chillymonster, 4th Pempi, 5th patriciamarc **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st sirspread, 2nd kenisbusy, 3rd Artie77, 4th Mick33. KO Cup Winner: The Equaliser, Most Winners: CS333 **

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  1. 3.40 - Ya Ya Baby 4.15 - Blue Lord 4.50 - The Mouse Doctor 5.25 - Allaho 5.55 - Nonbinding 6.30 - Monkfish 7.00 - Youcannotbeserious 7.35 - Hara Kiri
  2. 13:45 - West To The Bridge 14:20 - Third Time Lucki 14:50 - Chantry House 15:25 - Fakir D'Oudairies 16:05 - Modus 16:40 - Cape Gentleman 17:15 - Tomorrow Mystery
  3. 13:45 - Protektorat 14:20 - Fiveandtwenty 14:50 - Native River 15:25 - Mcfabulous 16:05 - Billaway 16:40 - Getaway Trump 17:15 - Elle Est Belle
  4. 1.20 Zanahiyr. 1.55 Cayd Boy 2.30 Stattler 3.05 A Plus Tard 3.40 Latenightpass 4.15 Elimay 4.50 Langer Dan
  5. Me, I'd cash the £275k now and be grateful for it. £275k can buy a very decent sized detached house round these parts 👍
  6. 1.20 Envoi Allen 1.55 Storm Arising 2.30 Min 3.05 Paisley Park 3.40 Assemble 4.15 Tellmesomethinggirl 4.50 Shantou Flyer
  7. 1320 - Bob Olinger 1355 - Monkfish 1430 - Grand Roi 1505 - Chacun Pour Soi 1540 - Easyland 1615 - Sky Pirate 1650 - Sir Gerhard
  9. Yes, I bought a share in First Folio yesterday. I have a soft spot for greys too, and I liked that it's going to be trained by a new trainer. Fingers crossed for the future!
  10. I gave up after nearly an hour waiting. Guess SkyBet had some unhappy customers yesterday! However, I managed to get on this morning and was told by SkyBet that the bet HAD been on at 100/1 at 10.40 yesterday morning (when I got it) but because it had been worded wrongly they dropped the price to 33/1. Apparently they were offering the 100/1 ONLY if all three horses won by 1L or more, but "admin" had omitted to put the 1L or more detail in. So they dropped the price when they realised their mistake but have given everyone affected a free £2 bet as an apology. Shame. The 33/1 was the biggest win I've had for a while, but that lovely 100/1 could've been a VERY good start to the year 😂
  11. Yes. I'm in a queue of 35 people waiting to do an online chat with them about it now!
  12. I'm not sure if I'm being a bit dim, but...at 10.40 this morning Sky Bet was offering a 100/1 "Price Boost Lengthen the Odds Treble Special" at Lingfield for Royal Birth (12.10), Tamborrada (14.10) and Arabescato (14.40) all to win. So I bobbed £1.59 on. When I checked the progress of the bet at around 12.20 I saw that Royal Birth had won, but also that the price had dropped to 33/1. I just logged on again now and see that all three horses did in fact win and I'm super happy about that, but I'm less happy about the fact that I thought I'd nabbed the 100/1 at 10.40 this morning when the special offer was there and now Sky Bet are saying it's "only" 33/1. Can betting companies change the price of their specials? Again, perhaps I'm being dim but I thought a special price was set in stone? Thank you for reading!
  13. I had to read this twice as I couldn't quite believe it. I've not been on here long, and have in the main been a "silent observer" but I've always been bowled over by BH's knowledge of horse racing and his dedication to the site, putting his tips and thoughts on here without fail, day in, day out. For someone I never even knew, I shall miss him and his contributions.
  14. I have shares in Tambourine Girl, which had been trained by Roger Charlton. She's had a couple of lacklustre runs over the last few months, so it was no surprise to get this email: "Following Tambourine Girl's disappointing efforts on the track this season, and in light of Roger Charlton's belief that he has done all he can, the decision has been made to move her to Julie Camacho in Malton, North Yorkshire. Julie has an excellent record, particularly with horses who have lost their way, for whatever reason." I'm actually really pleased she's gone to Julie Camacho: I also have shares in Proclaimer, trained by her, and he's been having some consistently good runs. Julie's reports are always chock full of information about the horse too, more than just the "[name of horse] has developed well and is becoming fairly fit. He enjoys his work..." that I seem to get in the other trainers' reports. I'll be really interested to see how Tambourine Girl develops under Julie's tutoring. I suppose it's a shame that Roger Charlton feels "he has done all he can", but I guess this is normal in horse racing??
  15. 1240 A: Embour 115 A: Sands of Time 150 A: Science 225 A: Run Wild 300 A: Pinatubo 335 A; Sceptical 410 A: Highland Dress 440 A: Who Dares Wins
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